Thursday, 2 June 2016

Wonka tells it.

Howdy up folks and YES a new day and a new dawn and guess what? NO that is not it,  it is still windy, grey, chilly and UNSEASONAL weather.  If you live here that is.   and staying with the out of season look, Owner has insisted we continue with our stories and we are to this one!!x
There we are!!  It is Joe's Christmas AND it is in three parts!! it is all about little Joe who turns up in the first Christmas Story too.   This time, he is a small boy looking forward to all the magic of Christmas but how will his Mum make it all happen? when you wish upon a star anything can happen! do try this one as it is full of new characters and new adventures.X
What else has gone on Wonka you all whisper up, glad it is Fridee tomorrow.  All I can report folks is that Owner lay awake half the night and no shed door banging or cherry tree falling down either. this means that when she did fall asleep it was near enough my breakfast time and I had to circle the bed and dab at Owner's face several times to alert her!!! OH! she goes IS THAT THE TIME! hours later when ME and Bubster and Rugglesis were all fed and our facilities seen to does she pop out.  It's at times like that folks when I can really get on with things and it seems like only 2 mins before she flings back in. I checked the bags for hair product. NONE, tick. SILLY CLOTHES she will never wear not even in her coffin NONE tick, CHOCOLATE CAKES SWEETS None huge and giant tick.  I did say to her are you coming down with something Owner but she didn't hear me above running a bath.X

It has gone and published this without my say so folks.  I ask you. tonight all there is is: a programme all about dementia (I know.x) Enders (double I know.  specially if it is all about roxy and foxy as Owner will shout.x) and that is it. There is millions of football and millions of springwatch when we are hoping for Summer.  do enjoy your eve folks and I'll be back to pester you all tomorrow!
Big Love Wonka X