Saturday, 13 May 2017

Sing Sing Sing!

Howdy up folks and all - how has your up and down week been?!
ME? thanks for asking, well I am proud to tell you this

I HAVE BEEN OUTSIDE!!!! Yes me, little ol MOI, has sauntered alright crept down the steps to the miniscule new outback and sniffed and snorted my way round.  Ruggles did hiss a tiny bit when I asked him if it was all clear for those pesky Vikings and I did take a while to sort out who the gnome was.  BUT IN THE MAIN Je t'adore the new vista! and it was only when the giant collie dog thing, who was staying in the holidee cottage next door barked, did I scamper in.  I ask you. X
There I am!! and just poking his snort in is the newbie, Percy Pig.  And there is a newbie pot for the strawbs too.I love it.X
In other special news out latest story, #thecatwhoneverwas is doing alright on the ship shop in the sky amazon kindle, and is entered into a BIG competition. if you could be bothered to read it, Owner could win the blinking thing and I could have a well earned rest. And lots of nice treats I dare say too. Herewith, is another beauty illustration from our new story - (it is cuddling up to a snack time so I must be nice to Owner X).
There it is!! and the cat in question?  Called Oodles. X
yes Owner has been busy as per, or so she says and I whisper back things like well can you be busy and make me some tea, OR, can you be busy and buy us all (how generous am I?x) some real chick.....X Yes Bertrude is fine, resting up all day long, eating real fish all day long, and going as far as the top of the stairs when she gets fed up. X
The telly has kept Owner quite busy, and Saliha a late fave to Mastercheffie went on and won it!! blow us down we had a few faves and she was picked to win it on the final week.  In corrie, Nick has turned fairly nasty and wicked Dave his good bruv has gone the other way to compensate Owner thinks.  She has avoided Enders in case it got on her nerve. Tonight folks, there is the competition to end all competitions it is the good Eurovision. Even the dread brexit cannot put an end to this good contest. Owner says she may watch a tiny bit of it and I said can that be the good bit please.X
In other lesser news the dreary snap election is wading through the usual drafts and leaks and everyone is talking nonsense. I have tried and failed to keep Owner's attention diverted from this, and she has put several rants on FB and Twitter and I ready with some sage advice when needed. like STOP IT!.  FINIT!!  Donwald the Trump is still firing people but then he is used to that from his programme, and Cruela De Grey is on about bringing back fox hunting. Owner has not calmed down after that one, and the RENARD is big news in our home. X
So off we go into another week and what's to do.  Owner is planning a bigger and better website designed professionally this time, and not some toytown effort by her (It is alright she never reads this.X) all about Wonka Stories.  At last I will receive a tiny bit of recognition for all my hard work folks.  it is also the countdown to the end of term and all the students are restless.  I have not mentioned Owner's new hair colour and I an not going to as I very much look forward to my tea time.X
Do enjoy your week folks out there, get yourselves brushed up and whiskers a curling and go get em!! big Love Wonka X