Saturday, 22 April 2017

Earth Day!

Morning up folks I mean afternoon up or even Buenos nochas!!! or something very like that. X

yes we have reached the end of another momentous week. and what a lovely way to round it off folks with the new TRELLIS yes TRELLIS in place to stop ruggles or ME wandering off into the big unknown and not coming back for tea time.  After much fretting, worrying and anxiety ridden thoughts (I will not like it, why did I ask the good handyman to do it, I will never get used to it, it will block the view and so on from Owner X) Owner loves it to bits.
AND there will be a special extra diary to show you how lovely it is coming shortly. In the meantime and to celebrate earth day, here is me yes ME and the Wotsit plant.X
Did it survive the move Wonka? you all ask up as the considerate plant loving folk you are!! Owner says the Q should be rephrased as did it survive you Wonka!! I mean.  Fairly sure it was DE RIEN to do with me and more to do with Owner's over watering that saw it off.  Not to worry folks as it is all very green round here yes GREEN.X
On the subject of GREEN and in keeping with the world gone daft, there is not just a local election to vote in but a general one.  That means Owner going twice to vote for aged parent. AND explaining what each silly old political party is standing for.  Tresa May wants a MANDATE (I thought she was already spoken for.  sorry but I liked that joke and I'm keeping it in.X) jezzer wants to be against the establishment that got him into power in the first place, and TIM from the Lib Dems is angry about brexit (BIG TICK) and the GREENS want to form a Progressive Alliance,  Owner thinks more folk might listen up if they said an AGRESSIVE alliance. No wonder Brenda from Bristol is fed up.  So are we!! X
There they all are!! I said to Owner you have made Jezzer look too benign and when he gets going with that funny staccato whisper thing (like FIL in Enders) he can be quite menacing (I thought.x) but Owner said folk can make their own minds up thank you Wonka! x PS Owner is betwixt the Lib Dems and the Greens but it is all to play for.  ME?  I am voting Green all the way to the polls and back because they love animals and everything.X
To finish off my weekly mash up I must mention the snooker and our beloved hero Ronnie has made it through round 2.  yes. This means a lot more square eyes in this home folks and we love it.
Versailles is back and goodness knows Owner had to hide behind her hands in a really grisly scene and luckily I was having a bit of shut eye and missed it bar the screaming and Owner going OHHHH.  Masterchef is tip top and had a lovely chef called Selwyn on it NO he didn't get through and there isn't a clear fave as yet.   JohnnGregg are the best ever and only disagreed slightly over Brodie. x The Durrells return on Sundee to cheer up Owner who must return to work on the Mundee.  Personally I'm looking forward to a bit of relaxez vous with no one keep on at me saying things like, do you want a snack Wonka, or, where are you Wonka? or STOP IT NOW Wonka!!
Do have a wonderful week yourselves folk and if you can get round your nerves and do that thing, well GO ON and do it!! Big Love Wonka X