Saturday, 6 August 2016

A Night Out and a Nice Breakaway..

NOW WHAT Wonka?  I know it is hard to take in folks that Owner actually went out NOT after dark but nearly.  We will call it the evening.

WHY?  or POUQUOI or ZACHEM or just plain WOFUR (that is our fave the german one as it has FUR in it. It should have two dots over the U but I could not for the life of me find them.X)

Owner's big night out.

There she is! talking to a room full of Jezzerites with maybe a couple of ordinary voters. or members, or something.X
Owner insisted on going even though I said things like - YOU WILL BE A VOICE IN THE wilderness Owner.  it is past your bedtime.  YOU will be in a room full of smelly Labour supporters. alright it was a fairly warm eve and it wasn't their fault....(Owner had her best beyonce perfume on and this may have annoyed the two big chaps she was crushed between.  End of and nice smelly fact up.X).  I AM GOING she droned to me, TO SPEAK UP FOR that lad Owen.  Personally folks, the writing was on the wall but who am I to stop owner when she goes all passionate and such like.
When she fell back in a good two hours or more later, I immediately suggested a back to back session of Game of Thrones (series 2, eps 7 and 8.x).  I SPOKE UP she droned to me.
DID THEY LISTEN? I faithfully replied. ONLY SO THEY COULD PICK WHAT I SAID to pieces, she moaned back to me.
it seems that when there is a leadership contest. (big cross) each candidate can be loved up or insulted for a good half an hour. AND in Owner's ignorance (not blissful in this instance) most of the Jezzerites stood up and worshipped their leader ONCE to say how much they loved him and how clean and tidy he was but TWICE to shoot Owner down in flames for daring to speak up for that lad Owen AND take the second opportunity to bleat out more adulation for Jezzer. ! big meanies!! I did warn you Owner, I whispered up from quite low under the table, but luckily she didn't hear me above saying how proud she was for speaking up and GOING AGAINST A TIDE OF MAD Jezzer supporters.X
In other less labour splitting for sure now news, we have experienced a better week all round.  Owner is to have a small miniscule (she tells me.X) breakaway and our beloved catsitter will transform our lives for the weekend.  The car with no name has been sprayed with vanilla and must do as it is told especially on a big roundabout.  The outfits have been tried on, the hair is beauty (I know.X) and all is prepared. DE RIEN must stop Owner from having a superooni time.  WHY is she going Wonka?  It is a big birfdee celebration for her best cousin and she will mix and mingle with family.  There will be cake and vino to wash away all the troubles of the years so far.  so that is a lot of vino then. Push the boat out Owner!!X
As you know we are deep in Game of Thrones and Winterfell, the wall, those dragon thingies and Kings Landing. somehow Owner is having a life beyond those kingdoms and watching things like Corrie (Eileen is besotted with Feelan.) and Brief Encounters (weddings and fighting and ann Summer's parties.X) and those bruverly bruvs in Versailles.  We love Louis and his palace. We don't love all those nasty spies and goings on though.  owner insists on watching Inside Versailles which comes on straight after the end of the episode and I am forced to watch this man and smiley woman go on about HOW THEY USED TO LIVE.  I mean.X
There we are!  ME, Bertie and Rugglestop will see her off and then all get ready to be spoilt A LOT.X
Ruggles has been going round some garden and coming home with millions of grass seeds in his fur.  OH RUGGLES said Owner to him.  Bertie thinks he is starving but I have told him he is on a diet that is all.  I am trying to cut down of course I am, but I do need a little ballast.  End of.X
My final news for this week is to assure you folks of this.  Our next story Wonka's Egyptian Tale is being prepared for its final proof before printing!!And, the next Conversations with Wonka, part seven will go onto later this month!! yippee!!X
I haven't said anything about brexit means brexit and I'm not going to.  Interest rates are so tiny they are nearly zero like those hours Owner used to muck about with.  And the bank of ingerland man, Mark has not been sighted for a good couple of weeks now. THIS could mean he is for the chop OR going to be promoted for being wrong like good King Boris was.....the second I wrote that did good King Carney appear on our gogglebox to ANNOUNCE a drop in interest rates.  Are we interested?? NON,NON and more NON.  but we do still love King Carney and hope he doesn't get the chop for being wrong. X
They do not call August the silly season for nothing or DE RIEN or nimic folks - it is full of folk going on holidee, or rallies (Jezzer) trying to get people to vote for you (Hillaree or Auld Rump) AND there is an Olympics too...... hold on tight to your tv sets folks for more wall to wall sport and me and Owner will hold on tight to our boxset!  Big Love Wonka X