Friday, 23 December 2016

Wonka's ADVENT!

Folks we are practically rubbing shoulders with the eve of the good Christmas Day it being DAY Twentythree of my special ADvent:
Well I'll be blown down to the bottom of our new patio stroke yard stroke new vista if that isn't ME and my Christmas Stocking!! As you know, Owner quickly hid my present AND Bertie's and Rugglesis before I could spy it.  I did jump in the box BUT it was too big and deep to make much of a fuss in, so I abandoned it (big word but I like it.X)
Whatever you do folks don't forget your good neighbours.  yes I said GOOD neighbours because that's what we have now!  They are all doing things like popping cards through the door saying cheery things AND saying who it is from too - even better, was the one that had a small square of FOUR yes FOUR blocks of chocolate in it just as Owner was about to sip her coffee.  How fortuitous was that? (that word has tired me out and I need a good long snoozle now....zzzz....OH!x)X
Wrap up warm folks as you battle round the shops for bread and milk! Big Love Wonka X