Sunday, 22 September 2019

Life is such a Dreamie XX

Greetings anyone still out there and perhaps asking up
Folks, I have been looking after my very best Owner who is in mourning as you know for the aged.  BUT WONKA, I hear you all whisper up and mutter frightened to barely say what you are all thinking.

Folks, death is a strange entity, and Owner says it is like repaying a debt OR having a debt paid off -- all that time it had hung over you and you thought it would never end, it seemed to take over your sorry life AND THEN one day it is not there any more.  Death comes along and wipes out all the previous little stuff and replaces it with LOVING MEMORIES and THINGS YOU CAN COPE WITH .  I did say to Owner are all these searching insights part and parcel of the (pretty lengthy) grieving process AND comma, I added, does the process itself want rewriting according to you.

DON'T BE SO SILLY WONKA she goes back, and folks, that's when I know she is returning to some sore of normal. ISH.

There we are!! The launch of the newbie Strictly Series 17!!!! I know.  It seems like only yesterdee when we started watching it.  BUT the first show was Satdee just gone and did it do well?? OH YES - out best fave is Will Bayley we love him and his partner Janette Manrara who is to do with Aljaz (you say it like allyash.X)
What else is Owner watching and not crying along with.  NOT Corrie where shinaid is dying of her pretend cancer she wept solidly through that episode, and not the new hospital show where volunteers help out on the wards MORE WEEPING.  Enders is saved as it is full of big shazzer who is even bigger now she is pregnant with the wrong one's babe.  Eggheads is saved as the challengers lose all the time and Barry keeps getting the odd question wrong which is only funny.  OH there is a new comedy sitcom thingy wotsit called Scarborough!!! and Owner loves it to shreds especially the hairdressers in it which is based on every single hair salon that Owner ever stepped into.
DARE WE ASK HOW OWNER's HAIR IS?  Folks, she straightaway went out shortly after aged PASSED OVER and purchased hair dye AND bleach. I managed to persuade her that if she went straight to bottle bleached hair little not so little Pip Squeak might not recognise her and leave home, whereas just going up a few shades (to quote Scarborough 'nice and bright for the Summer!' YES I know Autumn approaches...….X) it would be less frightening.  For all of us.  And the neighbours (we don't care about them especially not the one who is obsessed with the bins.X) and all else who think they know Owner.  And so folks it is a couple of shades lighter and no one PERSONNE has noticed and screamed at her.X

There she is!! Never happier than when messing about with her hair. We love it. X
Now a very quick pollytillyitical round up.  JEZZER has suddenly taken on the mantle of a MAN WHO CAN and all this thanks to Joris Bonson who has proved over and over again that he is a MAN WHO CAN'T.  He can have as many girlfriends as he likes all with blonde hair and no children BUT when it comes to running our best country HE NEEDS TO GROW UP.  If folks it was anyone else they would say he is having a mid life crisis and will be turning up places on a motor bike next OR a skateboard.  Vinnie as you know stepped down (we miss you like crazee Vinnie) and Jo Swimmingly stepped up and she does seem to be everywhere you turn right now.  Which leaves the beloved Greens who never change OR have inner fightings and we love them.  Donwald the Trump is busy with his immigration folly whereby he banishes refugees to far flung jungles (not with Ant n Dec on standby either X) and saying he is NOT starting a war with Iran.  And Folks we hope that is true that.X
Now what of Owner's best daughter and grandson? well folks they are coming to stay very soon and speaking for me and the others WE CANNOT Wait!!  Da Ruggles who is living on the top floor now and eating every two minutes or that's what it seems like to Owner when she crawls up and down with fresh dishes of good as it looks.  Pip Squeak is the newbie and has never met any other humans except Owner so you can imagine what her standard is.  Mood swings from around 7 or 8 on the mood setting down to minus whatever number you come up with.  Weeping along to tv programmes, saying cherio I won't be long then disappearing off for a day or two OR saying cherio I won't be long and then coming back through the door seconds later to check the back door is locked.  I know.  BUT I have reassured Squeak, in a series of stories all told late at night when Owner is safely in her pit trying to get the pillow back from Ruggles, I have told Squeak that she will love my best auntie and uncle and will be spoilt rotten AFTER I've been spoilt rotten.  Jealous? Me? Not a bit of it. X
No one has asked Owner to work for them so she does feel back on the scrap heap and very sorry for itself.  You won't say that when the phone rings Owner I said to her as she went into a long dream looking out the kitchen window, and I says to her, and you won't have time for that either - but I did say it as I ran quickly up the stairs to one of my secret hideys. X
A new Week folks and the last week of September which as you know has all the birfdees in it - somehow folks we got through it and are nicely heading towards autumn............Have a good week ahead whatever you are up to, lots of purring and looking lovely!  Big Love Wonka X

Saturday, 3 August 2019

The Silly Billy Season is here!! X

GREETINGS OH BLOGGY FOLKS ALL ENJOYING YOUR SATDEE!! so what is new under the sun you all mumble up to me eager to know the latest.

so far in:
1) Owner is gradually easing into her Summer Break (down! X)
2) Joris Bonson is the new Prime Minister now that Tresa Grey has hopped it.
3) The Lib Dems are winning at life.  And at by elections.X
4) The Voice Kids Uk has finished, and those pesky judges iamwilliam, pixiearoundalot, thingy and the one Owner cannot abide all managed to get down with those kids and the best one WON it was Sam who deserved to win and did win. X Big Tick.
5) Marr on Sundee is on holidee now and that means a gaping hole in Owner's pollytical world - can she survive with just politics now or whatever the other show is calling itself?  I think not folks and this has to be resolved - ahead of tomorrow infact.  BUT ......
6) thanks to those pesky students who recommended Old Town Road which we all know is one of those epic summer tunes and Owner loves it, well thanks to them she is also now addicted to Stranger Things.  2 mins til the next episode NO CLIFFHANGERS in this housey!!!X
and last and very least, Jezzer who continues to lead where he is not wanted to lead and in any case it is not leading it is simply turning up at his allotment watering a few social hanging baskets and attending a few bike rallys. the end.X

so that folks is my measly little round of the news in our house.
There we are!! a bit of the Little Princess for you, that is the visiting feline who is chipped to a homeo but never lives in it!!  Mind you with Owner feeding it, popping new fleasly weasly collars on it, making a nest for it in the outhouse WHY WOULD SHE BOTHER??  ME? Jealous?? not one bit of it - folks, I recall the days when Ruggles lived in the luxury shed calling in for a bite to eat and then moving into the kitchen - YES I knew he was there and played paw under the door with him (those were the days.....X) and now look!! we slumber on the same giant nest aka Owner's pit. XX  Little Squeaka??  She is not amused by the thought of another kit moving in, and has searched the homeo high and low in case it has moved in despite Owner's assurances - IT IS OUTSIDE Squeak!! XX
There we are tis dat KitKat - who recently had a postcard from the good vet addressed to SQUEAK advising of her booster appt.  I mean.  here she is though ready to dab at Owner as she walks past the land of the kitchen table AND from here she can look out the kitchen window and see the imposter cat!! x
Now just a short and sweet round up for you folks as things to do shops to shop at oh no that is Owner getting all the three hundred tons of cat litter and cat food and bird seed and wotnot.
As you ease into next week Folks do take it slowly, in this heat you mustn't trot too fast so plenty of zzzzzzzzzzzz lots of sips of water and a few pecks of dreamies.....that's the way forward!! Big Love Wonka XX

Saturday, 20 July 2019

SunnyShine and Rain again!! X

HALLOA FOLKS and here we go for a quick blast of gossipy blogginess for your fun filled Satdees.

FIRST UP - SKOOLS OUT!!!! - yes siree those pesky students all over this land will be flooding out the streets the parks the this and the that, being the pesky thingmebobs they are!!  and Owner can sit back and relax for the next six weeks without those phone calls in the morning CAN YOU DO A MORNING........

OOPS p p p p published by mistake and you know I blame Owner for everything so it is her fault not mine!! X
That looks yummy Wonka you all shout up loving your fish and chips well SOME OF YOU love it...... gone are the days when Owner ate fish as you know she is now (mostly X) a Vegan personage who denies herself things like fish as they are living creatures who live in the sea not my tummy Wonka she drones to me - now personally I like a little bit of fish like my old mate Golly who went mad for a bit of haddock.  I know X  But Owner is on one of her excursions with aged parent who does still like a fish with her chip. X
So Owner isn't too depressed about a) all the fun filled wedding thing is over and there is nothing DE RIEN ZILCH to look forward to.  b) not having enough munny - folks this is normal city for us lot so really it should not be on the depressed list. c) still not seen series 8 of Game of Thrones (we are behind the rest of mankind in this even the yr sevens have seen it.) d) just nothing to look forward to again. X  I did say to Owner she has a nice DVD of someone frozen in the Arctic and having to get saved OR do that saving themselves thing AND there is still 'The Longest Day' left to watch in her war films boxset.  Strangely folks this didn't do the trick and she is still on mood setting minus around 5 or 6.XX
In the silly billy pollytical fiasco they call government and people keep mentioning the S work (sovereignty X) it falls from bad to down a precipice and more besides.  foolish mad hatter Johnson and mousey Hunt have paraded their stuff and been voted on.  The rest of us poor mortals have to sit back and endure the result of this which as Owner moaned up might set us on the next world war ahead of Donwald who is busy stoking it all up (and blaming it on others) over the ocean - have we brought this ridiculous situation on ourselves folks and the answer is yes.  Owner says there is enough to go round for all of us on this planet BUT some greedy people want more and more.  What of Jezzer you all whisper up keen to know if he is speaking up nice and loudly anywhere important BUT NO - he is instead awash with folk telling him he is rubbish at leading so he remains (wrong word.X) in his shed or on that fence or on his allotment.  The saga of who will replace Vinnie continues apace and whoever it is we love them lots.  The Greens continue to be above criticism just saving the planet whilst all else stick the knife in. X
What has Owner been clinging to on the telly you all wonder?  Beecham House didn't quite keep Owner from fidgeting about although we do like thingy PLUS we like India too.  in Corrie land Gary has owned up to not doing it, Gemah and Chesnee are still making Owner laugh (X) and Carling black eyebrows is not crazed anymore BUT Roy has moved in with Evelyn and Tyrone and the mutt so anything could happen there.  The loan shark (was it Rick) is still buried in the woods until a dog starts scuffing and sniffing round........and his daughter and thingy both smell a rat.  it is between Casualtee and The Voice tonight whichever keeps Owner pinned to the settee the longest really and finally in Holbee that silly plotline involving mothers and adopted mothers with half sisters palled up with control freaks well that has come to a full stop as Dom recognised his half sister's dilemma and sorted it!! BUT Lofty has had a fling with a woman who is having his babe!! WHOA.  All to keep us slightly hooked folks but that is the Summer for you devoid of any decent progs.  Peaky Blinders where art thou shouts Owner.
Owner has heard talk of the next series and in the meantime a bit of Polly and Thomas for you!! X
What of dat Squeaka and dat Ruggles - Rug is still nesting dead centre of Owner's best nest and I have to say there are days when all three of us take to it - Owner mind?  NOT A BIT OF IT -she just smiles and says how she loves to see us there.  I mean X  and Squeak is nearly a full grown kitkat and I love her I really do - especially when she is asleep................XX
Now next week folks the first week of Owner's big rest and slowly but surely she will realise NO BRRRRNG BRRRRNG of a morning and instead she can relaxez vous with me and the others AND that pesky Little Princess who is trying to move in.  Owner has cleared the outhouse and popped Rugglesis old blanket in a box - ah those were the days when da Ruggles lived outside.  Who would know it now eh.... so all of you out there whatever you get up to next week, make it a furry purry fun filled week why don't you!! Big Love Wonka XXX


Sunday, 7 July 2019

Holding the Fort X

THANK GOODNESS YOU ARE BACK WONKA!! Yes Folks!! Here I am at last with a few moments to spare to bring you all up to date and hows your father (or mother or great aunty.X).

IF THE TRUTH BE KNOWN ( a fave saying from my beloved Owner X) I have been very busy and tied up infact with looking after dat KITKAT who is nearly a grown Kit, Pip Squeaka - and when he is not looking, Rugglestop.  Obvs da squeaka was more demanding and kept asking things like 'when will Owner be back - is she here yet, is it tea time yet and is Owner back yet.....x' I mean beloved Owner had only been gone a few minutes before it all started!  SHE's ONLY GONE TO HELMOND FOR DAUGHTER'S WEdding I consoled with - and of course as you know folks when Owner nips off out of it for a few days does Aunty Paula step up to the plate to look after us.  Owner left her a complete short story full of instructions and tables laden with wipes and bags and kitchen paper towels and such like - frankly I was amazed we got fed at all!!  BUT she is back and I can stand down folks and have a few well earned zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
What a champ!!!atop the linen basket that has seen a lot of us felines enjoying a nice sit down. X
Well Owner did drone on LOTS about the wedding and how happy daughter was and how her hair went flat (Owner'sX) and she looked about 100 in all the photoshoots (Owner did X) BUT overall it did go very well indeed AND Owner is now the proud owner of a son in law!!! It had to happen eventually Wonka she droned to me.  Now the trains all behaved themselves except the Eurostar one which got itself delayed on the outward journey.  I would RATHER HAVE GOT THERE ON TIME she moaned up to me, THAN GET A PARTIAL refund.  Now folks we have to wait 28 days to see just how partial a partial refund is but I will keep you posted. WILL IT PUT OWNER OFF travelling on the Eurostar you all shout at me desperate for a trip adviser review...........NOT a bit of it, NON, NYET, NEIN and NEE (that last one folks is Dutch!!!)X
so not much time for watching our faves, BUT there is now Wimbledon folks and the latest sensation is Coco de Gauffe!! She is only (ONLY) 15 but as you know Owner is acquainted with 15 year olds at the Skool and says they are 15 going on 50.  End of.  Darling Roger the Fed is still in it to win it as is our fave to win this year Rafa.  all the progs have been moved sideways and upstairs for the tennis and the footie so between that and travelling the Netherlands Owner must catch up.  Bit like me and the zzzzzzzzzzzzz.
The latest Helmond bears for you!! Tis Kermit the frog and Harvey the Rabbit.  (with Owner's cat purse, her blusher brush and perfume too.X)
Now in the pollyticical world all is as mad as Boris Johnson's hatter or should I say hair - Hunt is losing he was always going to lose BUT we think once Mr Boris gets to number 10 all will fall apart quite quickly, there will be a general election AND the tories will be outski - just my little prediction mostly based on Owner's considerable foresight in these matters.  With any luck Brexit will be HEXIT and we will all wake up from our rumplestiltskin snoozles to find a UK we all like after all.  I haven't mentioned donwald the trump and I'm not going to but his partner in office Melanie or something has had a statue made in Slovenia her home town which was described as  LUMPEN AND LIKE A SCARECROW.  Owner has seen it and agrees wholeheartedly.X
Now as we peek over the cat dishes into the week ahead and let us not forget Mercury is in retrograde and in a shadow or something very like that - be lucky - stand firm, point your chin towards the thing you want and PURR your way towards it!! Big Love Wonka XXXXXXXX

Sunday, 16 June 2019

Father's Day X

HERE I AM FOLKS TO CELEBRATE WITH ALL YOU Dads out there and to answer your question NON!! NYET!! NEIN I have never been a Daddy - turning up like I did to Owner's old homeo all those years' ago (back in 2008) once I had been adopted, and inspected by a fully paid up Vet - I had been deprived folks of my equipment!!!  Thus saving the world from more kits - which is either a good thing or not -personally I think I would have made a really good Dad AND have proved this by taking on the newbie Pip Squeaka and keeping her in line.  Washing her round, keeping her amused HISSING when she crosses the line - Fur but Firm!! That's me your ever loving Wonka XXXX

There we are!!  me and my bestie OH it is alright, da Ruggles is my old mate and we do rub along NOT in a cuddly way but as fellow homeo felines.  End of XX
Now Father's day is nice for some folks and not for others YES I am thinking of Owner and Owner's daughter who do not have a Dad here on Earth BUT up there in wood carving and gambling heaven accordingly.  Owner always sheds a fond tear or twenty at any mention of her Dad who folks, 'was the best Dad in the world Wonka!'  and that is how it should be folks.  Instead, Owner has her aged parent Ma tucked up in a nice nursing home and loving very second - their relationship is on a different footing and she (the aged) has declared she will live until she's a hundred.  I'll be up there before she is Wonka, drones Owner to me when she totters back in fresh from a visit.  This time, Owner had a nice card for the aged to sign.  'IF I EXPLAINED IT ONCE I EXPLAINED IT A THOUSAND TIMES' she moaned up to me AND 'even the chap to the side of her who has raging dementia got the hang of it before she did!!'  I know.  If you want a reality check folks, just take yourself to the nearest nursing home as that is where it all ends up.  Did you get it signed Owner, I asked helpfully once she had made two cups of strong builders and unpacked the mountains of shopping (mostly catfood cat biscuits, bird food and the concrete I mean cat litter X).
Eventually Wonka, she droned back to me.  But it was worth it folks as it is a very special card to her grand daughter for a very special day.  'We talked about the card, the subject of the card, the spelling, the relationships, the why were we doing a card for it, and then back to the start..........'  I mean. XX

OOPS I have published this too soon.  Took my paw off the job for a second in the awfully silly billy world of pollyticks, it is all about the sTory party and their new leader!! Will it be the circus master Johnson or one of his lesser comrades - there are trapeze artists, would be lion tamers, clowns oh no that is Mr Johnson, acrobats of all kinds..... they will all debate and make fools of themselves tonight on good channel 4 EXCEPT Mr Johnson who might make an ever bigger fool of himself so mustn't appear until after he is selected for the final TWO.  If it is Jezzer (unfortunate name x) Hunt or Mr Raaaaaahb or Mr Gove Owner will swear non stop for the whole day - but if by an outside chance it is Roaring Stewart we will celebrate slightly as we like him.  There are articles saying we mustn't be taken in by him BUT clearly Mr Johnson and his mates have the edge here.  Jezzer has not been sighted really or heard from much and this is the way of it - it is a busy time on the allotment for him.  Vinnie who is stepping down or sideways has welcomed another ex labourite to the party and that is chucking it down UMMANA or something like that.  he left Jezzer to form and then left there.  It will all come right though.  IT HAD BETTER.  Tresa Grey is wilting away at no 10 ready to hand over to the next hopeless leader.  I mean.  and across the ocean (not far enough if you ask me) is Donwald the Trump getting himself involved in our pollytics and making nasty comments to our London Mayor.But this pales next to his other dabblings in other countries...... WE SHALL MOVE swiftly on folks.


There we are folks!!! Owner's latest cartoon of the number 10 cats with the seven hopeless candidates - now it is less one as Mr Hancock decided it is not for him - SO then there were SIX xx

That is Gove, Raaaaarb, Johnson, Sajid or something, Rory gogs, and Mr Jezzer Hunt.X

over in the telly world things fare more or less the same - in Corrie we are saved by Gemah and the quads, Robert who has two timed sort of Meechelle who wants him back but his amore Vicky (the twisted mother of that nasty kid forget his name but he was the dad to Amy's child.....deep breath. X) is having his babe but he doesn't know.  Carling brown eyebrows is still in a safe house thousands of miles away getting her sanity back and Gary the real villain is being two timed though not really as she chucked him by Sarahhh.  Not much else to report and Owner is having to watch war films to boost her morale.XX

Now aside from unblocking the sink, Owner went to change a lightbulb and the entire lampshade and fitting came away in her hand leaving two nice little wires dangling.  Luckily folks, the ladders will not get her high enough to try and fix this herself so she is still with us.  She duly text the landlord and a nice electrician called Garry (I know.X) is coming to fix it one day soon.  going straight upstairs after the lightbulb moment Owner popped into the bathroom whereby the fitting supporting the shower thingy wotsit suddenly stopped supporting it and fell off the wall into the bath.  I ask you.  Luckily folks (again.x) Owner decided to see this as funny instead of an outright disaster and had a good (hysterical) laugh about it .  end of X

next week is zooming up pretty quickly and for some of us, hard times are behind (those pesky GCSE students) and it is nearing the end of the skool year.  Owner has had a few moments (alright several) and is rather looking forward to that herself.  As much as I love them Wonka, she droned to me................ so no slacking as yet folks it is all still to play for.  sleek down that fur, sharpen your claws and be ready!!  Big Love Wonka XXX


Saturday, 8 June 2019


WONKA YOU ARE BACK THANK GOODNESS you all mumble from the comfort of your pits and nests it being a Satdee and all - YES so now you can get the best pollytic reviews the BEST reviews of all the current rubbish me and Owner are having to watch and in the case of Owner, SHOUT AT THE TELLY ABOUT.x

SO here we are, having survived a break away by Owner to see beloved daughter partner and grandson.  DID IT GO OFF ALRIGHT WONKA you all ask now very concerned and what have you.  FOLKS, aside from a train strike in Brussels and beyond (for their pensions TICK X) aside from a three hour delay by #LNER trains back here in little ol ingerland (Owner still awaiting refunds AND compensation not tick X)  another delay by the next train to get her home (ditto the last one X) ALL went fine.  Owner even visited a little village called NUENEN (and Owner has had a good lesson from daughter how to say it it is NOONA) and you will all say what on earth is there Wonka ?  Van Gogh lived there had a fling there and generally walked in all the places SO Owner was following in his footsteps end of. X

There we are!! Owner's starry starry night sketch for you - we love those pesky stars. X

and listen up folks incase you have fallen back to sleep for a minute Owner is back over the water again at the end of this month as daughter is getting hitched!! BLIMEY Wonka!  Owner has trialed her outfit TICK and shoes TICK and is satisfied it looks alright and YES I have given it all my approval so we can all breath easy.  It has only meant Owner taking back numerous items to numerous shops with or without tags on it all (I CANNOT UNDERSTAND WHY YOU TOOK THE TAGS OFF said this woman to Owner in Dorothy Perkins.  NO goes Owner, NEITHER CAN I. end of.X)  apart from all this buying and trying on business, what else has happened folks?  Ruggles is still eating his socks off, sleeping his socks off (under the giant nest that is Owner's pit) and plenty of the other.  Da Pip Squeak continues to learn from the master that is me.  It is now approaching adulthood according to all the millions of catfood and biscuits who all state you are a kitten UNTIL 12 months old.  THEN folks, it can set about mine and rugglesisisis cat food without Owner having to over see it all. I know. X

There she is!  with one of the trillion cat toys at our disposal X it is lion ted with rattle. XX
Now in the silly billy world of pollytics this little island has had to put up with Donwald the trump coming over here with a parcel of his fambily.  Tresa Grey who is no longer PM is still PM until the next disastah steps up to be IT.  Jezzer took a moment out from his greenhouse to do a few bits and bobs mostly bits and Vinnie has also stepped down for a new person to step up.  Today is Trooping the Colour and out she comes for what has been a pretty busy week in anyone's diary said Owner who knows all there is to know about busy.  YES it is the Queenie and the rest of them.  What a lark.
I haven't mentioned brixit on toast or the equally annoying new party that sprang up to get all the idiots (sorry if you are a real idiot.  not sorry if you are a brexit on toast one.X) voting and I haven't mentioned nige barrage either and I'm not going to and anyway the BBC has done that for all of us.  END OF X
Over on the telly we saw the winner of Brits got lots of talent winning and it was an old soldier singing we knew he would smash it BUT Owner really liked a magician and I really liked a comedian.  WE both knew they would not win though as you know I am a realist through and through.X  Over in Corrie land Carling brown eyebrows is still mad but mad in hospital and it has been revealed WHO DUN IT - twas Garee who did the roof in and thus has murdered thingy.  NO ONE PERSONNE knows this yet except all the millions of viewers like Owner shouting at the telly.  Dev has gone on holidee leaving Evelyn in charge which is distastah and Sally and Tim have a horse called Tiny now.  Our fave though is Gemah and Chesnee who are having not one not two not three but FOUR babees.  We love it.  The kids voice is back on but Owner may be shouting at the telly as it is none other than her arch enemy (owner cannot abide her voice. X) Jessee james or something very like that. XX  other than this, Connie is getting thinner by the minute and Owner's daughter hates her haircut which started off allright but owner now wonders if Connie has been going to her ex hairdressers.  I mean.X  We are still clinging to Holbee even though Owner hates several of the new Doctors and is underwhelmed by the story of Dom and his new REAL family as we still prefer his adopted and fake one. XX
You will all want to know that Owner's cold which was actually a virus of extreme proportions has now dwindled away to the odd volley of sneezing and her appetite is nearly restored.  She has had a shout for work and tackled a class full of disrespectful students.  Situation normal then I did say to Owner when she fell back in laden with more catlitter.  I HAD TO HAVE A WORD WITH THEM WONKA - and we all know what that means folks................X
Now as the new week can be glimpsed just over the horizon I want you to smile your furry socks off at whoever comes at you!! have a tiny dab at them if they keep coming at you and finally frisk up that fur!!  big Love Wonka XX

Saturday, 18 May 2019

Has She Gone Yet? X

WHO IS THAT AND WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN WONKA WE MISSED YOU at least one or two of you shout up at me wondering faithfully if I would ever return.   FOLKS it has been a strange time of it, with Owner on mood setting minus A  LOT, full of anxiety and then blow me down, the cold to end all colds.  IS IT A COLD Wonka you all check in and ask me, OR, is it more serious??  FOLKS there have been volleys of sneezing that seemed to go on forever ASHHHHHHOOOOO blowing of noses likewise and then Owner moaning it could not breathe -  I mean.  Of all the worries that I have on the go surely that isn't one of them.  'Try blowing your nose again Owner,' I said helpfully and alright from a fair bit away down the stairs and on the landing. 'I will have to go and see a pharmacist Wonka' she shouts back so that is alright she must be breathing again then...................X

There we are folks it has been non stop kettle boiling and hot drinks here and ME and Ruggles and dat Squeaka have had to stand in line patiently waiting our turn.  I WON'T BE LONG SHE coughs and splutters taking what seems a lifetime to scrape some of our best biscuits and food into the troughs.  BUT you know me folks, supportive to the nth degree - I have to listen to all kinds of anxiety ridden conversations and do I deal with them?  MAIS OUI.X
Alongside all of this life has stumbled on with a tiny bit of cover work here and there and those pesky students embarking on those GCSE's OR not.  As this work comes in less and less the eternal problem (for Owner X) is what can she do now.  NOW I AM PAST IT Wonka she moans still full of cold and talking rubbish as far as I am concerned.  NONSENSE Owner I goes, you are good for a few years yet surely.................we shall see folks, as one door slowly closes we do hope another quickly opens.XX
In the wicked world of pollytics the next set of elections are upon us and that is the EEWE ones!!! and nearly everyone will make an effort to vote now that their vote is FOR the eewe or NOT.  We are urged to vote Green or for Vinnie if we are Remainers and that barrage of farage if we are not.  The Tories and Mrs May who still has not gone anywhere and is still popping her rejected withdrawal bill forward for the fourth time  YES FOURTH, are not expecting to win any prizes,  SO NO SHE HAS NOT GONE YET.  Donwald the Trump is coming over here to this tiny green isle in June and may even pop to Irish Ireland. He is not welcome in either country from Owner, ME, da Ruggles and dat Pip Squeaka End of.XX  We haven't mentioned Jezzer because he has failed to say anything of note and could easily get a job with Listen with Momentum.XX
In Corrie Carling brown eyebrows has gone stark staring mad and hates Roy for no good reason thereby proving she is mad as he has done nothing except be honest (alright sometimes the truth is a tad over the top) and helpful (although he did throw her out once.x) and is being helped by alcoholic Peetah who luvs her all over again.   We do like the newbie Natalie but cannot recall why she is in it and Nick and David are caught up in a web of deceit that is muddled up with the factory roof.  And those two detectives should watch more Line of Duty says Owner coming out of her latest dream.  Holbee is very annoying and still all about Dom and his new family and his half sister who hates him already and has a horrid manipulating ex partner AS DOES DOM.  SNAP.  for light relief folks there is Brits got masses of talent OR the Eurovision song contest.  I mean.X
Now  occasionally and by that I mean once every Sheffield flood, does Owner have a hairdo that she can live with.  This happened last Mundee folks and really it has helped her stay on mood setting minus one hundred without slipping further back down.  She rushed to Supercuts who do not have appointments, she was the only one there as was the hairdresser and once Owner had droned all her requirements (I need the perfect hairdo or it is all over..X) everything fell into place.  the hairdresser was up to the giant nay massive challenge of that, and stood her ground and the end result a very happy Owner and a lovely new hairdo.  Thanks Chelsea that made my life easier when Owner fell back in I immediately said I LOVE YOUR HAIR OWNER.  All happy. XXXX
Now even though that may not be the answer to all your woes (hairdos) at least treat yourself to a new something.  Face the week with a pasted on smile, tingly whiskers and a furry purry outlook!!  Best paw forward!! Big Love Wonka XXX