Saturday, 10 September 2016

New Horizons!

ARE YOU ON THE MOVE Wonka? you all ask anxious as you will certainly miss me AND this diary if I do. The moment my bestest Owner in the entire known universe can manage the small detail of finding us a new home chaps, we will be offski.x

ARE THOSE NEIGHBOURS still playing horrid music and such like Wonka?  As much as I want to put on here NYET, I have to respond with a loud (I know,X) and clear DA, OUI and YES SIREE.  Owner has complained informally, formally and any other way there is. I have said, again in a whisper and from behind doors and under the bed - Owner, every cloud has a silver lining.......we could all end up in a beauty home. I ONLY HOPE YOU ARE RIGHT Wonka she goes back to me! I followed this up by saying how good her hearing was now but luckily she didn't hear me above checking the property listings.  Again.X

There we are!! nicer things like the Launch Show for Strictly and Anastacia  is our new fave.  We love her. XXXXX we will have to love Brendon too as he is her new partner.  I know.X
Has anything nice happened this week you all now want to know.  The new job has started for Owner and so far she is doing really well at it. Being nice and being friendly to all and her work settings are at least 7 out of 10 folks!!!  If only, she droned to me, all else could be 7 out of10 too.  What I goes to her, like that studio apartment you went to view, that was smaller than Rugglesis luxury shed OR his kitchen en suite?  THAT was a mistake, she droned back to me, and I KNEW IT WAS A MISTAKE the second I saw the communal front door.  Apparently folks, there was a barking dog (crumbs!) bikes blocking the doorway and goodness knows what else.  NOT SUITABLE for my Wonka, or The bubster, or rugglestop thought Owner.  So folks, more money in the wishing well methinks and a LOT of praying.X
Speaking of praying, our pal Owen Smith might need some of those as Jezzer is still lapping up his fanbase of adoring minions.  it doesn't matter what Jezzer says, they are clapping and cheering. I mean.  Owner has insisted she will not vote Labour if he carries on with it (Jezzer).  As for Tresa maynot, she is still mentioning the Brexit thing but not a lot, mainly just to say she will not be pushed into anything. (?) and has talked of having lots of new Grammar Skools.  Owner went to one of these and has hated them ever since.  I did say, look how you turned out Owner just as she was rushing out of the door and luckily didn't catch what I said.X
What about the telly has it been good this week?  over in Holbee doctors are falling out and falling in with each other and JAC continues to be as anti social as you like.  In Casualtee Nursey Charlie has an old friend to help him save the world and this is DUFFY. Out new comfort blanket of the night.  The launch show of Strictly Launched itself and will save Owner from many a poor Satdee night feeling sorry for herself and finally the Hex Factor has a few singers up its big sleeve. ~What of Dermot you all wonder up?  he is back where he should be as Presenter of it.X  OH, I haven't mentioned the bake off which was BREAD week and they all baked something Owner has renamed as STAMP NOODLE.  it isn't really called that it has a good German name that defeated us from the word go and it is steamed bread,  I know.X
There we are!!  Selasi was being DRAMATIC and giving it a good knead.XX
Now to update you on the birfdee set up, Owner's big birfdee is coming up this week.  SHE has requested a loving and peaceful day and I will go ALL OUT folks to see that happen.  She is to dine out with aged sibling AND two cousins at her fave fish and chippie.  it has all the makings of a good outing folks.  BIG TICK.X
Has Bertie been good this week you all wonder up?  Not a paw out of place but then I do keep up a good checking system.  Rugglestop
has been in out in out and how's your father all week long and today, he was outback facing down a dog!  IT IS ALRIGHT folks, the dog was on the other side of a big gate and all Ruggles had to do was give it one of his special Rugglestop stares.  Done with and sorted as those bruvverly bruvs the Mitchells would say on Enders.X
I have just seen a nice policewoman trot next door and Owner said I AM NOT SURPRISED Wonka.  You will all have to wait til next weekend's thrilling installment folks to find out more...........OOH cliff hanger. Now I want you all to have an enthusiastic whisker tingling week of it folks.  Tackle those obstacles with a tiny claw!!  Big Love Wonka X