Saturday, 10 December 2016

Wonka's ADVENT!

Happy Satdee folks and bonjour, ola and howdy doody!  We are on the last Satdee before the last Satdee because the next one after that is good Christmas Eve,  And today is DAY TEN folks:

It's only ME again!  and would you look at that, I am laying on our very first Christmas Story.....
And there it is in the flesh.  As a proper real book.  We have to boast it up folks because guess what.  NO that is not it.  the good publishers contacted Owner a while back at least two maybe three months (where does the time go folks? even when you are NOT enjoying yourself??x) to say the book had sold DE RIEN or NIMIC or in English just plain ZILCH copies.  when she had stopped crying to listen I was saying about all these well known famous people who took AGES to be famous and nearly starved to death first.  LIKE WHO WONKA? she demanded to know...............
there was a long pause (paws.X) while I raked round for an answer but that only gave Owner a chance to weep some more.  There is always the credit card I whispered up, and folks, this has saved us many a good year. Past present and Future, we love it!!X
In other news, it has been a fretful and intense week at college and how all those students are faring with Owner trotting round and staring at them I don't know.  Luckily there is one week to go and they are all released back into the wild - Owner discovered a slight blip in her holidee calendar which means she must still pop into college until the Tuesdee even though all the students are NOT THERE.  This, she moaned up to me, is the story of my life Wonka!  And I says up, this Owner is the conversations with Wonka story!!X
In the political world all these supreme judges are listening to why Tresa Maynot cannot suddenly whisk off and trigger that Article without a full blown parliament vote on it. those pesky Tories.  Jezzer has fallen even further behind in those rating thingies and the lib dems won a by election wotsit.  Boris has been mucking about and saying things to stir us all up - so what is new you all shout up and ask me??  and what would Boris's Dad say??x
Finally the good tv has more or less bolstered us up through it all with good storylines in corrie.  Roy is having panic attacks and rashes on his neck and Feelan is being found out slowly and surely.  Everyone is still pregnant too!! In Strictly I am supporting Ore Ore Ore and Owner is all for Dannymac and Oti. What of rugglestop and Bertie you all demand to know suddenly realising I have not mentioned.  THEY ARE FINE.x
Rugglesis new routine includes popping down in the daytime whilst I am still there, and looking for a snack.  Also whilst I am still there.  then, he looks at me and I look at him and then he skips back upstairs and sometimes folks, I dart up behind him.  Bertie bubb is still fairly unaware we have moved and is enjoying a larger space (the under the bed space) and a red hot rad when Owner does turn it on.  she goes 'I'll have to turn it off now Bertie as we'll be too hot.'
Personally I would save the explanation as he won't get it.  anycase he has a heated woolly pad.  I know.X
Now with two weeks' to go folks, I want you to at least consider why we are having this fest at all. AH, you all remembered.  Those wise men following that big star, that shepherd seeing an angel - that is the real Christmas story folks - when something special happened in the world and even the animals knew about it.  With that happy Christmassy thought I will wish you a merry Satdee and Big Love, Wonka X