Saturday, 1 October 2016

A Good Week for....

WHATHO folks and HOWDY UP.  this will be a short and snappy round up of the week WHICH had it's good points...................and not so good points.

SHALL WE START WITH THE BAD? you all shriek at me impatient to know that someone out there is having a much more hideous time of it than you are.  HERE WE ARE then...LIST:

1.  The noise has not abated infact Owner says it has increased.
2. When the other lady came round to collect the noise monitoring equipment (as the other lady is off sick.  I know.X) and said that THEY MIGHT DETECT something on the recorder OR NOT.
3.  WHO ELSE is off sick enquired Owner and it turns out there are just two staff manning the entire area and beyond.x
4.  The other one proceeded to dismiss every single noise issue and call it something else including telling Owner she had..............SENSITIVE HEARING.  It was at this point folks that I came out from under the bed where I had been hiding in my lair to shoot downstairs.  The upside to this was that it really frightened the lady who was (to quote Owner) being very patronising.End of.X
5.  The upshot is (we think) that Owner will be left to it and the decision will be it is all in her IMAGINATION as she is too feeble and sensitive to decide what is a normal household noise and what isn't.  YES even in her own home.

There we are folks!except we don't hear that much anymore. and just to finish off, Owner has sent three or is it four emails to the good manager of the dept TO MAKE SURE he listens up.  End of X
That folks is our main bad news story for the week, and just because Owner has an ear infection (thanks GP x) that doesn't mean there is any link to the noise. NO. Me? thanks for asking, mostly I have been tracking down where Owner is going to sleep (JOKE) for the night.  So far it hasn't been the bathroom.X
And when all else stop taking you seriously did you know you can buy that folks? it is called a solicitor.  Yes sireee.  Those pesky americans know all about sooing this that and the other, well back in this little old isle, we are a bit slower on the take off. BUT Owner is busy buying this 'taking me seriously' service and THAT might see off the greedy home who is after all aged parent's savings.  I know.  I have of course offered up my advice from various hiding places in the house, and mostly in a whisper, to say things like, don't let it get you down Owner! and 'Every Cloud.....'X
GOOD things were:  the job has turned out to be fab and Owner has hardly any complaints to-date. (proud.X).  Her hair has fell into an ace style that she would not have dreamed of a week ago when the good hairdresser cut it and she 'couldn't do a thing with it for days.'X She has had a good chat (that's french for CAT you know.X) with our good publishers #austinmacauley about PROMOTING our best ever story.....AND three fab reviews have appeared on about it.
I bought this book for my daughter at christmas time, this is what she had to say about it. "I am 9years old, I really like this book. I love Wonka and his cat friends, especially Ruggles and Baba. Wonka is a really friendly cat and goes on some cool adventures at chistmas time. I like reading this book, it is easy to read with a really good story, just right for my age. I am Madeleine Masterson's biggest fan."
This is from a girl called Phoebe and our next story (An Egyptian Tale) is dedicated to her.X
 So Folks there you have it an upside down week with good bits in it too. What of BERTIE bubb you all shout up? Living it up in his Narnia and not a whiff off trouble in his little life. YES I have looked at him a couple of times and one of them coincided (good use of word) with Owner dropping off to sleep but how was I to know eh? EH? And Rugglesis is as good as ninepence or thereabouts.  Owner carefully put out his winter wooly heated pads and he carefully went off out and settled in the luxury shed.X
On the telly we have clung to a new programme called 'The Retreat' and Owner wishes she could be there right now. Beeb two folks, and on every night at 7pm.  We loved it. In Corrie Saint Todd is in danger from Vinnie who is a bigger and far worse villain than Feelan who has declared I LOVE YOUR MOTHER (that's Eileen folks)and will save Todd from said nasty person.  Who just happens to be his partner in crime.  I know. THEN there is all the fun of the fair with the HEX Factor as they all at Judges Mouses now PLUS the dancing.  Mr Young, Will to his mates, is our new fave as he danced onto our screens with red socks on. next to him is our fave Anastacia and new fave Brendon. We hated him before now we love him.X
If next week can very slightly improve on this week we will say a BIG THANKYOU to the heavens. IF our dream home turns up then we really will be in heaven folks.  Now keep your fur shiny, your eyes bright and those whiskers a tingle!! Big Love Wonka X