Thursday, 16 February 2017

The Time Is Now!

Howdy up folks and all I ask really is PLEASE LOOK AFTER OWNER!! She is going wild in New York tomorrow and must be looked after every step of the way AS I AM MISSING HER already.  yes, even though she has not disappeared off just yet.  Every time she pops out I say HAVEYOU BEEN YET?
 Not Yet Wonka she goes back to me still laden down with a year's supply of catfood, fresh fish (for Bertie. I know) fresh chicken for Ruggles (I know) and ordinary common garden cat food for me.

ONLY JOKING! I am chief tester for all food that comes through the front door.  End of.
There she is! Surrounded by heavy but within the checking weighing everything elsing limits!!! Folks they have all been treble checked by my good self and I CAN ASSURE you there is nothing to report other than a good supply of make up. (I Know) and sweets. TICK X

My best Aunties will be coming to look after ME oh alright and Bertie and Rug and I am looking forward to a bit of spoiling.  As you know Owner doesn't notice me sometimes, and I am not easy to overlook either.X

Owner is busy downloading apps for this and apps for that and all I can say is we need a Wonka App!!! which would bounce folks straight to this diary thingy wotosit to our best stories and really anything which caught my fancy.  Who knows, it could even catch on.

I am leaving you with that fab sketch of Owner flinging through the skies and will restore this good blog to all its glory upon her return. you will be pleased to know she has the phone number of the good publishers Austin Macauley who only got themselves an office in Wall Street New York city!! I have asked for an autograph from then AND Mr Rick Astley if he would be so kind..............X

In the meantime folks, do try and live it up a little!!! Big Love Wonka X