Saturday, 25 February 2017

The Same but Different!

Halloah up!!!Howdy folks and BONJOUR!!

Yes, she is back AND looks more or less the same. ARE YOU SURE Wonka?? you all wonder seeing as she has crossed the Atlantic ocean, been up the Empire State Building, floated on the river to see the Statue of Liberty, been to Webster Hall and gazed at a hitherto unknown singer called #HarrisonKipner (WHO?  I know folks, none of us knew him before. More on this later.....X), been in yellow cabs, been on the subway, been on a greyhound bus thingy wotsit, asked the NYCP (?) for advice and MUCH MUCH more. 

SO although she looks the same and speaks the same (well she did say to me, Wonka, what's your status?? I replied starving as per.X) Owner has returned to this tiny windswept isle with attitude folks,X
There we are! Owner is wearing her new shades that cost a fortune in the duty free shop at Newark Airport. I know. But they are that new reflecting sort of style that NO ONE Personne, will be wearing in our neck of the sea, and that folks, is what counts.X
YES we all missed Owner and tried to remain clean and tidy. Bertie made endless trips to the facilities and Owner immediately washed up all our trays, all our dishes, all our mats and bedding AND then sat down. Hours later it was. After we had all been fed twice.  I love it.X
DID SHE meet anyone Wonka?  Folks she met the world and his wife or should I say husband or just plain partner. Big folks, small folks, Black folks, white folks and downright American folks.  She left our new story in a Library in Murray St, downtown New York, she left a copy of our new story in the Metropolitan Museum, 5th Ave (for their good book dept to consider.X) and gave the last copy to a lady called Angela on the same flight home. Someone, will read it.X

There it is again!! I must say I am proud to have been transported to New York City for others to admire AND READ! also very proud of Owner for speaking up. That takes a lot of courage Owner I says to her, and was rewarded with a small appetiser of fresh fish meant for Bertie. X
On the Mundee morning, that she was due to fly home, did she take the subway to Brooklyn and walk back in dazzling sunshine and deep blue skies, over the bridge to downtown new York.  From there folks, she took the subway to Wall St AND VISITED the Trump Building where #austinmacauley publishers live on the 28th floor. DID SHE GET IN Wonka? you all worry and fuss. NO. They said she could be a security threat (all five feet of her) and mustn't come up BUT a lady called MaryAnne trundled down and saw Owner in the lobby.  THAT'S SOMETHING Wonka you all chirp up, and Owner agrees it is better than de rien. AND, the good receptionist who was a black American took a photo of Owner AND the new story: Wonka Presents! An Egyptian Tale. we love him. X
Back home it has been stormy beyond stormy and ME, Ruggles and Bertie are glad to be inside.X

Owner tried to watch some American TV but could only find Fox News which seemed to be all about Donwald the Trump who has been busy undoing all the progress made over the last one hundred years or so.  Could even be longer.  And some folks think this is a good thing.  Even Bertie who is set against Brexit has the time to set himself against this too.X
We have caught up with Corrie and Steve has declared himself to be the father of Leeanne's babe. This made Meechelle go funny and throw things and hit out.  So far she has not fallen into the arms of thingy but give it time.Owner is hoping she has not missed Feelan falling foul of his lies and murderous ways and I did say to her that's what happens when you pop to New York for the weekend but she didn't hear me above catching up with Casualtee and the Nurseys.x
Who knows what the week ahead will bring?  OH YES it will bring pancake day, MARCH and the next bit of the term at college. Do have a good week all you windswept folks out there and keep you fur UNRUFFLED and cuddley. Til next time BIG Love Wonka X
PS #HarrisonKipner sang for an hour or thereabouts and put up with a few of the audience shouting get off and where is Ric (Mr Astley) Owner assures me she was not one of them and blames a rowdy bunch of nearby Brits for letting the side down.  She still loves #ricastley even though he took ages to make his appearance.X