Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Owner gets told off!!

I KNOW! Who? I says to her as she crawled back in, would be silly enough to have a word about?........I left the question dangling in that new and trebly annoying way.............

ABOUT SOMETHING I DIDN'T DO Wonka.  she says straight back and I can tell that unless she has a SUPER Yoga sesh, her mood setting will crumble.  Since being very tiny alright a long time ago alright then as she is still very tiny WHEN SHE WAS A CHILD, Owner reports having a strong sense of justice. AND not being able to calibrate (I am using that word like it or lump it.X) injustice. (Blimey I need a lie down now.X) In a very small voice verging on a whisper I asked Owner if she was rude - and made ready to dart upstairs to the lair under the nest I mean bed...
I FOUGHT HARD NOT TO BE she mumbled and is ashamed (she says she is) that she might have seemed sarcastic.  Personally, and taking into account that Owner works hard all day long, is kind, helpful and loving I AM LETTING HER OFF!! big love and everything.X

There we are! It has turned into a IN DA BOX day!! soon be over!!X
It doesn't help us that we have had another mizzle drizzle mist ridden day folks. NOR does it help us to have millions of football on the good tv with not a good film in sight. HAVE YOU A DVD Wonka you all shout at me in sympathy.  Owner reports having one 'put by'.  It is called 'YOUTH' (TICK) has Michael Caine in it (Massive Tick) and is described as 'Hilarious' (I know.x)....x
After I have sent Owner off to do her yoga sesh and had her tea things might realign folks eh.  I haven't said tomro is another day Owner and I'm not going to. In other news Ruggles is basking on the side with a bird's eye view of the outback and Bertie has sneaked up onto my side (board) and pinched some of my tea time.  AT LEAST HE IS BEING ACTIVE Wonka, said Owner in his defence.  I mean.  Do go on to enjoy your eves and BON CHANCE to Frenchy France v Albania and Romania v Switzerland OI OI OI!!!  big Love Wonka X