Friday, 8 July 2016

RErun of the week so far!

Halloah up folks and before you say up HAS IT BEEN A LONG WEEK OR WHAT? Eh? EH?? Even Owner is exhausted and I did say how come you are tired what with all those lay ins and watching Federer win, win and then lose oh and Murraymint too PLUS a bit of footie thrown in.  NOT TO MENTION wall to wall politics.

THAT'S WHY I'M EXHAUSTED she droned to me.

the latest political hash up is as follows. the tory party has whittled itself down into two women one is called Tresah May and the other I am reliably informed is called Dre Ledsum. (Owner has suggested Dreadsum and it does have a ring.) or something very like it. It sounded like that when I listened in on the good radio and as for Jezzer - he is wait for it folks GOING NOWHERE.  and yes Owner did shout up things like YOUCANSAYTHAT AGAIN Wonka. No one has heard any more info about what happens next now we are OUTSIDE the eewe except how much all the leavers like it. (and the remainers that is ME bubster and Ruggles don't.).  Which is why folks it is called a RErun of the week as we all like that prefix (get me.x) REmain, REnew, REunion........End of and political facts up.

In other more exciting news we are not quite starving and Owner has gained an interview for a real job earning proper money.  I have been busy as per advising on outfits, possible complex questions and how to answer them... (keep smiling and nodding and looking intelligent.) and all that in between capturing a blue vest under the kitchen door even though I could hear Owner shouting GET OFF IT Wonka I have dropped it - and then worrying she would crush me as she opened the door.  I REMAIN uncrushed. X

Surely other things have gone on Wonka you all ask me anxious for a report on Bertie's weight.  Owner thinks he is definitely dwindling and this is borne out by the fact he is now leaping up on the side to pinch my meagre offerings. He has a constant supply of biscuits and CANNOT starve.X

Ruggles is living the dream between his en suite (the kitchen) and the luxury shed.  he cannot complain and he doesn't. X

In a small but necessary round up of this week's telly what stands out you pesky folk all wish to know??  Corrie has stood out for having Saint Todd declare a passion for Billy our friendly mixed up but we like him Vicar.  Sarah who went mad you recall has told a tiny bit of the truth but not all about who KILLED CALLUM. In Enders we had Peggy's funeral and a lot of the square dressed in black and as Owner noted, some with less black than others.  ~What saved us was, Versailles and that King with his best bruv and a lot of you know what going on. YES there was a bit of plotting and story in between. Owner is too anxious to watch any more of that spook ridden living and the dead and calmed down with celebrity masterchef.  John N Gregg are as funny as usual and we love them lots.  Tonight (small roll on the drums...x) there IS NO FOOTIE but lots of films and stuff.  Good Wales returned glorious to their homeland and it is just little old ingerland that is having a moment. X

Next Week folks is a big week for Owner as she sets out for what she hopes AND I PRAY is her last interview.  IF I HAVE TO GO THROUGH ANOTHER SET OF TASKS AND QUESTIONS she moaned up to me and I did say just be yourself Owner but then thought better of it.  Now I must get on as Bertie will keep popping out to the water bowl and distracting me AND it is keeping up a nice drizzle out back and there may be birds.  Keep you furry chins up folks and have a nice brush down!! Big Love Wonka X