Saturday, 20 August 2016

In Our Dreams!

HOWDY UP folks and how are you all resting up, having a lovely time of it OR NOT on this good August morn.  YES it is Satdee once more, the end of another awe inspiring week with legends like USAIN BOLT and MO FARAH and MR PHELPS and all of those champions in the Olympics at Rio....................... I almost forgot the newbie who is MAX whitlock or something like that - and LOUIS SMITH we always loved you and we always will.x
There he is!! that man from Jamaica he is the fastest in the world!!XX
What else has been going on Wonka? you all shout at me but not too loud as me and Owner are suffering from SLEEPDEPRIVATION..............Why is that you all whisper to me.
The bad neighbours are every bit as bad as Owner feared they would be.  The entire household has been moved round ALL BECAUSE next door live a completely different life to ours.  They have a different time zone that starts at 5 to midnight and carries on through the LONG night folks. All the things that we do nicely and quietly and respectfully throughout the day THEY DO IN THE NIGHT.  due to this Owner is on a short fuse mood setting and I am hiding round doors, under beds and generally being good.  I only let myself down once folks, when Owner was giving me a nice brush round and removing MOUNTAINS of fur I just reached out and gave her a tiny (It was.X) scratch on the wrist that surely didn't warrant such a scene OR the huge bit of toilet roll wrapped round the wound so tiny you could barely see it.  I mean.XX
In other far better and brighter news folks, the job that Owner didn't get in July suddenly reared its head and snapped her up in August. YES, so Owner has a real job to start in a couple of weeks.  EVEN MORE ESSENTIAL Wonka, she droned to me, THAT I GET MY SLEEP.  We are working on it folks BUT we haven't ruled out moving to our new and dream home sooner than we reckoned. NO, or NYET! we cannot afford to turn round never mind move but I have as you know total trust in the wishing well and have flung some silver in accordingly.

There it is! our dream home and will it come forward now and say HERE I AM Wonka and Bertie Bubb and Ruggles OH YES and Owner.XXX
You know that the new Conversations with Wonka part Seven is on and Owner is very proud.  She is even writing the fourth to be published story!! and needs to dream the ideas for it.....X
Teresa MAY has been off on her hols leaving good King Boris to tend to things and is that wise we all wonder up? DE RIEN has happened as yet folks...........our fave Owen Smitherooni  has been husting away with Jezzer and having to put up with an unruly hissing and booing crowd.  We blame Jezzer for all of it.  End of.  No one PERSONNE mentions brexit much these days and you would think folks it was all a silly dream!! ONLY IT WASN'T.X
Owner is still clinging to Game of thongs I mean thrones and is on series five now.  Those dragons are too big for my liking and if you step out of turn you get your head lobbed off. Luckily, and coinciding with the end of this, Strictly, the HEX factor and the BAKE OFF are all back and this alone may keep Owner on a higher mood setting in the weeks to come.I love it.X
Finally, Ruggles has started snoozing back in the luxury shed ONLY not in his fave box but on the old car seat from Owner's beloved skylark.  It was on that very carseat that the tiny boolleys were popped when Tinkers had them all in the shed nearly two years ago folks, HANKIES AWAY. Bertie Bubb has been sauntering round the living room and saying how starving he is. YOU ARE ON A DIET Bertie I told him up, and THAT's why.  End of and food fact up.X 
Now like us folks you are all up against it and have your dreams to hold fast to!  HOLD ON TIGHT!! big Love Wonka X