Thursday, 17 November 2016

Has the world gone mad?

HAS IT WONKA?? well sometimes folks it seems like it.  Now because there has been a large amount of GROS, or MARE (that might be big in Romanian and I will keep you posted on that folks...X) visitors to my humble weekly diary, Owner suggested I pop an extra entry on here.  AND seeing as how she has woken up out of trance to tell me that, HERE IT IS.

Many of you, alright all of you, are unsure who I am, and so without further ado, THIS is it in a nutshell OR one of Owner's best cartoons.
Here we are!! First off I have to check on Bertie Bubb (aka The Bubster X) who has secured the entire world of under the bed.  Then, I have to check on Ruggles (aka Rug, Rugglesis etc X) he has taken over the entire boiler cupboard well the  miniscule floor space to it....then finally, I can pop downstairs for a bite to eat as by then I am starving.  AND, that by my paw is my best mousey.  End of.X
I shall make another appearance on Satdee folks with a brand new fresh and lively diary entry.  Owner says some people call it a blog but ME, I can call it whatever I like.X
See you soon folks....big Love Wonka X
PS and if you are wondering why the world may have gone mad you only need to turn on the news OR read the papers OR listen to the good radio.  For safety and normality Owner is insisting we watch Enders and Shirlee's new hairdo.  And weep over Masewd's leaving.X