Thursday, 8 December 2016

Wonka's ADVENT!

We could say how many days left til THE DAY itself but instead I will just say it is DAY 8 folks in the week before the week before the week.X
Blow me down it is ME!! and telling you all up about the many stories in the #conversationswithwonka series!!  It all begins with the very first one:
from there folks you just carry on down the list as even when they do not say conversations with wonka - they still are!! and we can
thank Owner for Golly goes to Heaven and Just Wonka and so on and so forth are all part of the beloved series.  They chart the sorry process of Owner's life unravelling with mostly ME to guide and advise her on.  I know.X
have a merry and fun packed day folks.  Big Love Wonka X