Friday, 18 May 2018

I'm getting married in the morning!! Ding dong the bells are going to chime!! X

This folks is a full on Wonka special DEVOTED to all things Harry and Meghan - so  sit back and enjoy our little show.

There they all are!! Tis the bride to be, Meghan and her bridegroom Harry with the best man William AND Owner has popped in Princess Diana that was their Mum - she will be there somewhere wishing her youngest lad the day of his life - and me and Owner think she would have LUVVED every minute when not sobbing into a hankie.X
The very latest news hot of the press folks is that whilst Meghan's Dad for whatever reason folks and who are we? goodness knows we know ALL there is to know about dysfunctional fambilies - Owner is always droning on about hers and as you know, me and Rug and Bubbster are far from harmonious BUT I digress from the important news that AS Meghan's Dad cannot be there, Prince Charles is stepping in as the Father of the Bride and trotting down that aisle with her.  WOOPEE!!  I bet she is very happy with that and I bet Harry is too.  Which means that Doria (like that name I do.X) will be happy too as Mother of the Bride.
I am fairly well exhausted folks with following all the nuptials THE CAKEY has been revealed and looks SPOT ON full of lemons and buttercream and wotnot.  HAVE YOU ANY INSIDE INFO ON THE DRESS Wonka you all shout at me wanting desperately to know??  Owner says she had to put Meghan in something for her little cartoon tribute and HOPES the dress will be in keeping with their future style as a couple - a little bit different and a little nod to other cultures we are hoping for.We think there will be lace and we think it may be a halter neck style and look a bit imperial - a little bit Josephine and Napoleon - but this is PURE speculation folks no one PERSONNE  will know until she appears in the carriage with her Ma.XX
Is Owner watching it with aged parent?? Owner has quite rightly had second thoughts folks as the aged is prone to 1) forgetting who is who 2) needed to sleep through most of the morning and 3) not big on telly watching.  In which case Owner has decided to play it safe and watch it here with US on two tellies - one for the beeb and one for ITV. I AM NOTHING IF NOT FAIR Wonka she droned to me and Rug and Bertrude.X
Little Charlotte and George will be parading about as page boys and girlies and no doubt we will see other important celebs and friends of this magic couple.  Everyone has something to say about them whether they are watching or not, as this couple folks, are going to set a new trend and we love it.XX
Folks as I said, this little special EXTRA is devoted to the happy couple and suffice to say I am brushing up my fur, preening my whiskers and putting on my best dazzling smile for the day!! I have warned Ruggles accordingly and avoided a nasty swipe in the process and even Bertrude hissed quietly at me when I did mention it all.  Enjoy the coverage folks and join me your beloved Wonka in wishing this couple a long and happy married life together!!! Big Love Wonka X

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Harry and Meghan special !

ARE YOU CELEBRATING THS UNPRECEDENTED WEDDING WONKA?? You all shout at me interested even it is only very slightly in what Prince Harry is letting himself in for.

YES Siree!! This marriage will be different to any other that has gone before it folks, as for starters Meghan is not your ordinary bride NO, she is from Americee and she is black.  OH and divorced AND an actress too.  This partnership folks will be off the scale and we must all fasten out seatbelts!! Owner has woken up out of her admin ridden, accounts ridden and poverty stricken trance to say a few choice words about the forthcoming nuptials: 
it will be a new kind of Royal partnership that uses every single drop of the privilege and favour that comes with that for the good of others!  Owner thinks their charity work will help across the globe and this couple will jetset ONLY to arrive at countries that need their help quicker!!  AND she droned to me, Prince Harry's Mum the late great Princess Diana, would have loved it - she too thought of others and how she could help with her name, her royal influence, and here is one of her beloved boys taking up this mantle and now, with Meghan.  We Absolutely LOVE IT.

There they are!! and only a few more days to go folks before they trot down the aisle and become Mr and Mrs Harry. (or, the Duke and Duchess of somewhere over the rainbow.X) We love it, we will be watching it AND I will be bringing you a small Wedding Day special!! X
In other lesser news, I have had my work cut out with Owner waking at 5am in the morning fretting and worrying about money matters.  IT DOESN'T MATTER I says to her from my snug and warm spot on the giant nest, at 5am in the morning NOTHING IS THAT IMPORTANT.  she went back to sleep for a troubled dream and woke up later on with a full on worry wart attack.  I mean folks it is not as if we haven't been up against it before and had to lean on the beauty credit card whilst waiting for that fatal call from the agency...............she has momentarily lost her faith in the universe to see us right, that's all it is folks AND I have checked in the cupboards and me and ruggles and Bertie bubb have plenty of supplies YES even the facilities are catered for.  DE RIEN to fuss about I said from well behind that door at the top of the housey.X
The thing to do when you are having such a grand worry wart is to watch Hot Fuzz with a bag of sweets.  Owner is obsessed with this film and Simon Pegg which is on rather a lot and coincides with her mood rating of minus 4 or 5.  A bag of sweets and that film will generally do the trick.  If not, cancelling Netflix may not have been such a good idea and I did say this as she was feverishly searching for the CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION tab.  It was only after cancelling that she searched for Hot Fuzz and found it.  For some reason, although it has played relentlessly on ITV somewhere she could not find it.  The next best thing to watch is a war film with a hero or heroine in it saving thousands of lives - this will motivate you for at least an hour or two after.X
Corrie has been very sad BUT there is a flash of brilliance which is Flora.  She is an old biddy who had that Vinnie for a son who the rotter Feelan murdered but she doesn't know AND Daniel has taken her in whilst he secures her a fabulous place in a residential home.  Adam who is a relation to Ken Barlow but we forget how, does not like his batchelor pad being wrecked by granny Flora BUT WE LOVE IT.X  In Enders, it is either about Mad Max or Fil or Staycee. it is the Eurovision tonight and we may glimpse some of it.  Owner dare not tell daughter that due to this Casualtee has yet again been pushed aside - there is Brit has some talent though AND a Terminator film if Owner can stay up.  it is her fave the second one.X
So really folks Owner has spent the last few weeks proving this proving that and falling out with some of the people that asked for impossible things.  It is all very well complaining (she complained to me) but it gets you nowhere.  I think she was talking about the latest complaint which is to Talk Talk.  I mean X
In the silly old pollytics world Tresa Gray just keeps apologising that is all she does these days either saying sorry or boasting.  jezzer who would not lead this country if it had a collar round its neck pops up now and then to say something vague and usually he says this in a stage whisper - we think he has got this technique from Mad Max in Enders as he talks in a loud whisper too and thingy, his bruv in it.  Vinnie may or may not have something to say but we haven't heard it.  I know.X
Folks next week can just be an alright week please.  With no more checking Owner is Owner, with no more HOW ARE WE GOING TO  MANAGE, and a bit more faith if you don't mind.  Me?  I just go along from day to day with a little poking around Bertie's trough here and a little looking at Ruggles there ('don't look at Ruggles! says Owner to me she goes 'he doesn't like it.X)
So button up your jackets, put a big smile on and get ready for this lovely wedding at Windsor folks! Be Happy for Harry and Meghan! big Love Wonka X



Saturday, 5 May 2018

Umbrella Days!

Folks!!! IT HAS GONE SO HOT AND SUNNY OWNER HAS propped up the magic sunshade AND the bead curtain adorns the good back door incase of those pesky flies.  WHAT a day folks!! and where are we?? Dozing it all offski in the little sitting room with the blind down and the snookerooni on!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

There we are!! me and the Ruggles having a silly old stand off!! We love it. X
As for Bertie bubb, she is fast over on her heated pad.  YES SIREE.  Owner insisted on washing it in the week in a flurry of tidiness and I did say to her I said OWNER MAKE SURE YOU REMEMBER WHICH WAY UP THE LITTLE PAD GOES............. yes I did shout it folks but sure as eggs are free range eggs she forgot and had to google it in case the Bubster gets cold in the night.  Or, on a boiling hot day.  I mean.X
Now besides snooker Owner has spent the entire week up to her neck in accounting and complaining and administrating.  some of it was for her BUT most of it was for aged sibling and aged parent.  I have had my work cut out folks keeping Owner upright and ALRIGHT.  Making suggestions like:
1.  How about wall to wall snooker? TICK
2.  spending some money well just a little bit on a nice treat TICK
3. NOT watching Enders! BIG TICK
4. a 5 pack of doughnuts with jam in...............Massive TICK
The only reason it went slightly off course was a silly email too many from the silly old local authority who even now are wading through a GIGANTIC (good use of word.X) complaint.  Owner has even folks contacted Guardian Opinion.  And if they can get to grips with it I'm a Dutchman. Enders could have an entirely different cast and three hundred new storylines for all we know and the only bit Owner caught sight of was Mad Max who has the KA LOT now and is married to a strange and weird and horrid woman, and FIL saying to him (along the lines of) WOTCH IT. X
Over in Corrie Owner is wrestling with TOYTOWN and her endless lies - one lie leads to another even sillier lie until you think DOES TOYTOWN RUN ALL OF CORRIE?  All she has to say is NO! and all jump to attention.  It is not clever or funny says Owner droning on - next week will be even worse as AYDEN who will never know that Evahs babe which is his is masquerading as Toytown's and Peetahs - he is leaving the show in a really sad way. I DON'T LIKE IT droned Owner when she found out.Between this and an overload of HARRY and MEGHAN which also means a tour round the entire Royal Fambily - well this has saved Owner from popping us all the car with no name and driving to the ferry and beyond.  I know.X
On the snooker table we want KYREN pronounced like SIREN to win it and we don't mind if it is Bazzer Hawkins or Marky Williams to the Final.x
some of the country dragged itself off to the polling centres to vote. NOT US though.  and the result was a nothing result whereby no one PERSONNE made any real difference with Tresa May going on about how successful she is I mean the tories are and Jezzer whispering to the camera about gaining Plymouth, where they make a rather good Plymouth Gin.  AND that is where the  pilgrim fathers set off from folks when they thought about discovering Americy.  I know.  Vinnie put in a small appearance from somewhere and the Greens declared themselves to be the fourth party.  With Jelly and icecream.XX
Donwald the Trump is STILL coming here and paying a visit to Sconny botland and if they can't deal with him NO ONE can.  NO ONE sorts folk out like the Scottish do.X
Owner still hasn't got any work and blow me down if that consultant with the unique selling point talk, did ring her up. HALLO went Owner in that AND YOU ARE? voice.  The call got cut off and Owner said she hung up and anyway it was for some work that Owner could not do.  IF SHE RINGS AGAIN droned Owner, I will hang up on her and pretend we got cut off.  And no folks, I did not disagree as it was cuddling up to my tea time and I need every snack I can get now I am on a Diet.x
Surely next week will be alright Wonka you all say to me, concerned about the planetary line up.  Folks, we must stand firm, and not take any bolloney for an answer.  And I look at this way folks, by the law of percentages, at some stage Owner will be right and they'll all be wrong!!!! Take it steady, have a nice zzzzzz in the sun when things get tough and keep those fangs at the ready!!!
Big Love Wonka X


Saturday, 28 April 2018

All about Louis!

LOUIS Arthur Charles, is the new Royal babe folks and we love it! X
There we are!! Owner's little cartoon tribute to the newbie. Born on St George's day too AND on a Mundee.  And Owner says: 'Monday's child is fair of face.' End of.XX
I've come out of that bold folks as it is reserved for Royal announcements of which there will be more and more as Harry and Meghan tie the knot in 3 weeks. YES there will be a full report folks and Owner is already planning a tv fest to support it. I MAY WATCH IT ALL WITH THE AGED she droned to me.  personally I think she will watch it there here and more here.  In fact folks I am fully prepared for a big overdose of royal wotnots.  And I can think of worse things to overdose on.  BUT I will not mention.X
This household thinks that Tresa Grey is going to hide behind the wedding preparations hoping that no one PERSONNE will notice she is a rubbish PM with a even more rubbisher home sec.  That is (or was) Amber Rudd who is on Red actually. All calls for her to resign (the entire country and some of the pollyticians) have been pushed to one side as she is VERY SORRY.  Not as Sorry as we are! shouted Owner at the telly.  And folks, not quite as sorry as Tresa Grey either.  although perhaps they are having a merger on sorries, a bit like Sainsbees and Asda are.  Jezzer is doing as well as can be expected for the leader of the opposition party (Labour folks) that is knifing itself in the back fairly constantly interspersed (need a lie down now.X) with the odd cries for his resignation. Vinnie pipes up now and then and the others are whispering somewhere.  In other lesser news Donwald the Trump is tootling over to our tiny isle in July.  I know. I know.X
Snooker has dominated on the telly.  It goes on at 10 am and stays on.  Ronnie who is the god of Snook in this household is still in with a shout OR still in with a shot.  Just the click of the balls, the murmur of the commentators and the clapping.  In Enders Owner has worn herself out with non constructive criticism.  NOT YOU AGAIN she shrieks whenever Staycee enters stage left or right.  Then there is Witneeee and that other girl Tiffaneeee not to mention Kat and co. we are currently unsure of the plot or storyline of any of the characters and now that Max has returned with a horrid wife anything could NOT happen.  In Corrie someone has listened to Owner droning on about Toytown and Evah and their silly lies and made the former own up to Petah. Who, has instantly forgiven everyone bar his own son Symon who was blackmailing, stealing, skiving off skool and generally manipulating all. Carling black eyebrows must have the week off as all the stories are on PiRana who nearly got kidnapped (saying nothing and neither is Owner) David who has shacked up with a character called ? who has been in the show for 2 mins.  Even Owner who can be very forgiving has taken a strong dislike and says he must GROW UP and talk about it. (the nasty conniving encounter he had with thingy.) We got to the end of Gianni Versace and his killer without too much hiding behind the settee and tonight we will cling fast to Casualtee. Everyone (including the entire Royal family) missed it last satdee when it got took off for the Queen's birthdee bash. Owner did watch it only switching it off when Alfie Boe came on (you recall he blocked Owner for saying something mildly funny in support of Terry Wogan and not idolising him!!) and aside from a little bit of mild shouting at Kylie (I'll have that on the brain now!) we got through.X
HAS OWNER GOT WORK YET WONKA?  I saw her off to meet Kev the consultant folks last Tuesdee and she has filled out millions of paperwork proved she is herself and awaits the fatal call to work.  And only then folks can I get on with my serious job here, of checking on tiger lily upstairs (Bertrude) and old Soldier down below (Ruggles).  They are both fine and dandy, snoozing eating and the other.X
Owner has ignored the fact that the last two clematis did not survive her planting, the snails, being moved, tweaked and possibly over watered and gone and bought two more to try out.  One is blue and one is pink.  I HAVe PLANTED THEM IN NEW PLACES she droned to me but folks, the snails as you know can clamber about in all these places balancing on walls, plantpots, bits of wire and string they are MASTERS folks, of the little outback and many of them were transported here when we moved.  THEY LOVE IT.X

There we are!! Last year's efforts folks.  Will keep you posted on this year's! X
Owner has had a big tussle with the council and is talking about us all getting in the car and sailing off into the sunset.  OH NO I mean driving.  IT IS NOT EVEN MY PROBLEM WONKA she droned to me, it is aged sibling's.  All I can say is, and I did say this to Owner but luckily she may not have heard me above pounding out a dissertation I mean email to a so called finance officer at said council - I said Owner you must have earned all this in a former life and it is karma - as I say folks I did whisper it at the time.X
Now next week is the big run up to the Royal Wedding of Harry and Meghan! Yes we will be glued we love all of it - what with dentist appts (OH NO), reviews of care plans (OH NO) and the snooker final (OH YES) it is a busy bee week folks. Be sure and have your busy bee fur on, and your whiskers whiskering! Big Love Wonka X

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Happi Days X

WHAT IS THERE TO CELEBRATE WONKA? you all wonder up, just waking up to enjoy your Satdee.
Herewith a Wonka Special LIST.

1.  The continuing sunshiney days folks.
2.  The Queen, HER MAJ is having a birthdee and is 92.  YES 92.
3.  Owner's daughter has only gone and got herself a job!
4.  Owner may be in touching distance of one herself.....X
5.  The World Championship Snooker is on folks for TWO Entire WEEKS xxxxxxxx

There we are! From 2016 BUT it stands the test of time folks, because John Virgo our best and fave commentatototototor, is bound to say this at some point as it is his CATCHPHRASE.  We love him.XX
So folks I do hope you have some good news in your lives too.  owner is blaming it all on Mercury going forwards and all sorts of other interesting but confusing planetary activity (need a lie down now...X) I cannot tell you folks how I am hanging onto the hope that soon VERY SOON, I can wave Owner off to work in the morning and enjoy the rest of the day until she falls back in moaning and droning on about it all.  I Love it.X

In the very silly old world of pollytics, Tresa Grey has a new catchphrase and is HOW VERY SORRY SHE IS ABOUT everything.  About the rules she made, about the mistakes she didn't make, about how sorry she is OH NO she just said that anyway it is one long round of sorries with Amber rudd thrown in for good measure.  Jezzer is only sorry he is not sorry and Vinnie does keep piping up a bit now but NOT to say he is sorry. Donwald the Trump just keeps saying things and no one PERSONNE sets any store as they may or may not be true and even if he is wrong he is not SORRY.

Over on the telly, we have clung to serious things folks Like, the murder of Stephen Lawrence who was a lovely teenage lad until a fateful night back in 1993. BUT, this horrid murder did change history and Owner is still thinking about his Mum, Doreen who would not give up until the (long word.  I must get ready for it) perpetrators (gasp) were jailed.  it took a long time but the wheels did turn folks.  It all makes Owner drone on about how this country isn't as good as it could be.  when Owner is not cuddling up to true life drama she is cuddling up to pretend drama like Corrie where the storyline has been about steroids (Robert said he would stop but he lied now he says he will stop and he means it as Chelle is his world. I know X) David and his bottled up rage. so far it has bottled off on his entire family and Gary. and Ranah was nearly kidnapped by her parents but Kate and co set her free.  Eileen has come out of hiding and made a friend.  NO it is not a serial killer, just a drug using, thieving lying woman who happens to be Seb's Mum.  Enders which has turned into the Staycee and KAT show got turned off and I did worry for a minute it would make Owner shout but no.
tonight Casualtee is suspended due to a big birthday concert for the Queen.  I BET SHE WOULD RATHER WATCH Casualtee shouted Owner when she found out PLUS she daren't tell daughter as she loves it too.  Instead we may cling to Brits got some measly and weird talent.X

Bertrude is enjoying the fine weather by bathing in patches of sunlight up above; Ruggles went straight out on Thursday and Friday and would not come back in until late aft.  ME? thanks for asking well I bob in and out and in and out and check the food levels in my saucer etc. I also kept Owner hard at it with the new application forms for registering with the latest agency.  AT LEAST Owner I said to her, in a very encouraging way, THEY HAVE NOT ASKED FOR YOUR UNIQUE SELLING POINTS.
Owner did not reply to that and I won't bring it up again. End of.X

What with Royal Birthdays and babies due and weddings there is a LOT to look forward to folks, and who knows, we could be lucky lucky lucky next week.  YES Kylie is singing at the concert tonight as is Sir Tom and a few others belting it out.  We may tune it for a bit of it droned Owner to me, it is a special Concert.  I did say you've changed your tune! but in a tiny whisper from upstairs on my giant nest so she may not have heard me..................X

Have a warm and sunny week ahead folks and BE LUCKY, big love Wonka X

Saturday, 14 April 2018


Now what Wonka? you all want to know about this latest LOVE IN of mine.  Everywhere you look and turn round folks is talk of guns and war and bombing and wotnot SO FOR TODAY I am declaring a BIG WONKA LOVE IN.  End of.  YES Owner agrees with this whole heartedly and says she is fed up to the back teef (what is left of them) with horrid strikes on war torn areas.  The common people she droned to me, are taking the brunt of the actions of a few selfish thick skulled money making power crazed MEN.  I means.XX

Here we are folks!! something to cheer us all up it is the latest #Mumsteds and is starring Blue Seal and Frida Kahlo (Owner has spelt this in as many ways as you can dream of and settled on that spelling)  End of. X
Now in other news AS YOU KNOW Owner sped off on an adventure that took her via St Pancras and the Eurostar to the Netherlands!!! it was a fab journey BARRING one thing.  Owner received a message from Eurostar advising her return journey was cancelled because those pesky French were having a train strike!! Did it spoil her journey Wonka you all shout at me worried and stressed just like she was !!! OF COURSE IT DID.  Owner has since blamed it ALL on Mercury being in retrograde.  In meantime she had an ace time with beloved (??!!) daughter and grandson in Helmond which she reports to me is as clean as a whistle and beauty pink blossom everywhere.  She even went to Eindhoven (GORGEOUS Wonka she droned to me - they all went for lunch in a Happy Eating cafe for Happy Vegans...X) and ended up in Brussels station for the journey home.  She loved it BUT was glad to be home.
There she is!! Tis Peggy who now resides in Helmond and is the most spoilt cat there!! Owner brought her a packet of my favourite seaside Felix biscuits too.  I know. Lots of kisses over the North Sea to you Peggy!! X
In other dreary news Tresa Grey keeps pretending to be acting in the interests of the people when instead she is swept along by her tatty cabinet and talking to Donwald the Trump who as far as we know is making it up as he goes along, and doing this all by himself.  Angela Merkel who may be the only one left talking sense, is talking sense. Jezzer has made a few noises from the allotment and Vinnie sounded off in some echo chamber somewhere too.  The Greens are active on Twitter but then so is all else.  Owner is fed up to the ---OH I've said that once she is very fed up then.  WILL SHE STILL VOTE FOR Jezzer you all want to know suddenly interested in Owner's swing from centre ground to a couple of degrees to the left.  FOLKS who knows?  Does the wind blow off the sea?? Did that Roman have a revelation on the road to Damascus? XXX
We have clung folks clung to Corrieogginstreet and loved nearly every minute eXCEPT the silly dragged out story of Evah's babe.  She went and tolt AYden that is Ayden who gave Carling Black eyebrows the kidney - and Ayden says he does not believe the babe is his.  Without a test.  Evah has changed her mind (what mind Owner shouted at the telly) and is still giving the babe to Toytown and Peetah (Peetah does not know any of this as yet but Symon his mixed up son does) and Adam who is not the father well Evah say he is to Ayden and now it is all a bit silly and Shakespeare would have been up all night writing the end.  Owner has managed to watch another violent and blood soaked episode of Gianni Versace without whimpering and there is Casualtee to look forward to tonight.XX
Listen up folks!! KLAXON - you know Owner has been on the scrap heap and that unique selling point consultant thingy wotsit has ensured this continued?? Well an old consultant from Owner's previous agency only went and emailed her with an offer of work!! I have rarely seen Owner so excited for weeks.  This same consultant who Owner used to babble to, argue with and cry to on the end of the phone whilst sitting shivering with fear in her car having stumbled from a classroom and wicked Skool - well now he is her best friend folks!! this is the same Owner who declared I AM NEVER GOING BACK Wonka.  I know.X  But the fact remains (if I can use that word without Owner hearing me and spitting and shouting x) if I am to live in a luxurious manner oh alright and Ruggles and Bertie Bubb then some more money must fall into Owner's bank account.  I have not recounted Owner's long and sorry calls with the HMRC and royal London and I'm not going to. I AM NOT IN THAT TAX BRACKET Wonka she shouts to me!! folks at this rate we are not in any tax bracket!!! X
Now next week looks alright to me - that horrid mist and grey and cold and mizzle weather has lifted and there is view out of the window.  YES I am fine really, and enjoyed the little break whilst Owner was dallying around the Netherlands - Bertie knew no different and Ruggles only got in my way once.............................X
Have a Sunny Purry Furry week folks!! Big Love Wonka XX

Thursday, 5 April 2018

A Midweek Special!

THANKS WONKA you all shout up fed up already now that the huge and long Easter Weekend and merriment or whatever it was for you, is PAST.  Some things though have stayed the same

1. It was raining before Easter and is still is.

2.  Owner is still going on a mini break and is making hundreds of lists and post it notes.  AND repacking her bags AND telling me all about it - and guess what folks? YES that is it!! I do not want to hear about it.  The responsibility of looking after Ruggles and Bertrude well it is a mammoth task folks.  End of.

3.  Cleaning up.  the monster keeps coming out of its hidey and doing things in the kitchen and the stairs. AND making a lot of noise too.

There we are!! I am also busy checking out front AND out back folks, so really busy busy busy. I love it.X
What else folks has been happening in my miniscule world?  Owner has been talking of Jezzer in a kindly way and I did say you've changed your tune Owner what has brought that on and she babbled about an article and a chap called Jonathan Freedland or something very like that and she says: HE HAS MADE ME THINK AGAIN Wonka.  Personally I think anyone other than Tresa Grey and her dodgy cabinet is worth a look in and you know how we do love Vinnie but Folks, when it comes to casting our spells I mean votes we must be sensible. I mean, what with Donwald the Trump and his nonsense and never mind his hair and the golfing, and Boris keeps spouting nonsense over here, we do need an alternative, and folks, if Jezzer isn't an alternative, I'll eat Rugglesis tea up.  OH, I already do that!! X
Over in the tellyworld, Enders has gone to the dogs or Stacey and her family anyway which now includes KAT and thingy.  In Corrie we all thought Feelan had dropped into the sea and drowned but NO!!! It turns out he used up yet another of his lives and has rescued himself whilst Eileen has been arrested for being an accessory OR a murderer OR just plain daft.  All are saying how could she NOT have known Feelan was busy seeing folk off and burying them in concrete? Only Eileen.....X
There we are folks! Tis Achilles from the drama on Beeb one called Troy.  Owner has taken against nearly all the main characters in it BAR Achilles.  She cannot abide Helen who has caused all the war to start with and will not do the honourable thing and leave (says Owner) I did say to Owner if you were married to someone horrid (one of those pesky Greeks) and you had a chance to hot foot it with a scrumptious Trojan (Hector's Big Bruv Paris stroke alexander) and have a better life and all....................but she was too busy droning and moaning on about Helen to hear me.  It is the last one this Satdee and it can only end in tears folks - a bit like Casualtee where even Charley Farley could not bring Robyn's dead hubbie back to life.  I know.X
What with the commonwealth games, the world championship snookerooni and Royal babes on the way I think April is all set to be a busy bee month folks and who knows, Owner may come back with a plan of action to GET A JOB and EARN some £s.  Do have a good week yourselves folks and don't put the wellies, hats, socks, gloves and scarves away just yet,
Have a big fat furry purry week folks! Big Love Wonka X