Saturday, 15 April 2017

Are we There YET!

Halloah up good folks out there all enjoying something.  It could be your Easter breakaway it could be just because it is Satdee but right here in our house folks - IT is still Owner's best holidee AND in t the middle of the big Easter weekend.  This is when folks flock to their fave places and eat their fave things.  US??? thanks for asking, well Owner is on roughly mood setting 2 to 2 and a half BUT this will increase once she settles back to enjoy the snooker.X

Yes siree it is that time of the year folks when Owner can sit back and shout at the telly all she likes!!! OOH where is the white ball going!!! With our fave commentators and everything.  This should stop Owner from fretting about the fencing.  What fencing you all shout up interested all of a sudden.  EXACTLY! what fencing indeed.  The Handyman has not appeared as yet! Despite endless texts from Owner asking sensible Qs like:
1.  When might we expect you to do the fencing and
2.  Can I just ask when you are coming to do the fencing and
3.  Are you coming to do the fencing.
I know.X
Between that and the Kcgf.lsjx! neighbour across the way who insists on mucking about with his ancient should be in a museum its a total wreck I hate it MOPED - Owner is as I said earlier on a poor mood setting just now.X
In other news folks, aged parent had a good birthdee UNSPOILT by anything.  The dress was perfect (Pink. Tick x) the Cake was supah (Tick.x) and Aged Parent didn't say anything too silly to make Owner go funny. Well hardly.X
We are now the proud owners (yes even Owner can be another owner) of a roller blind.  It only took Owner four goes to get the brackets up and she only had to take it back to the shop once to adjust the safety catches which prevented it from rolling right up to the top BUT would save my life if I wanted to play with it overmuch.  I know X  And, it looks ace, it hasn't fallen down yet on Rugglesis head AND it means we can see the telly when the sun does shine in. X

Tomorrow folks I am looking forward to a peaceful time of it as Owner makes her way to see beloved daughter and grandson laden down with Easter eggs and wotnot. She is fully expecting daughter to say WHAT ABOUT THE BOXES you said you were bringing and Owner may think on about this and make an effort to just take them THUS avoiding an early conflict situation. I did say words to this effect but Owner may not have heard me above the noise of glkfuggk,hh! neighbour's moped revving up.X
What of Bertrude you all wonder up? How is her poorly PAW and is she any different now that Owner knows she is a girl.  DE RIEN has changed folks.  Except a healed up paw (thanks Vet.x) Rugglesis is still waiting to inspect the new outback and it is the handyman's fault that he hasn't.  End of.X
In other news, Owner is still messing about with amazon kindle direct and says she has uploaded one of the Wonka Stories (Spooky Tale) to it. AND one of hers.  As for the new webpage folks, Owner is still THINKING about it. Yes.X  Did we show you this video all about #anEgyptianTale ??
A very good friend of Owner's all the way from the Green Isle did it for her #tonyobasket and we love it.  Our Story is available for you good folks to buy on X
If only, Owner droned to me, everything worked out as well as that did.X
In the wicked world of politics all continues downhill folks, and we expect it to continue that route especially when the local elections come about.  WHAT ARE YOU VOTING OWNER I says out of interest and possibly as my tea time was nigh. (special biblical language in view of what this weekend is really all about.X) Goodness only knows she moaned up to me.  She sent a nice email to the COoperative party and received a short and a long answer back to her question about whether they were tied up with labour.  The answer we think is YES and NO. X
Now the answer to everything as you know folks is in the pesky stars and when Mercury goes backwards everything goes KAPOOT. So be patient and it will all come to pass. Even the fencing.  We hope.X
In the coming week, DO take it easy for your hols if you are on them and if you are working yourself silly TAKE A BREAK!  See you the other side of it, Big Love Wonka X