Saturday, 7 January 2017

Fridee night and Satdee morning.

Halloah up all you lucky folks out there all enjoying your first week of the new year. WHY ARE YOU SO HAPPY WONKA??

Some of it folks, is being in this new Crow's Nest with more space to play in.  AND chase in. AND hide in. Here's me on one of my fave pastimes:
There we are!! I am just sitting nicely by the red settee that Ruggles lays under like a troll.  MAYBE, Owner droned to me, Maybe Ruggles thinks it is the bench outside in the old house.  Now folks, I didn't pay too much attention to this remark from Owner - red settee in new crow's nest house being compared to a smelly old bench in our old outback??? I mean does Bertie Bubb think he is still in the Narnia cupboard OR is he clever enough to realise he is simply under my giant nest aka Owner's pit.  I know.X
Other reasons to be cheerful are: Owner keeps buying fish for Bertie and thankfully giving me some too.  Ruggles is keen on real chick but does not rush downstairs to eat real fish freshly cooked by Owner. No. and finally, it is the birds.  There are every kind of bird I like.  The gulls of course and their tweenies as Owner calls them (baby gulls to me and you.X), then there are pigeons cooing and fluttering about and then the sparrows that are so quick by the time Owner has said look at that sparrow Wonka, it has sped off! NO we have not yet seen a robin but give us a moment and we will.X
Is Owner still out of her comfort zone you all whisper up fearful of the answer. SORT OF.  Christmas time and New Year was very trying as she had too much time on her hands to start on a giant worry wart.  If we had a swingometer of things to worrit about it would resemble a big clockface with worrywarting events instead of hours.  I did say to Owner it would just have pound signs on it then but luckily she didn't hear me above searching for the calculator to do the horrid accounts with.X
There we are!! That is me sitting on a pile of new stories MOST of which Owner has managed to pull herself together and self publish!! There was the new #Duffel story (the inheritance one...set in jolly old Paree I mean to say Paris!x) then there was the Spooky Tale AND another story for the New Year!! and to crown it all there is our new Egyptian Tale to be published by Austin Macauley at the end of this month.......... GULP.  Owner has just trawled through a massive questionnaire all about marketing.  I know.  it did ask if Owner knew anyone of influence to talk her story up.  I must admit at this point folks I took a fast run up those stairs and therefore couldn't hear what Owner was may have been along the lines of ISN'T THAT YOUR JOB??!!~@** X

All writers and creative folks suffer from this self doubt and anxiety I whispered from the safety of behind the door in the new Narnia Room.  That is where I wait patiently (I think I do,x) for Ruggles to come out so we can hiss at each other.X
Now there are plenty of new progs to look forward to folks, and let it shine or something very like that, is one of them.  Good Gary Barlow is heading it up so end of. OR, take that!! (Owner says I may have offended some take that fans but they will have to let me off.X) on the other side tonight, and possibly clashing as Owner is fond of saying, will be The Voice.  yes.  no more Boy Georgie or my little pony, but a pretty fearsome lady and someone we don't know from Adam. BUT good Tom Jones is there and that is a HUGE end of.X
I have to end with a small note about the pending Donwald the Trump who is still going to be the president of Americy despite a lot of folks saying howcome he has no political experience and he used to head up The Apprentice and such like. this just shows you folks what we have come to and what your old money can buy too. We are sad to say cherio to Obama and Michelle but all good things have an end to them.....and folks, somehow, that Trump got a mention in our new story written in was written in the stars we think.X
Now on the subject of stars Owner has mumbled to me that Mercury is in retrograde and this affects all communications. This means that I will have to shout up and repeat myself all over the place and it is just as well I don't need to catch a bus or train or plane!!!  Do enjoy the week ahead though folks, and don't take NO for an answer - go at it, and get what you want!!! Big Love Wonka X