Saturday, 25 June 2016

That was the Week!

PLEASE DON'T LET US have another week like that one, droned Owner to me.  And folks.  D'ACCORD!!!

Horrid referendums, horrid proof reading mistakes, horrid tax codes, horrid complaints responded to with more lies etc.... IS THERE ANY GOOD NEWS WONKA??? you all whisper up nervously.   Owner did what she always does in a crisis and rushed to the good supermarket to get a new hair product.  And slapped it on as soon as.  NOW SHE IS A DAZZLING GINGER!! well alright a honey blonde it says on the packet.  What do you think Wonka she asks me hours later when she has 1) left it on longer than it says on the leaflet 2) cleaned the whole bathroom and flooded it too and used every towel she could find whilst blinded with soap in her eyes 3) left the conditioner on for at least half an hour. (it has done the usual and published this early doors - hold on folks for more)...
YES I says up to Owner it being smack on tea time - YOU LOOK THE BIZ.X

There we are!! WHY are we looking at a very grumpy Bertie?? because folks, he was a #catsagainstbrexit !! and sums up how ME and Ruggles feel about it all. WE don't like nige Barage, we think silly blondy boris is silly and we won't even mention Michael nove or gove thingy. There are a few others dangling about to NOT mention too.  Owner hasn't got over it and handed in her notice to the agency as well.  So she looks like Bertie Bubb too. X
Will things every settle down Wonka?? NO.  The credit card is poised for a hammering and Owner suggests moving to either Sconny botland where they all seem to have more sense and wits OR Northern Ireland ditto, OR the Republic of Ireland as she is mad enough to fit in nicely (only joking Owner!) OR any other civilised nation.  We are taking offers.X
In other news the telly has nearly settled back down and we are loving Versailles and Louis.  he is busy building his palace despite setbacks and not from the builders either. The soaps have kept Owner's mind off it a tad, and NO ONE has yet been arrested for clubbing Callum to death.  Not even the wrong man or woman.  Kirkie has moved in with Norris and has defeated him at draughts.  We love it.
We are hoping against hope for a kinder, richer, luckier, happier, and furry week chaps.  Ruggles has been an angel mostly and that Yogi has been round and pinched his fodder.  Bertie has settled in different spots in the living room and may one day realise he is not a prisoner.  At least he is a happy one eh? EH? ME? thanks for asking, I have my work cut out with Owner's nerves all shot to pieces, and her mood setting dangerously low BUT I continue to fling coins in the wishing
Live it up folks, and be purry to each other.  Big Love Wonka X