Monday, 5 December 2016

Wonka's ADVENT!

HEY UP folks or should I say docvedanya! Owner says that is a terrible spelling of good evening in Rusky Russian. OR how about howdy doody up which is hallo in Americy OR straightforward bonjour in frenchy France.  ANYHOW it is now DAY SIX folks:


AHA that is #Diva woofing it up to her good fairy...and no bad fairy in sight as yet.  #Diva is free to read on and used to be a real woolly woofter pupster living with Owner (before my time folks.X).  And you knew this was coming!!! It is a story in three wonderful installments too!!

It all begins in Glasgow folks, where this pupster was born and then the magic begins! Good fairy and the spell in the chest, and Emmaline who is Diva's new owner who has run away from home, well sort of, and then there is Ma, her Mum and last but not least Kimmy dog.  And not a word have I said about that bad fairy .....X

Do enjoy your advent Tuesdee folks and Big Love Wonka X