Tuesday, 16 August 2016

A little more Conversations!!

Listen Up folks!!  The new conversations part seven is now loaded up and ready to read on smashwords.com !!!

There we are! and it is the 23rd Wonka Story folks!!!
If you haven't read the conversations, then make it right, right now!! XX
All the stories follow on (says Owner and I said, don't confuse the readers! end of XX) as it is so simple you would be a fool or called Bertie Bubb to get it wrong. Just start at the very beginning and unless it is a special story about Halloween or Christmas or New Year or Easter and Duffel - then it is a part of the Conversations. Best story Fact Up.X

Other big stories in the pipeline folks are:

Wonka Presents! An Egyptian Tale - this will be published this year by the excellent Austin Macauley - so you get your paws on a hardback paperback or kindley thingmebob.X

There is a special New Year story to follow on from Wonka's New Year's Eve story which is yonks ago now. Alright a couple of years then. If Owner cracks on and stops fussing about being poverty stricken, having new neighbours (more on this later folks.....x) daughter being in lerve and what about her (I did say stop being so selfish Owner but luckily she didn't hear me.X)

Beyond this and into the future if there is one.... There is another Wonka Presents - A Spooky Tale which is yet to be delivered up to a nice publisher to look at.........X

Really folks there is MUCHOS stories to look forward to especially the one still in Owner's head.  IF I GET A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP Wonka, she droned to me, I MIGHT GET THE STORY.  We all know that Owner does dream her storylines, and the start of this one was in a dream. Me? trying hard to relax and get some zzzzzzzzz but it's not easy with a fretful Owner to contend with, and Bertie Bubb and Ruggles. our nerves are a bit shredded but more on this at the weekend!! until then, do give the new story a look in, as it is bound to bring you summer smiles!

Big Love Wonka XX