Monday, 19 December 2016

Wonka's ADVENT!

Here we go here we go! the final twinkly fullon week before good Christmas Day. and guess what? NO that is not it! NYET, NON and how's your father but one of our good neighbours who has a nice outback which we can look out on...........and Ruggles does until I shove him I mean ask him to move out of the way - well this good neighbour has only gone and strung a massive load of pretty lights in his big hedge that we can all see!! They are a twinkling bunch of lights filling us with Christmas wotnots.X
Here we are folks on DAY NINETEEN.x
OH now lookey here if it isn't Owner's best donkey ornament given to her by Daughter..... I LOVE THAT DONKEY Wonka, she drones up to me when she spots today's advent.  And I must say folks, it is a fave of mine.  We love donkeys!X
Now do go steady folks as people go a bit funny at this time of year and I'm not just talking about Owner!! Keep your claws sharp and your whiskers a tingle!! Big Love Wonka X