Saturday, 18 March 2017

Never say NEVER!

Howdy up folks and there is but one simple message for all of you today AND Owner must sit up and listen!!! JAMAIS means JAMAIS folks and I am hoping against hope that is the frenchy French for never.

WHY you all screech at me, because it is March and you all feel that way out, WHY be so upbeat in the face of all the relentless news of ~Brexit on toast, Donwald on his solitary march in the parade, Jezzer missing every trick there is to miss at Prime Minister Qs and I haven't mentioned Tresa NOR Nicolah and I'm not going too.  YES I have gone a mite political and to crown it all off here is Georgie O the newly crowned Editor of a paper some folks do read.X
There he is!!! and he probably got offered that top job (moaned Owner to me.x) in the Gents. Because we all know how many important decisions are made 1. When folks are taking 5 and smoking their heads off those that do partake OR 2. using the facilities.  When I pop and use Bertie's giant tray OR Rugglesis, I generally have a word with them first.  it is not my fault that all they have to say is SSSSSSSSSSS and GGGGGGRRRRRRR.X
As PURR this silly old blog went and published itself before I had even begun to say anything useful.  I know.X
Owner has been on a downward spiral of no one and that is PERSONNE is looking at, reading or heaven FORFEND buying our stories.  She has had a prolonged email duel with a marketing assistant who Owner says is possibly straight out of college OR still there.  That's unkind I pointed out to Owner.x
Furthermore, Owner has woken up out of her last century trance and realised it is not enough to be creative NO!!! she must be a web designer, social media expert AND marketing demon too.  When she declared all of this I have to admit I was far away in one of my secret hidey holes.  Once Owner had stopped being so progressive and positive (that can only end up in tears, cups of strong tea and biscuits.  or popcorn. or both.X) I came downstairs and demanded some of Bertie's fish.X
We have clung to Corrie even though Leeane is meeting up with Steve who is the babees father but she is with Nick who is whining and moaning to thingy meechelle who has gone BAD. Enders has focussed on BEX which is not good when Owner is a tad annoyed or anxious it could drive her to shout at the telly and their relentless bully storyline saying things like. TELL THE TRUTH and SPEAK UP and stop looking so VICTIM like.  Staycee has made a few brief upbeat appearances and her and wotsit are trying for a babe (I know X) and asking their psychiatrist for advice. I mean.  the last kingdom has squalled itself back into our cosy little nest with the telly in it, and Uhtred is busy looking fearless and all on his horse and Alfred is busy doing Kingly things.  We may pursue it down the weeks. But our giant top fave is Manic Depressive thingy in Casualtee WHAT A STAR!! He has even taken the limelight from Charlee and Connee. If Owner can juggle this with The Voice which has transformed itself from being alright to FAB (we love Jennifer Hudson she is a top coach.X) our night is complete.X
So folks if like Owner you feel like your life is over, your hair will never go right, that other thing won't either, the money is not enough and you are writing in a wilderness of failed stories and characters and occasional marketing expert. (Authors can take years to start selling.........x) Do Not under any circumstance hang your pen up!!!  Remember, there is no such thing as an overnight success! Keep at it.  We are all failures swimming towards success. AH, on that happi note folks, I must get back to my dreaming and checking on the others.  Bertie has been groomed and fed and watered and is safe on his pilly case.  Ruggles is squashed under the red settee and may come out for some fodder.
See you soon UNLESS Owner moves this blog to a new upbeat destination (I know.X) Big Love Wonka X