Saturday, 15 October 2016

New Horizons!

HAVE YOU MOVED Wonka? very nearly folks.  That is to say, next Fridee is Dee Day.  OOOER! you all shout up full of compassion (good word I like it lots.X after all I have plenty of that.) and good will and hopefulness that I will settle in and love it.

This is what I have learned so far............

1.  Owner says there are and I quote: 'Views to die for Wonka. you will see pigeons at close quarters AND sparrows and such like all swooping around and feeding PLUS there is a fish pond to gaze down at from the first floor window.

2.  After I have gazed at that, which let's face it folks has to be fitted in around gazing at Bertie Bubb and checking he is ok with moving from one Narnia cupboard to another similar one - yes after that I can look at the sea if I feel like it and the harbour and even a bit of the lighthouse.X

3.  There are two floors to explore and new nests to make.

4.  I have been told I will love it and end of.X

Owner has been making a million lists and phone calls some went better than others and NO there is no bed for me to go under as daughter helped her take it to bits ready for Dee Day. YES I still have my box so that is alright then. Bertie as I say knows nothing or DE rien and Rugster will simply be transported from one kitchen en suite to another. I know.X

There we are!  Even though it is a new Vista out there, we can still see the stars and Owner says we will see even more of them hanging over the sea and the land around. Ah.X
In other news, Owner is still enjoying her new solid non zero hours job and is holding her own.  She flies back home in a good mood UNTIL she remembers the neighbours BUT then it is alright as we will have new ones.  HAS SHE MET ANY yet Wonka you all wonder up, as you know Owner can be a bit testy and the answer is YES SIREE there is a good neighbour already.  IS IT A SIGN Wonka she says to me, when she flew back home to start even more packing.  It must be I said, as I tucked into some real chicken (thank you chick!x) which is MY treat oh alright and Bubbsters and Rugs for all the upheaval.  I love it. X
Now there is some extra extra news and I am going to tell it IN A FRESH POST!! it is about our new story folks...............X
In between ringing up british gas who turned out to be very friendly and what have you which Owner was astonished by....(she fired them back in the noughties folks and vowed 'I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO THEM' as you know folks my motto is NVER SAY JAMAIS!!!! - yes whilst doing this and a million other removal tasks we have managed un peu de tv - Saint Todd has not been in corrie this week which was taken over by a through a glass darkly David who is set to murder someone OR have a near fatal car crash ORget saved by his bruvver (who he tried to murder a few chapters back...X).  we loved it.  In enders we are trying to keep up and we think the funeral family are on the move AND nasty Babe is still nasty. In Strictly will Young of the famed red sox has had to leave which is woesome we like him BUT there are others who we like more.....Anastacia is one of them we do love her and now we love Brendon too.X
Next Satdee folks Owner says we will be off line.  OH, says I.  and Pourquoi even?? because talk talk who are still shoving over a landline and wotnot at us say we will not GO LIVE until the 25th.  personally I shall run up all the stairs (that's two flights now folks) and roll under the bed (still there) and get a bit dusty if it all goes to plan.  Owner has been known to swing very low on the mood setting when she is cut off from civilisation (that's all her social media thingies and webs.  NOT real webs the other ones.X) AM I  prepared you all wonder up? I have a few choice sayings folks tucked away for special stressful occasions like this eg there is always someone worse off than you Owner - and yes I do tend to whisper this one well after my tea time and possibly from in one of the new cupboards.......X
Look out for my extra extra diary folks all about my Spooky Tale!
and please come back to us if we go missing - it is not our fault!!
Have a fab week ahead with lots of things making your fur gleam and your whiskers tingle!! Big Love Wonka X