Saturday, 10 June 2017

Wonka's political mash up!


folks, it's all gone a bit willy wonka in our house even Ruggles has gone funny about it and you know he is a big fan of the survive at all costs party - hang on! There isn't one of those! Bertrude, he she and it are on with the eat sleep and do the other party MORE HANG ON there isn't one of those me? THANKS for asking as I've had to put up with a lot of greens talking from Owner when secretly I have always admired Ken Clark.......HE'S NO LONGER DOIN THE MP Malarky!!

and now a nice picture of me and Marilyn:
There we are!! nothing DE RIEN to do with any silly old party left right or how's your father.  AS PURR it is all about me.X
So guess what? NO that is not it.  Owner trotted off and voted for her and aged parent and stayed up late to see the Exit Poll.
HUNG PARLIAMENT!!!! we were stuck like glue folks AND we were stuck like it to channel 4 and our new fave David Mitchell.  he said the Eff word about Brexit and Owner has been in love with him ever since!  I did say to her is that wise Owner it will only encourage you to come out with the same thing and think that's ok because a celebrity did but luckily she didn't hear a word due to gasping and cheering at the telly.X
WHERE DOES ALL OF THIS LEAVE YOU Wonka?? I'll tell you folks I've had my work cut out trying to keep Owner off the social media and away from those feisty jezzer fans who are still out in droves defending their leader! Her mood setting has been racing up and down the setting and I have feared for my teatime.  What is worse, is she woke up the other morning and made a SNAP DECISION.  And we all know what happens when you do that.
WHAT WAS IT WONKA?  only to pop me on a diet!!! but it's alright I have been sneaking into Rugglesis dish and there is Bertrudes to tuck into so I mustn't complain OR blame the BBC!!
There is no other news really folks as Tresa Grey is on the slippery slope now and may as well put those bins out. She's been talking to an irish set up called DUPE or something very like that and even written a speech for the Queen.  Jezzer is celebrating a victory that fell a tiny bit short of one, and Nicola, our fave in Sconny botland seems to have lost a couple of votes here and there. What of nice Timmy you all shout up at last engaged in the political process??  he is still standing and had a big go at Tresa from his podium.  We love him X(we still love Leanne, big Leanne from Welsh Wales and Caroline who is a full on Green.X and Mr Botley and all.X)
To cheer you up and cheer you on, herewith another beauty photo of MOI! X
There is always a future looming I mean a brighter future looming folks WITH ME IN IT!X  Big love for the week ahead folks, be strong!! be steady!!! be furry and purry!! Big extra love Wonka X