Saturday, 8 July 2017

Wonka does Wimbledon!

ARE YOU THERE WONKA? you all shout up really interested since I said Wimbledon. NON, NYET, NO and NEIN!!! (that is to impress Angela Merkel in case she is tuning in.X and those pesky Russians we love them.  most of them.X)

There we are!! glued to it.X

What I mean is folks is that me and Owner have been watching all the matches as much as we can in between her dashing off a complaining email (about aged parent) or attending a meeting (about aged parent) or taking a phone call (about......yes! X).  since Owner lashed out and bought a second telly that lives nicely in the front room she can quickly check what's on (I AM NOT WATCHING THAT RUBBIDGE Wonka ) and that is how I know who is on it at Wimbledon!!  Rafa is on it, Murray mint is on it, Novak is on it AND beloved Roger is more than on it.  Owner as you know is fickle and darts between Novak and Rafa BUT this year is rooting for Roger and end of.  me? thanks for asking, I will be miaowing fiercely up for MURRAYMINT who is to be a Daddy for the 2nd time.  I know. X
There we are!! like last year me and Owner would ideally want to see Roger bash it out with Murraymint.  We shall see...............X
In other news folks Owner trip trapped into the college for a morning and loved it.  HOW I MISS THE STUDENTS she droned to me.  Folks she was fairly busy what with everyone else except for her.  AND big news of the week as far as us felines go is the visit to the vets by Bertie and the massive KERCHING as their cash register gobbled up Owner's card.  beans on toast for the foreseeable Wonka she gabbled to me as she brought said Bertrude home.  NOW WHAT I says suspicious at the big cardboard package with INSULIN PEN written on the side of it.  (I can read you know folks.X)  Bertrude is diabetic!  goodness knows Owner has already transformed herself into a care coordinator come adviser come professional meeting attender and NOW THIS.  it means Owner must get over a MASSIVE needle phobia fast.
I just have to dab at Bertrude twice a day with this pen thing she droned to me.  Folks, I can read your minds from here.  The nice vet gave her a demonstration that seemed to (quote from Owner who was dazed and confused) be over in a flash!  So now she is a Vet folks.  I know.  I love it.X
In the horrid political world Jezzer has gone very quiet and we wonder if he is having a transplant or a facelift or a brain wash somewhere.  In contrast, Tresa Grey who lost her personality a long time ago, is busy jetting off to G20 summit things and meeting (a bit like Owner really) important well alright downright powerful folks from all other nations.  Whoever is in charge of the other parties and I do think there are some, well we haven't heard from them.  BUT, the story out there and we wish it was fake news, is that silly old Donwald the Trump is set to come to Lunnon Town SOON.  X
Now that Versailles is over (SOB) Broken is finished (More SOB) we are left with Corrie and poor Bethanee is still busy feeling guilty for what is NOT her doing, and where is good Craig??  Enders has a new and very chav family that Owner has taken to.  There is no accounting for Owner's taste is there.  She still cannot stand Staycee who is still alive and all loving towards the world, and that other one who is with steve and fancies Josh.  We are clinging to The Loch even though we are not sure who did what.X
Now next week is full of appts for Owner!! BUT some of then are not the nice ones - not like hair appts oh alright that could go wrong, BUT one of them is to do with her teef.  I'M NOT THINKING about it Wonka she moaned up to me.  but from what she tells me up, it is a good dentist and he will look after Owner.  Goodness knows, I KNOW, how tricky that is.  What of Ruggles You all suddenly want to know.  He is fine, and apart from being pat and mick in the deep of the night, scratting in his ears and making a funny warbling noise, pinching the best seats outside before I can get to them - oh and hissing in my face HE IS FINE.
Now get ready for next week and TAKE NO PRISONERS!!
Big Love Wonka X