Saturday, 4 February 2017

Happy days!

WHY? or Pourquoi as you are fond of saying up folks, are you so happy and jollified Wonka?  LIST UP!

1.  Our new story is out there amongst the world and it is a KNOWN fact that at least three people will read of them is our number one fan, called Phoebe.

There it is!! and now, now that Owner has risen up from her zero setting (moaning up and all gloomified it was) she is as positive as I am.  Well alright nearly as positive then.  No One PERSONNE can be as upbeat as I am about everything folks..............X
2.  A well known book store that is in the world and not in the sky, MIGHT host an event for Owner to be at.  You would have thought Owner was to attend a Hollywood special event OR go on a red carpet or wotnot by the excitement and naturally folks the first thing she thought of was her hair.  I CANNOT, she droned to me GO TO ANYTHING looking like personally folks, I thought her hair looked alright, well passable, and at least it wasn't all sticking up or anything BUT guess what? YES that is it folks, she has only gone and dyed it.  It is now a new and exciting shade of honey blonde/ginger.  I have not pointed out the latter shade although I do love a gingertop!!! X

3.  It is only two weeks until Owner lands in New York and gets to see Rick Astley at the Webster Hall.  yes really.  We are now on the fine packing side of things and what she will take (her entire wardrobe) and what I advise she takes (sensible things for staying comfy and warm AND a couple of fancy going out things.  She has now settled on the WHAT IF I CAN'T WAKE up to the alarm.  This has never happened before folks and I have suggested popping several alarms around the bed or in it.X

4.  We are still living in a democracy.  end of.X

 Television wise Owner has clung to the soaps despite developing a dislike for TOYAHHHH in Corrie.  I don't like her Wonka! I mean I knew that already and blimey she hasn't done much to annoy Owner really.  Is it her name Owner? I says out of interest and it being close to a snack stop....POSSIBLY she goes back to me.  That and her annoying character...over in Enders, there is also much to annoy us.  Characters that survived the bus crash and shouldn't have for instance.X

We are still cuddling up to Gazzer's Let It Shine and Mr Kemp, is an unlikely hero for us now.  Owner has settled on him for being fair and honest.  We cannot folks ask for more than this.  Which leads us nicely to the main topic of news infact has it just taken over all the news channels now?  I AM SICK OF HEARING his name she squawked up to me and we all know who it is.............. back in our tiny isle Tresa Maybe has managed to let us all down by not standing up to things that are wrong!  As for Jezzer, he is not worth finishing this sentence for.X

Owner has just had a word with me about being so political...SHE LIKES IT!!! Very Proud...

Now the usual things occurred at work like Owner stomping around and telling people off AND going on a big coach trip to the Deep in that city of culture HULL.  Was she alright Wonka? you all ask nervously thinking of her hair and did she like her outfit and wotnot.  She came back smiling and reports that she is never clambering up 8 flights of stairs ever again.  I did say why didn't you take the lift Owner but with her eyesight she will have missed the huge sign warning her about the stairs..............she brought back a penguin............BROOCH!!! and again with her eyesight it has been on her jumper upside down.  Not to fret folks, as no one we think noticed.X

Now a new and exciting week may be ahead of us AND so far we are liking the year of the Rooster.  Puff yourselves up folks, and GET out there and start enjoying yourselves!!  OH YES you want to know about Ruggles as we had a slight tiff in the night (WONKA! goes Owner in the deep of the night...x) but we have made up now....and Bertie is liking it on his new and very expensive fish diet. it means less trips to the facilities.  I know.X

Do have a wondrous week folks and keep that fur shining!
Big Love Wonka X