Saturday, 11 March 2017

Cheering up things!

WHAT THINGS WONKA AND can you hurry up and tell us you all say, practically chins on the floor with being so miserable (and that's just Owner!!! sorry Owner! X)

Is she still fed up and experiencing (long word for a Satdee but I did it justice.X) the post holidee blues Wonka???

MAIS OUI! x Yes, Danke (oh no that's  thank you) and De Rien (even worse that means nothing.X)

Here is my list of things to look forward to:
1.  Soon be Easter which at the very least means folk have a long weekend - some of us (Owner!!) have two weeks to dilly and dally in.
2. Chocolate.  There is already a surfeit (?) of this in the maze like supermarket that Owner insists on shopping in.

3.  Uhtred is returning to our reasonably sized tv screens in that Last Kingdom thing and we love it.  it has increased my fear of those pesky Vikings but they only clean the windows once a month so I can stand it. X

4.  Owner had a hair trim up and thankfully it looks fab and I came out of my new special hiding place to say so. X

5.  At College and in the biz btec they have moved away from accounting (this was but one long reminder to Owner of her credit ridden life or is that debt ridden - she is no longer sure.X) towards internet marketing. So far Owner is happy about this. I know.X

End of cheering up things for now.

There we are! Back in 2015 at the start of the invasion! BUT it is back to invade us on Thursday March 16th!! at 9 pm Beeb 2 (should that be Thorsday??!! XX)
In other lesser news Bertie had his bowl of water moved slightly to the right of his biscuit trough due to Owner reading somewhere that the water bowl must NOT cuddle up to the eating bowl. Mine has always been miles away from everything and therefore easy to miss. X (do I complain about this? NO.x)
I have not noticed Owner shouting at the telly only a weensy bit about the mobile phone thingy wotsit on Enders and BEX and SHAKI is there any other storyline she droned to me?? If there is folks I may have been having a snack of biscuits and missed it.  In Corrie ken has gone nasty and turned his back on Adam.  WHO you all quiz me up, is he?? Owner has been in the wilderness for a long time with the answer to that one - she does like him BUT was unsure of his connection to ken, tracee, thingy who turned up SAYING he was ken's son but is he? yes him oh and AIMee. Not to forget Peter who is lying through all his teef.  Anyhow luckily as Adam lay on the hospital trolley having been beaten to a pulp by ? he told Ken he was Mike Barlow's son AND Owner recalls who that is AND that beloved Deirdree was his Mum. PHEW.X
Tonight we must cling onto the Voice and the madness of Willyam OR shun it for Casualtee and the madness of Connie. I know.
And you will all want to know that another fish and chip outing is being planned for DESPITE owner forgetting that Daughter is now vegan and cannot eat hardly anything except chips and beans Personally I see this as a good thing. X
The new week beckons and could it be folks a week to reckon with!!! brush that furry fur and make sure all those little knobbly bits and pieces (Rug has lots of these and every time he shakes his head and makes a gurgling noise the pillycase has said bits on it.X) are combed out. it may be you need a make over so GO TO IT!! Big Love Wonka X