Friday, 17 June 2016

Mousey Mousey

Owner says we are nearly up to 1000 diary entries and we should be proud....personally, I think ME and Owner have done a grand job keeping a few folk informed (TICK) amused (EXTRA TICK) and interested (Essential TICK).

WILL YOU STOP AT 1000 Wonka? you all shout at me a bit nervous at the prospect of never knowing (list)

1.  What mood setting Owner is up to.
2.  How poverty stricken we are.
3. Whether Bertie Bubb has actually lost any weight.
4.  Will Ruggles ever stop going in the luxury shed.
5.  Will Owner's hair ever in its lifetime, go right.

And finally, not to forget Mousey. X
There we are! my beloved Mousey who is famous just for being my fave.X
In other lesser news, Owner has sorted out her second pressing complaint of the month without any bloodshed. I know.X
There is DE RIEN on except for Enders and Bobby has gone down! on a concurrent sentence no less.  DOES THAT MEAN THE DIFFERENT SENTENCES OF THREE YEARS AND ONE YEAR RUN side by side or one after another Owner?? they run together she droned to me, also telling me (I didn't ask for this folks........zzzzzzzzzzzzz OH!) that if they run one after the other it is consecutive.  End of and prison sentence fact up.X
it continues to be cold, dull, windy, drizzling and/or raining which can only mean we are in the midst of Summer and approaching the longest day OR the summer solstice, OR Wimbledon..  I mean.  Do enjoy your eve folks whatever you do and whoever you with.  Purr up and Fur UP big Love Wonka X