Thursday, 22 December 2016

Wonka's ADVENT!

Jingle those bells if it isn't the day before the day before the day before the DAY itself folks!  DAY twenty two even of my best Advent:
Lookey up folks if it isn't good #Ruggles and in the distance Gingertop!! I know, you are all whispering between yourselves saying things like has Wonka gone off his rocker, who is Gingertop who is he?? Gingertop folks, and I HAVE NOT GONE FUNNY, gingertop used to call up at our old homestead demanding food and mostly demanding it off Ruggles.  AND, Gingertop is in the next story to be published by our best and only publishers.
Wonka Presents! An Egyptian Tale - it stars ME, Owner (with a bit part) Gingertop and an ancient Egyptian called Ramondo.  It is fab and I cannot talk it up enough. This is a good thing according to Owner as our good publishers Austin Macauley they be, might not talk it up quite as much.  I know.X
Now as we edge nearer and nearer to the Day, the other thing that is looming folks is the New Year.  There! I have mentioned it at last and you are all reaching for your bit of paper with the resolution on it.  OR, like Owner, you are making one. Yes.X
Take it steady as you go, and you mustn't open the sherry just yet.  Owner says Christmas Eve is the acceptable time to wrench the top off, sling a good wallop of it in a big glass with a soupcon of lemonade to pep it up. and, if you are lucky enough to have some pink elephants to float in it straight out of the ice box you are very lucky indeed. Remember folks, NOT TIL THE EVE!! 
Big Love Wonka X