Saturday, 6 May 2017

Back to Blonde!

DO YOU MEAN OWNER Wonka? Yes Siree!  Owner has been bleached and toned and ended up a very light blonde folks.  AND the good news is so far I haven't had to hide in my top secret hideyplace (you know where I mean but don't tell.X)

All of that DOES NOT MEAN she loves it folks.  it does mean she doesn't mind it.  I QUITE LIKE IT WONKA, she droned to me, having tweaked it and sprayed it and changed it round the back and smoothed it etc.  ME? thanks for asking, and personally I preferred it a bit darker but have I said that??? NON!! and when Owner returns from her rounds I will have to be on my guard.  if Aged parent steps out of line and comments (OH I DON'T LIKE THAT!) I will have to pick up the slack folks.  Yes.X

There he is!! Owner's best hairdresser putting up with her WHIMS (Love that word.  may use again. whims.XX)
In other perhaps more important news, the bench got delivered by Ziggy from Bradford and his Missis and Owner was over the moon and back round.  it is snug in its new place outback and Ruggles has sat on it.  What could have been and was building up to be a huge gigantic delivering disastah - came right.  if only the rest of the week had followed that pattern folks.X
Owner has been on top stress setting and did notice there was a programme all about it on Beeb one the other night.  Will you Watch it Owner I said carefully and mindful (get me!X) of my teatime and supper and all those meals to come. NO I DON'T THINK I'LL Bother she drones. I KNOW I'M STRESSED and I don't need a telly prog all about Stress it will make me worse. OH I says back. I mean I know a thing or two about it what with having to cope with moving alright that was a while back, but I still spook myself now and then trundling upstairs and seeing Bertrude up there, just before she rushed back under the bed that is.X
The local elections soldiered on and Owner voted twice once for her and once for Aged parent. As predicted, labour fell to the wayside and as predicted Jezzer took this as a good sign that all was well just a tad challenging. Tresa May refused to jump up and down for joy as strong leaders don't do that stuff.  As for the others they are busy climbing their own mountains.  It is not a subject to engage Owner on and I would have warned that media tutor not to do it but it is too late.  i know.X
There he is! Ruggles sitting in that old wicker chair thing fresh from Daughter's garden and now in our new outback.  he sits outside for all of 2 mins before rushing back home incase it moves like the tardis in Dr Who.X
Owner is ready to pop out to the shops and do her rounds whether she likes her hair or not. usually and as you know folks, bumping into folks you know OR who know you is in direct ratio to how nice you look.  The uglier you feel it is likely you will see ALL OF THEM.  Owner is accustomed to her students saying things like, WE SAW YOU IN SO AND SO MISS. Then she has to rustle up a dim memory of what she had on whether she was talking to herself and what was she buying.  Was it that cheap fish she gets for Bertrude? NO ONE. PERSONNE looks good when they are buying ecomony goods tangible or not (that folks is her dread BTEC business speak coming to the fore. I know.X)
Now another week is lurking, and do take it steady.  NO unnecessary moves, or purchases,  Just keep smiling and pretending you like the way you fur looks today.  Being confident beats ugly days into the back of that Narnia cupboard. See you soon and as per Big Love Wonka X  PS I nearly forgot and I will tell you all about it next time, but Owner has bitten a huge bullet and we are to have a new web page!!! I know!! the designer is coming to meet Owner next Fridee and I am to be on bestist. no chasing the others and no showing off. I mean.X