Monday, 27 June 2016

Wonka's Article 50!

GOOD NEWS FOLKS!!!! (sounds of a klaxon in the distance coupled with birdsong because I love that sound and maybe a seagull or too PLUS some European noises and birds too.X)

Due to this shadowy and blustery time when NO ONE or PERSONNE is owning up to knowing what to do, I am invoking my own personal Article 50.  Owner says that is fine as any plan or article is better than none.  or DE RIEN.X

Bertie Bubb who is quietly furious at not belonging to anything anymore is up for it, and Ruggles says it is fine by him (I thought he said that as he wandered off to the shed.)x
There we are!! With all our plans!!  and if we can have a plan so can this pesky leaving Government!!! furthermore once I have invoked or whatyoumecallit this article I do want to sit round the table or at least on a chair up to it when they all start droning on about the mvubiksyf8164958 's of legislation to unravel and redo!!
I want to say I TOLD YOU SO to all those cats who voted to have this sorry mess and I'm going to!!! As you know folks, ME, Bertie bubb and Ruggles were dead against it.  Our new fave is #AnnaSoubry she bats for the wrong side BUT she was a stayer inner!!! and, she says what she means - we love her in this house. We don't like Nige Barage, or billy boy boris OR the other one. there I have nailed our colours to the mast!!!X
I know I said this would be a Wonka Weekly and it still is EXCEPT when we have silly results and such like from what might or might not, our government.X  big Love Wonka X