Saturday, 17 June 2017

Wonka's Week.X

HAVE YOU BEEN ALRIGHT Wonka? you all wonder up, dazzled by the bright sunlight and just crawled out of your pits I mean beds.  Listen folks - I can weather any storm me, just give me enough food (YES I am still on that pesky diet) enough facilities AND the run of the housey and I'm sugar dandy!!  Owner you say?

Owner has been to a new dentist and shelled out a lot of munney to hear BAD NEWS.  At least one toof has failed.  IS IT AT THE FRONT Wonka? you all worry up.  OFCOURSEITIS X  The upside to this is as follows.
1.  No one will notice as Owner will never show her teef again.  OH YES SHE WILL! but a lopsided smile is always in fashion.
2.  She will have the toof out in really plush surroundings where all know her name and take their time pulling it out. OUCH.x
3. You get what you pay for Wonka, she droned to me, and if it means paying through the .................x

What else has been happening chez nous? THIS:
YES SIREE! When it is baking hot outside, then you must make the bread and be baking hot inside!!  Mad cats and Inglishwomen..... bake bread in the noon day sun!! XX
We have clung to Corrie and Enders where there is a new and funny load of characters.  As you know Owner has taken a strong dislike to Stacee (who is so happy she will be run over in the next episode OR lose the precious mite.X) and has also started going on about thingie, MAX's daughter and sister of ABBEE.  all she does is pout and lie. What's to like says Owner? and for once folks I was so hot I agreed with her.  Now this new family are liars and cheats BUT they are funny with it.  Being funny folks, that counts for everything.  Over in Corrie we must rely on Craig the newbie policeman to smell a rat and save Bethanee, and Daniel is in full victimhood wiv just nice Ken on his side.  Versaille has zoomed up to the last but one episode and how will we manage.  Owner has a thing for Fabien AND I have said something folks as he is a spy, a detective and chief interrogator for Louis - how she can fall for someone so mean? so demanding? so furry oh no that is me! X
In other news folks, we hardly dare switch the telly on any news channel as there are folks shouting, angry and forming marches and such like.  naturally it is Tresa Grey who gets it and naturally Jezzer is still saintly.  Good Tim Farron has resigned as (and I try to quote folks) he could not 'reconcile his faith with his politics'.  Well who can?  more lying I spose folks.  has anyone stood out as a peaceful strong dignified personage this week?  THE QUEEN. She has. And folks, it is her official birfdee plus a troop of the colour.  here is our tribute to her 90th:

There she is !! we love her and say HAPPI OFFICIAL BIRFDEE MA'AM X
What of Bertrude and Ruggles you whisper up, tired out now what with the news and the hot sun.  Bertrude is resting up as purr and Ruggles has been in and out and in and out and .......................X
Owner is still on the scrap heap although she has had a call from one of those pesky agencies about September work!! NO FEAR she goes to me, and I did say you mustn't pin your hopes on (list) 1. finding fame ( I know.x) 2. those pesky students wanting you back at their college - but I did mention this from my secret hidey and Owner may have missed it whilst shouting at thingie on the telly.X
Do take it steady folks, and try to not to overdo it - you all know how much I rush round checking here and eyeballing there, but folks I do have a nice lay down in between!! Be good and Big Love Wonka X