Saturday, 26 November 2016

SPIDDER alert.

Dans this house folks, we call spiders SPIDDERS.  POURQUOI? or even WHY IS THAT you all shout up at me hale and hearty.

Because folks to call it, that thing with all those legs and fast moving, scuttling even, appearing suddenly and without warning and being too frightening to consider, well because calling it a Spidder makes it LESS SCARY.  This is Owner's problem and I have to live with it.  I know.  since our big traumatic move (I did suggest counselling, but she may not have heard me above sobbing into a big hankie about all the things she is missing.x) we have encountered (good use of word) a new kind of Spidder, and I class myself as a bit of an expert. these spidders are quite gangly and swift.  ALSO, they are adept at hanging about way out of my clawing reach.  When Owner was listening to me and not sobbing (I mean we wanted to move we really did, and we love it here so I am blaming Owner's silly lapse on the latest bug she caught from college.X) - yes when she did listen up, I said to her I said:

'The minute that spider comes my way, I'll have him.'
He never has come my way and we are still on the look out.  End of.
There we are! keeping a close eye on it.X
In other less exciting news, Owner has moved the plant (not the wotsit plant that is safe and down stairs.x) several times now and usually late at night just as I am settling down OR doing my nightly rounds. This means checking on Ruggles and Bertie.  Each time I return to the giant nest up above, has she moved it again.
I didn't like it there Wonka, she goes to me, IT DOMINATED the room.  soon folks even the plants will need counselling and the only creature free from care or worry is ME.X
Now due to Owner rushing over to daughters for grandson's early birfdee celebrations this is a short and sweet diary blog thingy wotsit.  usually I like to traipse through all the political news (all horrid all full of donwald and his merry men, brexit and how nothing is still happening, and how a Mr Heseltine who ended up with a daft nickname of tarzan killed a massive amount of squirrels and says that is alright to do that and we are just a load of disneyfied idiots for thinking squirrels are decent upstanding critters. Owner made me put all that and I'm sorry if you fell asleep.x) and all the telly news.  Suffice to say (OOH) Feelan in Corrie is still telling lies and getting away with it - next thing Eileen will have him back and in Enders Fil is still ill and wotsit is still being bullied at work. X
Next week surely must be the week of our dreams and not a horrid let down.  WHAT IS THIS? what is this talk of let downs you all say up.  All I'm saying is that Owner has been let down by the good local library. they won't have her story OUR best Christmas story in the children's bit BUT they offered to sell it and take 15% commission!!!!! Luckily Owner has seen the funny side of this after droning on about how she has supported libraries all her life.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz OH! yes and she is smiling and calling herself a failure WHO is still prepared to fail!!! Until she succeeds that is.  AND on that positive note folks, sharpen your best claws and go get em!!  Big Love Wonka X