Saturday, 11 February 2017

Almost there!!!

Almost where Wonka!! you all shout at me in a daze of happiness it being the weekend and all..............

Owner has been mucking about with bags and clothes and itinerary thingies ....every time she has crawled back through the new front door laden with cat food and supplies of cat litter to last us FOREVER gasping for a cup of tea I have stood firm and asked up:

NOTYETWONKA she says as she crawls past me to get to the kettle.  X

I tell you folks we are surrounded in paperwork and lists and demands YES demands from my best auntie that is Owner's daughter for very specific food items. Owner has spent hours in the maze like supermarket with her glasses on, inspecting food labels. and coming home with one small item of so called food that does not have any food in it.  I mean.X

In other more interesting news, Owner who never goes to the Doctors for anything has been there twice this week. I CANnot reveal the first visit as I have been told NO Wonka - no one PERSONNE needs that information but I can reveal the second visit was due to a rash. Caused we think, by hair product!!

There she is!! it looks lovely set off with a nice red rash!! X

YOU WOULD BE ILL ADVISED droned the Nursie to my Owner TO USE THAT PRODUCT again. Rightio says Owner clutching her prescription for rash cream tightly.  HAs it gone yet Wonka you all wonder up suddenly interested in Owner's upper chest.  Nearly folks.  But here's the best thing of all and it concerns The Car With No Name.................(sounds of a car revving up, crunching gears and the curious smell of burning...)X
There it is!! gleaming and twinkling after a nice clean. But that was a year or so ago......X
WHAT IS WRONG WITH IT Wonka you all whisper up nervous that it is a Big End OR the Alternator thingie OR ......yes that is it folks, the good garage who look after Owner's car with no name relentlessly now, say I CAN SMELL that burning from here and it is your clutch.OH NO Wonka you all say up with fear in your voices as the next question is HOW MUCH and folks you don't want to know.  Owner is trundling in with it next week and it is to live in the garage until she returns from New York New York. X
You will all want to know if Owner is visiting Trump Towers even just out of a teeny weeny bit of interest and the jury folks is out.  A BIT like all the tooing and froing between courts that Donwald is experiencing this week!!  Back here on our tiny isle the present government is mucking around with votes about this and that AND Jezzer is protesting in a whisper. I know X
The latest dilemma for Owner is (aside from her rash ridden head X) is what coat to take.  Whilst she has been messing about with this (to me) unimportant question, I have been keeping a close eye on Ruggles and Bertie.  Especially their food.  Now Bertie is on a full on fish diet I don't see why I can't have some too. Owner persists in thinking it is cutting down on his trip trap visits to the facilities but I CANNOT see any difference. Ruggles keeps appearing downstairs when I am downstairs too and I am trying to be a chum to him. yes. sort of. X
Back on telly land Owner is fed up with some of the storylines especially Chez's missis shacking up with that strange lad who says (I know.x) he is Ken's son.  WHAT IF Owner droned to me HE IS AN IMPOSTER.  What I says, like Anastasia was you mean? (showing off my vast knowledge.X) Not as interesting as that she goes back to me.  Tonight we will cling once more to two yes two reality shows that have singing in them.  An exhausting schedule but somehow we must stand it.  Owner still likes Mr Kemp and put up with the endless energy of Lulu nicely.X
At College Owner is just about managing to get through despite endless accounting that mirrors her own endless accounting at home.  Then it is the BIG TRIP and half term folks which is going to be a heck of a week then.  I shall probably have a half term break myself BUT will let you know if I do.X
Wrap up warm in your big fur coats and remember to PURR nicely to all those problem people!! Big Love Wonka X