Thursday, 8 December 2016

Wonka's ADVENT!

Halloah up my hearties! Here we are on the last Fridee before the next two Fridees and then................... it is the Christmas Eve..ah and it is now DAY NINE! x and for all my new admirers from rusky Russia it is my bestest  advent Kalendar (that's Russian for calendar don't you know......X) and for everyone else in the known world it is still my bestest.
LOOKEY folks it is my best Mousey! and me. He is still keeping me company AND I have warned him already that whatever that present is (it is hiding in the sideboard folks but I know it is there) yes whatever that present is for my Christmas, I will still love him best of all.  I know.X
Have a fun filled day and remember to be kind!  Just like I am to Bertie and Rugglestop. Big Love Wonka X