Saturday, 13 August 2016

The loneliness of the long distance WASP!!!

What are you on about Wonka?? What Wasp is this??

There it is folks!!! and it is the WOODHALL SERVICES WASP!!!  xxx
Owner set off proud as you like in the car with no name last Satdee for the Big birthday fest!!! That was in Hagley folks, just a couple of miles down the road JUST a few roundybouts and motorways to sort out!!! So did she stop off for a breather at Woodhall services.
THEN WhAt Wonka?? Then, according to Owner, she noticed a wasp smelling her cup of coffee. THEN IT DISAPPEARED she droned to me.....but later, as Owner was shooting down the A42 she looks in the wing mirror and spies a wasp clinging to the back window!!!!  And folks it hitched a ride all the way to the garage just off the A456 or whoever it called itself. 
I OPENED THE BOOT and off it went. droned Owner to me. Between the adrenalin of driving and the mood setting of WHAT IF IT STINGS ME....well Owner got there in record time folks.  And beyond all of that it was hotter than hot!! And then, she met up with millions of relatives unseen for years on end who all look the same. ish.XXXX
My weekend folks was peaceful and calm and our Aunty Paula popped in and out supplying us with HUGE amounts of food and biscuits and real chick (sorry chick!X) When Owner flung back in turning into a whirling dervish, with cleaning and washing and boiling kettles and such like, I had to pop upstairs for a zzzzzzzzzzzz.  I love it.X
What else you all wonder up in your hot countries or something very like it, is going on.  Owner has finally started to watch some Olympics and the legend of Michael Phelps. He is a swimming legend and we love him.X
The other big and exciting news is a big fish and chip outing when Owner met up with Daughter's new partner.  yes.  it is love and furthermore Dutch Love. Surely I said to Owner, we are not all brexiting the brexit.  It could be on the cards Wonka she droned to me.  personally, Bertie would not notice if he was in the Narnia here or in another country folks and Ruggles just needs a kitchen en suite PLUS a small outback to patrol....ME? thanks for asking, I need an Owner to keep in check and a trough full of my best biscuits. End of, and best fact up of the week so far.X
There has been a little writing.  AND some rewriting. Owner has said there must be a separate diary to tell folk about it. ALRIGHT THEN I says, being the supportive cat that I am.  The writing is crushed between episodes of Game of Thrones which I can tell you consists of plenty of sword fighting, arrow shooting, axe wielding, daggers at dawn and anytime really PLUS the other.  There is no work in sight and we are still very poverty stricken. YES I am throwing a coin in the wishing well AND rubbing the Buddha's tummy!!X
In a round up of other news, Ed Balls who used to be a Labour MP is now a Strictly dancer (OOOHH.x)

There he is!! he might be our fave we shall see....................x
Jezzer is up against it with nice Owen Smith and they have had husty hustings to shout at each other about how they will be FABerooni IF they get in power.  We are still FOR the welsh lad folks.  DO LABOUR STAND A HOPE OF REGAINING POWER Wonka you all want to know.  NON, NYET, and howdee doodee.  The strange orange American up against that nice Hillary with two ells, is still saying daft things and we do NOT love him. X
Do have a super cool week folks and do put lots of nice cool water out for everyone....there is talk of a heatwave here in our tiny blustery isle so take it nice and easy....Big Love Wonka XXXX