Saturday, 31 December 2016

Wonka's New Year's Eve FULL ON Alert!!

How folks, has it come to this SO SOON!! Did that year whip by or did it WHIZ us by??  it is time, to say Cherio, Docvedanya (sorry all those Russky people out there thinking what is Wonka on about?  it is sposed to be good night....X) bon nuit and Auf Wiederhesen to 2016 AND Howdy up to 2017!!

There we are WAVING cherio to what Owner has called very nicely I must say 'ONE HELL OF A YEAR Wonka!'.  Perhaps you folks are saying cherio to the best year of your life, OR a half decent year, OR a just alright year.  Owner, on the other hand, has had to battle with nursing homes, with publishers, with libraries (who lost Owner's donated copy of our best story ever, Wonka's Christmas Story, I know.X) with the noisiest neighbours since the last noisy neighbours, AND take on new homes and jobs.  I DON'T wANT another relentless year like that one Wonka, she droned to me. Me? thanks for asking, well of course I have had to get on with it just the same, checking that Bertie Bubb is still alive (he is.x) that Ruggles isn't eating too much of my food (he is.x) and that I'm still King in this house (I am.X).
Have you made a list of things you are resolved to do in 2017?  Owner says she is NOT making one.  Between me and you folks, she has more or less given it all away either as she is falling asleep as I can ask her any question and get a truthful answer OR when she is mumbling to herself which is most of the time.  She is resolved to travel.  Where to Owner, I said rather nicely I thought it being snuggled up to my tea time.  ANYWHeRE she goes back.  She is resolved to write another story OR at least finish the one about the Cat who wasn't there.  OH I says still full of interest...... zzzzzz OH! anything else I pestered her to know?  I wouldn't mind a companion she droned.  Now whether this is a feline, canine or HUMAN kind, she didn't say.  personally and thanks for asking I don't fancy any. End of.X
As we chug to the end of this horrid year with lots of our best entertainers and singers and wotnot going off to the other room including our best fave Mr Gene Wilder..... we have not dwelt on horrid political events much.  Jezzer or someone pretending to be him keeps emailing Owner with news of how successful the labour party is now with him at the helm and all this despite Owner putting a stop to her membership and everything.  She even spoke on the phone to some Labour supporter about it, and how the supporter continued to support after that is anyone's guess....X
Tresa May may or may not be wearing those leather trews (so common said Owner.X) but if she is not careful she will be overtaken by a better bet like Ed Balls!! Even the Lib Dems are in with a whisper we think.  All to play for.XX
Have you any special moments to remember Wonka, for 2016? you all nervously ask me...............  When I popped to the vet for my booster and I weighed exactly the same as the year before!! and, when Owner threw a soiree to celebrate moving into our new crow's nest and all the visitors admired me saying things like HE'S BIG ISN'T HE!!! X
Owner has been up and been down and all over the place folks BUT still uploaded our latest story (another story for the New Year) and  we look forward to an Egyptian Tale being published at the end of January. GULP.  And to all those wonderful people who bother to read our stories well we love you.  End of.X

There we are!! saying a big thank you! X
Now if you throwing a little soiree or a big party or wotnot don't forget folks we are not as partial as you are, to a firework!!! Be good and Be safe folks.X
Last up, Owner has confessed to a small alright medium sized crush on Rick Astley who she reports up, doesn't know Owner exists OR will ever read this good diary (?)...and had to buy his best ever CD called 50.  I know.  She has played it once so far whilst making the trifles and I could get used to it.X
It has come to that time folks for me, and Owner, and those two alright Bubster and Rugglestop to wish you a wonderful 2017 full of what you need and bring you health and wealth too.  And most of all, a year full of all the FUN that this year didn't have.  Big Love Wonka and a very Happy New Year!! X