Thursday, 15 December 2016

Wonka's ADVENT!

We are whipping through this week folks! I'll go up two flights of stairs if it isn't DAY Fifteen!!!x
Here we are! and this is an illustration from #DuffelAgain !! You should know by now where to hunt it down......YES, on  It is our very own Duffel, who lives on Level Two and sent on yet another mission to our good planet, to rescue a pet left behind.....and there he is having his palm read by Madam Fortuna!  This is the second in the series.  Now, in the very first Duffel Story, he is sent to bring back Sam - a beloved cross collie dog left here on earth by accident when his owner leaves; the owner, safe and sound on Level Two (a sort of room next door folks) cannot manage or cope without Sam! hence Duffel's journey and mission to retrieve him - and Duffel? A young lad entrusted with said coat, and a few magic turns, arrives suddenly and with only a set amount of time to find Sam and get back!  Exciting or what? In the second tale (Duffel Again) you'll have to read it and find out who is to be rescued, and whether Sam re appears..........  we love our Duffel stories. x
Do have a thrilling Thursday full of all you could wish for!
Big Love Wonka X