Saturday, 23 July 2016


Morning all!! Howdy up and BONjour, Hola ect. infact just plain
whiskers ahoy!x

How has your week been folks?  Can it get any worse Wonka some of you shout back at me and the answer is OF COURSE it can.  That's what weeks are for.  ME? thanks for asking, the usual giddy up week had by me, checking here, a nibble on a biscuit there OH and those pesky baby gulls flapping and crying and wotnot. ~as to the weather we have had a slight heat wave and suddenly NO ONE, PERSONNE can cope with it. Ruggles has been basking outback and has turned his back on the shed to seek his troll cave under the bench.  Bertie who would not know if Tresa May had pressed the old button or not, is still lurking in the Narnia.X

IT ALL SEEMS NORMAL Wonka, you all accuse me left right and centre (that sound political and it is.X) - folks, things are far from normal here.X
There we are folks - that is Larry from No 10 Downing street meeting up with Palmerston next door for a bit of pawsicuffs at dawn!!  ~even us cats are up against it! X
Owner has had her usual nail biting stomach churning low mood setting week folks.  Due to? you all whisper up.........
1.  First up did she have a fall, nearly crush me and frighten me so much I had to rush straight upstairs and under the bed.  I tell you folks I have never been so scared.  Owner you say?  ALL HER OWN fault for trying to balance on my sideboard, go backwards onto the chair and then topple off it. if I told her off once I said it a hundred times folks (in whispers from behind doors and under beds) I said ARE YOU STUPID Owner that could have crushed me to death.............luckily she didn't hear me for laying on the luxury carpet with said chair nearby.  I knew she was alright though folks as she could easily answer questions about her hair.  This is the proven method to test Owner's intelligence or wotnot. If she can readily say back to me things like 'I hate my hair this colour, length, shape' and so on, I know folks, she is still in the land of the living!.and those bruises will soon fade................X
In other lesser news the week could only go downhill from there really although, the car with no name did itself proud and got through a service without being recalled for MASSIVE REPAIRS.  Owner reckons the mechanics were (list) 1. drunk 2. blind 3. too hot.  Horrid accounts reared their ugly head on Wednesdee folks and sent Owner into an anxiety fit to top the scale, but daughter visited on Thursdee to send her into a different spiral. Fridee was spent in a frenzy of proof reading YES SIREE and the new soon to be published tale has winged and zinged its way back to the good publishers (we still love you Austin Macauley!) for the final proofing.X
So folks at the end of this frenzied week, Jezzer is still a rampant leader of something or other and Owen Smith from Welshy Wales is still going to tackle him.  Tresa May has been here and there with her brexit bag and shoes to match and wait for it.....a strange and big orange man has set his beady eye on the White House. Ald Trump is a creature that is half human and half machine we think, but have not yet pinned down which comic he is from. or planet for that matter (sorry America we truly are.X)  In the wake of all of this political tomfoolery, Owner quite rightly said STOP THE WORLD Wonka let us get off it. and that was before BAD ACCOUNTS turned up to smack us round the chops. ~There is one saving grace though folks...............X
Last but not least in this gruesome week, Daughter came bearing gifts which were wonderful. The parka to end all parkas, (TICK.X), the shirt to end all shirts (GIANT TICK X), more jeans (tick x)AND series 1 to 3 of Game of Thrones.  Luckily, and daughter did warn Owner to expect lots of blood and gore and the other BUT since we are stuck like glue to Versailles we are now hardened to all that violent thingy and can manage some more.  Next to my sorry life, droned Owner, this is copeable.  End of and this week up facterooni.X
I do hope folks out there wherever you are, you are bearing up with the world and if it is getting you down - Game of Thrones is the answer for now.X  keep your fur on, twizzle those whiskers and look that world right in the eye!! Big Love Wonka X