Saturday, 19 November 2016

Cold Snaps!

ONE MINUTE we are roasting and listening to the experts who say and I quote: '2016 will go on record as the driest warmest blah di blahdi year on record.' End of and weather report fact up.  Well it is in this house folks, due to owner disregarding the state of 1. (list) our finances..... 2.  our credit card (we love it.X) 3. the new system whereby Owner has to rush to a shop and purchase more gas.  This folks, is until good British Gas recognises we are used to living beyond our means and can afford to pay munthlee. (thanks to the good overdraft.  OH I said draft.there are some of these in the new home thanks to the windows.X)

The secret is folks to stay warm at all costs because, you cannot be creative if you are cold.  Now I promised you a recipe and here it is.  Forthwith:
There we are!! YES, it is the flapjack that Owner left in the good oven slightly longer than it said AND had to go at it with her hands in a sort of wrestling act to break it into pieces. IF, she had paused to take it out of the oven on time AND THEN, divided it up into 8 decent chunks, she would not have risked breaking all her expensive crowns and so on and so forth.  LUCKILY, it all stayed intact.  And folks, as it happens we prefer out flapjack overdone.  Put that in your cookery book and eat it Mr Marcus Wareing!!X
Now I have referred to the cheffie on Masterchef, I will say this.  MOST of the time Owner shouts at him and says things like: YOU ARE A BULLY and YOU will make him cry.  It is fair to say that he does look fearsome, often whilst he is praising a trembling chef.  Despite this, Owner got over herself and continued to watch it.  Monica has changed her hair to a sort of wheaten shade. (jury out.X)
In other lesser news, Donwald the Trump is forming a new family I mean staff I mean bits of his family mostly with other hangers on. And this folks, is what will then all shuffle into the White House and have talks and that.  God bless Americy I say.  Over here it is all the same, with Tresa Maynot gradually fading into the distance and who can recall Jezzer? Even less, who knows who Owen Smith is?? To think Owner rooted for him and talked him up. I know.  The best thing out there politically is Mr Ed Balls who is dancing himself into everyone's good books.  he has always been our fave along with whoever takes Owner's eye on a week to week basis.  Last week it was Greg.  HE IS A TRIER she told me up.X

Here we are!! Owner's little tribute to Larry (no 10)and Palmerston (foreign Office) and Gladstone (the treasury) - to celebrate Tresa Maynot and her phonecall with Donwald.  YOU ARE NO 11 INTHE QUEUE!! X
I am still very busy coming to terms with moving home and waiting for Owner to stop moving things around.  HOW many times have I stumbled down in the morning ready to supervise to find it has all changed?  I did suggest she leave well alone, but I whispered it from my window seat up in the crow's nest bathroom and she may not have heard me.............X
Ruggles is still in love with Camber who was observed popping next door to use their facilities. (a tiny patch of convenient (!) scrapeable earth). he has shown no signs of wanting to actually go outside as yet and mostly is sprawled out in his giant nest, the little study.  Bertie Bubb is hooked on Radio 2 we think which is left on for him up until good Simon Mayo signs off.  I am trying not to look at him but failing.X
Finally, the telly round up of the week, and we were bowled over by Corrie which has sprung new family members on us. (the Barlow family are extended.X )and good Ken B is out of hospital with his stroke. and talking out of the side of his mouth.  Owner finds this disturbing as it could happen to her. I said nothing folks, de rien, at this point.AND THEN, nasty Feelan stood over Michael who was playing detective and paid rather a high price for getting found out, yes Feelan stood over him as he lay dying.  THAT WAS A BIT DARK uttered Owner.....X
Now the good weekend is here, so really folks I implore you all to enjoy it.  Fur coats ahoy! and treat yourself. I mean it!! see you all soon.  Big Love Wonka X