Sunday, 9 October 2016

Inside out and Upside down.

WHAT THE WHISKERS you on about Wonka you all want to know, worried as I was not doing the diary MY WEEKLY diary on time (yesterdee.) FOLKS it is all down to Owner going through a prolonged (good use of word.X) episode (even better word X) of CHANGE.

THAT's right folks, she has fallen out with environmental health she says they couldn't look after a waste paper basket never mind an incident of NOISE.  After a full on phone call with the Manager (I think it was but most of the time I was under the bed and Bertie was in his lair) and I thought she said 'YOU IDIOT' but I can't be sure....This was followed by a call to His Manager which by my reckoning (reliable) was a bit calmer.  BUT, it turns out no one believes Owner and the neighbours can just carry on being whatever they like. HOW HAS OWNER resolved this Wonka you all shout up at me?  BY CHOOSING ANOTHER HOUSE AND MOVING TO IT SHORTLY.  Needless to say folks we are all upside down and how's your father about it, and all Owner has done is say to me that IT's time to move on.
There we are! all in a state of confusion and shock yes even Bertie Bubb who only moves from his lair a couple of feet to his biscuit trough. Ruggles will still have a kitchen and outback and even some outhouses to smell out and nest in.  Thank goodness I will still have my amazen box and the giant nest that Owner calls a settee oh plus the even bigger nest that Owner used to sleep in - in the good old days when it was worth going to bed (pre neighbours folks. I know.)X
I dare say lots of other things have happened this week like that strange orange man vying (terribly good use of word.x) for president alongside Hillary with 2 ells, saying more stupid things oh and tresa maynot saying stuff about brexit whilst our good pound is dropping through the floor AND silly old Jezzer putting people no one likes except him and his momentum thingy into his wardrobe I mean shadow cabinet. BUT all Owner can think of now is moving folks. The biggest change in our little lives coming up and we can all cope with it because Owner says IT IS NOT FOREVER and IT IS A STOPGAP. I know.X
Finally folks there is a weensy glimmer of light on our horizons because Owner says she is ready to upload the latest Wonka Presents to it is a proud moment folks as it is a good and proper Spooky Tale as told by ME and fully illustrated by Owner. this time though, and to save us all from starving and being able to pay the rent, it must be paid for and we are thinking just under a fiver folks.  That seemed fair to me and will keep me in biscuits throughout the winter. End of.X
There will be the usual announcement folks when the story is on there AND in time for the meantime there is a story already there for the season of spook, so go and check it out!!
You will love it.x
Now do try and get through next week with your fur all nice and smooth and a good strong purr! I shall report back next weekend on all the goings and doings and movings AND signal the arrival of the new story too. Big Love Wonka X