Saturday, 3 June 2017

To be or what to be...

WHAT NOW Wonka you all gasp out well into your satdees?

If our good pal Shakespeare hadn't said it first OWNER would have invented it. NOT the best of weeks and as for that outrageous fortune!!! WHERE IS IT shouted Owner to no one there!!

If Owner had been one of us she would have looked like this:

YES SIREE!!! It is our beloved Bertie Betrude who used to look very disgruntled and now looks just a bit fed up.X

Just because you are slightly scrap heaped Owner I advised, alright it was in a whisper from my secret hidey - yes I says you must look on the bright side!! The Greens could still win a massive majority of SEATS not VOTES (I know my politics.X) and govern the country!! Jezzer could finally vanish into the socialist sunset and Tresa Grey could retire to a little village (called little Snoring.X) and Timmy nice Timmy could maybe sharpen up a bit. I haven't forgotten good Leanne from Welsh Wales OR my fave Nicola who is busy whipping up a storm in Scotland!! In our dreams, in our dreams folks.X

What else has happened you all wonder up?  Owner went and purchased a bead curtain thing to hang at the good kitchen door and the flies love it! The come straight through to inspect our food dishes and facilities.  I am promising a good cartoon out of this I am.X  BUT whilst in the massive shop that sells hardware and other fiddly bits of metal and wood and supplies of paint fit to paint the whole world, she went and bought the very expensive tin of varnish to splash on her Dad's workbench. (It stands proudly outback for us to lay on.) AND splashed it on twice late at night in the week JUST BEFORE torrential rain.
is it weatherproof Wonka you all ask up hopefully.
FOR THAT Price folks it needs to withstand hurricanes, those whirly things (tornados X) trident if anyone ever gets round to pressing the old button..X

Finally folks (BritGotTalent is on tonight and we are stuck to it like glue. Our fave is little Ned and thingy from Malaria I mean that other place, and we do love a sing song.X) have you been keeping up with Corrie?? It turns out Ken is just an old so and so who all family want to tap on the head with a heavy red book, BUT Daniel wanted it most, and Bethanee is rescued BUT is dead against it and Nick has turned his back on Leeane.  I mean.  Owner refused to watch Enders in case Staycee drove her over the edge so goodness knows what is going on there except Shirlee shouting at Witnee.X

Have a better week folks, and Owner is in line for one she really is. PS Did I tell you I made a leap for freedom over the back gate? And when I got over the other side I realised folks............... I DIDN'T LIKE IT!!! Owner sprang into action and flung the gate open and says I rushed back through it like a greyhound out of the traps! Ruggles has shown no signs of making a break for it and has only hissed at me a couple of times.  Bertrude has been sunbathing in the bathroom by the window and really startled Owner who is used to seeing Betrude under the bed not outside of it.  I know X

Big Love Wonka XX