Saturday, 17 December 2016

Wonka's ADVENT!

Just think folks, that next Satdee twill be the eve of Christmas. This folks, is our very own favourite night of all, because it hovers over the day - Owner says it is a special time for making your peace and such like.  I did say how soppy she has gone but she didn't hear me above looking for today's best advent.....X
There it is!  from our #Diva stories and that is Em, who is Diva's owner, and Em's best friend Gordon.  The story is set in Glasgow city, Scotland and follows little pupster and the fairies, good and bad - with Em being very trying indeed.  Luckily, one of those fairies has the sense to sort it all out!X
What has the week been like you all gasp up, spent all your money and wondering who to spend Christmas with.  Owner has finally finished at the college with all those young people struggling to meet a simple deadline and string a sentence together. You were young once, I reminded Owner when she started to moan up - of course it was rather a long time ago and due to me whispering that but from behind the curtain, she may not have heard me.... 'I remember being that age Wonka!' she droned to me, 'and I didn't listen to anyone!'  That folks, is the story of her life.X
It is a strange time of year with people buying things they can't afford and giving them to people who don't need them. Now I happen to know that my present is hiding in the sideboard and it is a thousand times better than last years'.  IT IS NOT A SILLY CRINKLY TUNNEL WITH A DANGLY THING AT THE END.  I took against it near enough immediately folks and would not play with it.

There it is!!  It was called a play tunnel AND IT WASN'T! end of.  Owner did give it away to the nice RSPCA shop and it is possible some kitwits might play with it.  BECAUSE I DIDN'T.X
Have you all made a little wish for Christmas yet? it could be for a reunion with a long lost friend or maybe someone in your family - it could be for a new friend to play with and hug OR it could be for a new something.  Owner has said she wants to travel BUT come back home again as she couldn't leave ME or Bubb or Rug for long. I love it.X
Tresa maynot has been in the news again for wearing the WRONG trews.  They were leather and very expensive and according to Owner, they were HORRID.  And on the wrong side of £900. As far as we know Jezzer is still bowling around in trainers and hoodies.  I know.X
That brings us round to the Strictly Finale!  Our money is still on Dannymac and Oti BUT it is all to play for - they are all weeping for ingerland and goodness knows what will happen later on!BUT WE WILL BE GLUED TO IT! In the soaps it has all gone very gloomigogs, with robberies and Feelan has been tapped over the head and now Eileen says she does love him a million times over and Owner says she says HAS SHE BEEN TAPPED OVER THE HEAD TOO!!X
As we head off into the sunset of next week with our shopping lists and TO DOs, I will be busy as purr checking on bubster who is using the facilities like they are going out of fashion, and Ruggles who has taken to yodelling like Frank Ifield. WHO IS THAT Wonka you all shout up at me, breaking away from your Satdee wotsits.....Owner reports he was an old singer who sang and I quote: 'She taught me how to Yodel, Yodel ai I HOO!!!!'  I know.X
Now I want you all to make that wish, and be extra good! It is a big week and so I send you as ever, Big Love Wonka X
PS there will be an extra report on how Owner survived I mean enjoyed her first Christmas Lunch stroke Jolly with the new college colleagues.......X that folks is on tuesdee.XX