Saturday, 29 April 2017

Keep Going!

What a week folks!  Owner has been let down right, left and not to forget that elusive (like this choice of word I am awarding myself 10 out of 10 X) middle ground. ie the Centre! 
ARE YOU SPEAKING POLITICALLY Wonka you all shout up, wide awake and ready for some action.

MACRON! for President!!! that is the war cry in this house folks!  Owner reports to me alright she droned it to me the other day, that Macron is CENTRE LEFT.  NOT far left (No ticks for that one.X) Back in this neck of the woods, there is little to get passionate about.  There are several over the hill worn out politicians who speak in an outdated staccato whisper OR a downright preaching kind of style. Does this mean a change of vote in your house Wonka you all shriek at me, on the edge of your settees to know.

WE ARE GREEN LOCALLY! and proud of it.  As for the dread general election, this is harder as there is NO CENTRE LEFT for us to cling to.  End of my political mash up for this week!!! X

In other more important news, Owner has been let down by a delivery.  We know this is easily done and that all delivery drivers wait until we leave the house, go on holiday, cannot for any known reason get to the door in time, fail to read an invisible phone number or indication as to where the delivery is.  Owner had her item delivered to a 'neighbour' who is not a 'neighbour' and who went on to deliver said item.  I DID NOT ASK FOR THAT she wrote in blazing script to the good customer services;  are they real people I asked Owner up, much later when it was safe to ask such a questions.  They must be she goes back - robots aren't as stupid!!

The second failure on the delivery front was the straightforward transportation of a work bench from A to B.  Did it go off alright?  NOT ON YOUR NELLY.  More trail blazing stuff from Owner who called the non existent man with a van (where?  Mars??) a time waster.  I said, Owner that is pretty good coming from you, and I said it all from my secret hidey hole in the upper layers of the house.X

Has anything gone right Wonka?  Owner's new glasses are a triumph and I am blaming the assertive sales assistant in Pagan and McQuade who was ace.  Somehow she got Owner to spend shed loads of munney (letting her off) on 2 pairs yes DEUX pairs of glasses that make her look great.  End of.X

There we are!! The other pair are an electric blue with extra stuff on that cost a fortune but who cares as Owner is tres jolie in them!! X

On the telly box it has been non stop snooker BUT our hero Ronnie has fallen at the quarters post this time, which is a step forward from the second round post last year.  The dragon Ding has stepped up and is fighting Selby I mean playing against him and we have said a big prayer for him to get to the final again and WIN IT.X

Owner is clinging to The Last Kingdom and blow us down it is finishing next week.  BUT there is Versailles with all its violence and wotsit.  That does keep Owner entertained.  In Enders anything could have happened as we have missed it.  As Owner was on an eleven mood setting for stress this was a good thing, as Staycee or that other one could have sent her funny.  In Corrie we are all on edge because little Bethany has missed the fact that she is NOT in a relationship but in a nasty ring thing - can she be saved in time??X

Now owing to such a fretful week, I have let Owner spend herself silly.  The jury is out on the Lavender room mist, but if it cheers her up I'll bear with it and make sure Ruggles does too.  Ruggles has been out in the new outback and tried to escape by standing on a plant pot and eyeing up the back gate.  NO RUGGLES! shouted Owner.  Bertrude is doing nicely and shown no interest in coming downstairs as yet.X

Take it all in your stride and be strong folks!! These are testing times wherever you are on the globe with funny old presidents doing what they like! Has anyone told them it is not a board game it is real!! have a make over and cheer yourselves up - more on this next week when make overs are US.  Big Love Wonka X