Saturday, 17 September 2016

Reunited out!!

HALLOAH UP folks and how has your week passed you by???

As you can see by our good title, me and Owner and all are reunited to shreds with other family bits we had not seen for a long long time. I have been admired and gasped over (HANDSOME was just one of the flattering comments and that was after I came back downstairs on the assurance it wasn't the pesky Vikings.x) and Owner has reminisced (big word for me this morning and I like.  may use againX) about Haverhill and Primrose Hill where her and her visiting cousins all knew and loved.  It has been a good week for the ancestors folks!!!
There we are!!! All visitors come to the shrine of the box to admire me folks!! UNLESS I have rushed upstairs and under the bed.X
DID OWNER have a successful birfdee you all want to know and are shouting at me impatient to hear about it......YES, in a nut shell or a sea shell it went by in a whir of cards and chocs and work and meals after work at the best fish and chippie in town. The cousins up from deep in Suffolk were entertained in style and Owner looked a treat.  and that for now folks, is the end of the birfdee season.  it will rear its head again in November...............X
Now what of those pesky no downright HORRID neighbours?? Owner went right ahead and popped in a formal complaint WHILST searching around for an alternative where (list up.x)
1.  PETS are welcome.  Owner rang up one good landlord and had only just about introduced herself in a polite and respectful manner when: "DO YOU HAVE PETS?" was asked - not, are you an upstanding citizen with a good record of behaviour at your property and with an EXCELLENT financial record............but, "WE DO NOT ACCEPT PETS.  personally I wanted to go round to this landlord and give them a dab with my best claw but Owner said TO TAKE NO NOTICE.X
2. The property itself looks a bit like the photo we saw of it. This needs no further talking about so I'm not going to.X
3.  The rent matches the quality of the accommodation.Yes.X
4.  Owner actually likes it.  This is the hardest one to match up and I do wonder if she will ever find our next dream home. (Bertie must have a suitable cave in it, and Ruggles must have a small outback. ME? thanks for asking I will need full access to the entire thing.X)
Owner is getting more sleep and says the bed settee is a god send. I know.  I did say you need your beauty sleep Owner but I don't think she heard me through falling into a deep much needed sleep.X
In other more sensible news the job is trolling along how it should with no one telling Owner anything UNTIL there is an offsted inspection due and suddenly she must have full knowledge of everything and ALL records brought up to scratch (I know.X) asap. or, as Owner's student likes to say AYsap.  This slightly annoyed Owner on Fridee at the last minute as she was flinging off home but I think she has let it go.X
The big news of the week politically wise folks is that Dave C has resigned TOTALLY from being an MP. We wish Jezzer would take a leaf out of his book but he has big blinkers on and WILL NOT see things as they really are.  In Owner's words: DISASTROUS. Brexit is still on some agenda somewhere and Tresa Maynot is still on about Skools.  the world continues to trundle on and we (think) are still poverty stricken like the rest of the nation AND are not blaming it on anyone EXCEPT Dave C.X
What of the GBBO folks and it is moving to good channel 4 next year...this was news on wedding cake proportions or should I just say PORTIONS. We still want either Candice or Selasi to win because we do.  In Enders we have lost the plot but lots of the square are having a babe.  NO not that babe we don't like her she is a blackmailing nasty. In corrie, Todd has stepped up to have Feelan arrested for fraud AND whisking his mother off to an unknown destination.  I did hear Owner say can she stay there as she is not keen on Eileen as a character as who in their right mind would NOT see through Feelan's wicked ways. personally, I say bring her back but quietly so as not to affect Owner's mood setting.

There is the final auditions of HEXfacktor to look forward to AND bootcamp.X
OWNER said I must mention that we have just whizzed off the final proof read to WONKA PRESENTS! AN EGYPTIAN TALE
and we hope NO PRAY it turns out alright and good folk read it when it DOES come out in print. In the meantime they must read the Christmas Story as it is IN PRINT and follow this link:
WHAT if anything Wonka, you all finally wonder up, is your good message for the coming week?? I say, go easy on the chocolates and think about your BMI folks.  Bertie as you know is on an everlasting diet (it seems to him) BUT it is paying off. Ruggles was pat and mick in the night and Owner said IT IS ALRIGHT HIS 17 ODD BLANKETS ALL NEEDED WASHING ANYWAY.......and me?  I do eat sensibly that means whenever I feel like it and have to maintain my handsome appearance.  End of and big fact up for the week.  Take it steady and NO means NO folks!  big Love Wonka X

(OOOH it is in paw slipped!!.XX)