Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Some Spook!

Halloah folks!  YES another freezing cold and drizzle ridden day here in keeping with it being THE FIRST OF JUNE.  I know.

Owner is busy shouting at the weather forecast as it is showing warmth and sunshine ELSEWHERE whereas the East Coast is being battered by chill and mizzle. FOR GOODNESS SAKE she is shouting.

At least the cherry tree survived its second fall in the night and no banging shed doors!  Either that or Owner was so overcome by yesterdee's probs she slumbered on through it.

There it is!  My very own fave folks!!  and this spooky tale, the very first one ever told by us, is about REAL people and REAL events! yes Siree it is a fully fledged (like that word as it puts me in mind of birds.X) ghostie will love it.  and herewith is the very good link:
do take a peak and find out all about the ghostly hauntings by the river in Hull. got all my whiskers a quiver! X
In other soggy news, Owner flung off to the shops and trudged home again.  She said we are not to mention money, accounting, care homes, savings or funding.  And for once folks, I am in full agreement - I have even topped up the wishing well to put things right.  something did put a smile on Owner's face though and it is happy news concerning daughter.  This is a rarity, and should be framed.  End of and parental fact up.X
Tonight, all we can cuddle up to is corrie X 1.  We loved In da Club last night and it far exceeded our hopes.  We ADORE it.  springwatch is on for ever and a day followed by a new series VERSAILLES.  This promises to be a romping good yarn if Owner can stay up that late. (9 30 pm) In competition with this, is me and the big C on Beeb one at 9 pm.  I know.  and I am shielding Owner from such bleak viewing - French people having a go at frivolity and fun is more the thing eh....EH!  MAIS OUI.  Do enjoy your eve folks and keep that heating on!! big Love Wonka X