Saturday, 1 April 2017

April Fools ahoy!!

Ahoy there you lovely lot of lubbers (Owner says is that a word Wonka and I am keeping it in even if it isn't.  Sailors use it in old stories, they shout 'Land Lubbers!' from the safety of their crows nest and such like) how are you all this fine and new start to the month of April?  Already there are a lot of fools about and Owner says we will be spoilt for choice. X

Here we are!!  This is an old vasey thing of Owners, she has had it for centuries alright a good few years then; it is cracked and glued up and even a new bit of clay to shore it up yes!. it could have been worth a few bob before all that folks who knows - in another life Owner drones to me, we were probably rich and now we are paying for it.  I mean.  Anyhow, this is a good reminder that April is here and bunnies are abounding in time for Easter.X
Everywhere you look there is a fool. BUT Owner says we must all be a little foolish sometimes as it is good for us.  Me? thanks for asking, I have been known to go a little mad march hare OH NO that is so last month, yes and a little April foolin - especially when I race Ruggles to the top of the first flight of stairs! That's what I call it although Owner insists it is me chasing him.  I know.X
Bertie Bubb has been fed watered and brushed and does not know it is April. End of.X
This week, we had a visitor folks from inside the room where we all huddle up and zone out to whatever rubbish Owner says she must watch.  We had all bedded down for the night when. DO DO DO DO DAHHHHHH!! I hear a lot of carry on from this room and go and investigate.  What did I find folks?  ONLY a junior seagull that had come down the chimney. (klaxon alert: this is not I repeat not an April Fool.xx) we both looked at each other a few seconds before I ran away.  Ruggles stayed under the settee and Bertie knew de rien.  Owner was very brave and immediately rang the vet who understandably at 1 am in the morning was not interested.  The RSPCA did listen up and advise. (you will get a call back in the morning.) Said Gull continued to stay the night in our best room and bat against the window. 
There it was! Owner had about two inches of sleep until 6 am, when it started all over again.  Luckily a good neighbour looked through the kitchen window and offered to help.  All thought said seagull (we called it Santa) had got through the open window that was opened at 1 am incase it had a bit of inspiration to hop out! NO droned Owner all excited, it came down the chimney.  Santa was helped to fly off and ever since Owner has fretted about it. As if we didn't have other things to fret over. (my tea time, freshening up the facilities, whether I need that extra helping of Bertie's fish or not.X)

I wish I could report that all these triggers, articles and repeals things are an April Fool.  Tresa May has been busy at this photoshoot and that desk looking important when we all know she was writing her shopping list. Donwald the trump is just busy enjoying himself we all know that and as for jezzer he could be anywhere doing anything.  Owner has made a wish for a new party called REMAIN.  I will vote for them Wonka she announced.X

Now as purr, Satdee morning has whizzed by and it is time for Owner to stop off out and do the rounds.  She has made a few complaints at aged parent's resting home and will be eagle eyed when she pops in. Aged Parent will ask the same question (how old are you? are you still working?) and all should be well.  She was even watching a bit of The Voice the other satdee, and as you folks all know it is the grand finale ce soir!!!! Our munney is on MO - he can sing it and we love him.X

In soapland, meechelle had a car crash no a real one, but has survived it, yes, and Shazzer has come back from wherever she was before to offer MORAL support. I don't want to mention staycee so I won't and thingy has got together with KOOSH.  Owner is not liking thingy as she says she is having too much fun and what of the adopted baybee.  In Corrie it is all Don ken who got hit over the head by?? there are a number of residents and family being interviewed but guess what? YES!! Feelan is being arrested for it. X

Now just because it is April and Easter is looming and some holidees, DO GO MAD!! That is my advice for this week folks.  Live it up and enjoy, big Love Wonka X