Saturday, 2 July 2016

Wonka's Weekly mash up.x

GREETINGS voting weary, politics weary, poverty stricken folks out there!!! and herewith and therefore is MY FIRST weekly round up.  AND WHAT A WEEK!!!!

Where shall I start Owner? I quizzed her up once she had struggled up at long last after the longest lay in evah.  I MUST NEED THE REST Wonka she droned to me.............X

you will recall folks that along with the strangest events in our tiny isle's history when a few folk tossed a good union to one side in favour of..............WE STILL DON'T KNOW!!!! ~they have gambled with the fortunes of ALL moaned Owner to me. Whether this prompted her to throw in the towel with the dastardly (like that word.x) agency I can't say but NOW folks there is definitely zero hours and a P45 winging its way to us.  Whilst Jezzer is whispering about it in the PMQs (that prime minister questions folks. I know.X)
There she goes!!! and yes folks that credit card has been poked in many a machine!!! X
So WONKA you all shout at me wide awake and enjoying your Satdee WHAT'S BEEN GOING ON.  First up NO ONE, personne could believe this tiny isle wanted to leave a Union.  Specially not Owner. THEN, came the usual blame sodden round of IT WAS HIS fault NO IT IS hers and it turns out it is all Jezzer's fault for not making it crystal clear the little ol Labour party stood to REMAIN.x
Will Jezzer keep saying he is not going and he means to stay true to all the millions alright thousands alright some who voted for him? He has kept on saying this all week despite most of his MPs saying WE DON'T LIKE YOU, GO AWAY. More importantly, Owner is saying that too.  Who do you want instead Owner?  It cannot be Doris I mean Boris....... I quite like that Angela Eagle she droned to me and folks with a name like know how I love a bird.x
No one has heard from the Nige Barage and they don't want to.  And we are now in love with Mark Carney the Gov of the Bank of Ingerland and folks - he is like a Mary Poppins hero. We love him.x
In other less political news, Owner has applied for a job. Should they be clever enough to invite her for an interview I will report up in between bolstering her spirits and going through some tips. (don't put any more hair product on for a bit, don't wear that and def don't say that. End of.X)x
It is still wall to wall sport including the political games, and ingerland managed to make it all a LOT worse by not beating Iceland. GOOD ON YOU ICELAND!!! (that was Mousey.x) but Wales in true dragon style wopped Belgium by three goals yes three goals to one (sorry Belgium.X). Our money is on Rog Federer to win Wimbledon, end of.X
This has all meant Owner clinging to a lot of funny programmes and one them was far too spooky called the living and the dead and not a politician in sight....tonight there is footie footie tennis and footie. BUT I have spied a film and we have a DVD in waiting. surely it will be: 'a pulse-pounding action epic.' I know folks and even Bertie was suspicious about that.  YES he is fine and Owner is certain he has lost weight. I did say is that down to you being so late with his breakfast Owner but she didn't hear me above scrambling round in the kitchen to get our breakfast.X
I hope you are all well and in some sort of union folks - ME? thanks for asking I would like a little friend who doesn't hiss in my face like the Bubster (why??x) and Ruggles who also goes SSSSSS. You've got me Wonka! said Owner.  I know. I know.
have a paw stomping fur bristling week folks!!! Big Love WonkaX