Monday, 30 September 2013

Magical Mundee

Wonka here.  Now I have gone back to normal (font I mean) though I might do a paragraph or two eh.  Weather wise we are still in the grip of beauty sunshine and blue blue sky.  Warm and mild and we love it.  Now why magic you say?  Well I'll tell you good folks out there in the big wide world,  Owner woke up and got up (this is a good sign) so I wasn't starving all morning although I am being a fussy eater (Owner said) and then slowly came to life luckily 5 mins before the phone did ring with a booking for Owner!!  yes!!  and not where she was before but another nice place.  so off Owner goes at 8 am with a smile and not a frown in sight.  I was able to relaxez vous and take it easy, thankfully Owner had made the bed before rushed off.

Fresh paragraph to keep you on your toes and I may even go mad and increase the font size...  where were we?  Oh yes, Ruggles outside on time for his overflowing plate of best luxury catfood with a tempting morsel of real chicken on the side (almost want to eat it myself).  he had a look at my plate of biscuits and had one or two so Owner had to clean it all round sterilise the saucer etc, we love it.

!! what else has happened?  Owner sat up and watched all these nice singers get voted off that hex factor programme with Shazzer and Gazzer and Louis and the one who they all pretend to think is hot.  Doesn't look hot to us folks, looks as cold as ice (sure that a song).  got through that with a whole audience shouting 'swap swap swap' and 'pick pick pick'.  No wonder Owner can't sleep or think straight is it?  then it was the big house with the nice family that have slaves to do all their work for them (if only).  Tonight Owner has had to deal with yet another horrid email all about expenses and I have had to say 'calm calm calm!'.  We shall watch corrie x 2 and Enders to put in good mood.  Now I want you all to go steady out there.  Must dash as quite worn out now.  Fresh para

Big Love Wonka x

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Swim back Sundee

Wonka here.  Yes I know this is writ large and I'll tell you why in a minute.  First off not to frighten my faithful yet small band of followers away, a forecast.  another beauty day, with that blue blue sky and sun sun sun.  We loved it all day long and look forward to a sunset. (fresh paragraph now)

Why this big silly writing and spaces between you ask?  All down to an old friend of Owner giving indirect advice.  Explain you say.  all it is, is, this old friend put out a link on that twitter thing and when Owner went on it did it tell us off for what we were doing before (small continuous writing) and suggest this kind of thing instead.  well I'm not keen and Owner thinks it's turned it into a children's corner.  Jury will be back with a decision tomorrow folks. (press return now).

(twice I meant).  Now more importantly Owner got a grip and went swimming instead of silly excuses like the week old cold and feeling rough etc.  Only hiccup was the girl/child behind the counter enquiring after age of Owner....could have gone nasty but didn't.  Pool nice and empty (stars thanked) and Owner had pleasant de stressing swim.  Can't be bothered to give us any more paragraphs so will just run on now.  Last night Owner had far too many fruitgums and felt fat and ugly at the end of it.  Watched far too many reality show with would be dancers and singers.  our ears were ringing and that Hex Factor has changed all the rules and invented a new musical chairs game.  Owner needs familiar things at the moment due to ever changing landscape of work (I rather like that description) so this not good idea however we are addicted to it and will watch tonight.  Ruggles has been and fed on real chicken in the kitchen and I had to observe his comings and goings from my lookout from the dining room.  Photo to follow:
So there I am folks keeping an eye out.  Owner says not sure about this font and all the daft spacing (to be reviewed I said!).  But don't I look drop dead gorgeous??   Must go as this new paragraph and size have quite worn me out.  Go steady out there folks wherever you are in the world.  Big love Wonka x

Saturday, 28 September 2013

silly Satdee

Wonka here.  Usual first things first and that's an up to the minute weather forecast been a beauty day, blue sky, sunshine, infact dazzling sunshine and warm enough to dress down.  Owner brightened up and after a shaky start on about sore throats and still got cold etc, started to move up a gear!  Adrenalin rush when Daughter rang to say had only 15 mins to get to the station and no sign of taxi (booked yes it was booked).  Deep breathing and staying calm Owner ran through a few options like plan a) start walking up the street towards the taxi that hasn't appeared yet b) get next train c) not end of world (yes, yes it is!!) d) never use that taxi firm again e) text me when something else has happened.  so guess what, daughter sent text said by a miracle got on train with 4 mins to spare.  Said taxi driver one of those reliable old style ones that drives like a maniac smoking and talking and turning round to make a point instead of studying the road ahead.  We love him and daughter should use him every time.  So did meet at station this end, got more food and a dvd.  Now the film I have to own up, was so easy to follow, when you normally need a post graduate certificate in anything to keep up with the plotline and is it me or do they all now mutter and whisper their lines instead of good old fashioned shouting??  It was that nice Will Smith and we did love him in I robot, and I legend (we think that's the titles.) but this one, well it had a strapline thingy saying, danger is real but fear is a choice.  Hmm, Owner says surprised can remember it, as is dull and boring says.  the older ones, like Jack Nicholson who said, and I quote: 'you want the Truth?? you can't handle the Truth!'  we love him and hear he has retired for worrying over forgetting stuff like lines and that.  Now after the film and stuffing our faces we all got ready for their journey home.  I had tummy tickles and cuddles and all in all I love them both even more.  and forgiven grandson for not getting here on Owner's big day.  Now we did watch a lot of tv last night keeping going until the end of the American Hex factor it was so good.  Like a dessert really to our starters (corrie and Enders) our main course of Strictly and the new dancers - Martin is our fave.  he is a big funny lad from the north east we think.  Tonight is  even more of a talent fest with more Strictly, and more home grown hex Factor where they all try to sing at the bootcamp thingmybob.  We hope Gary Barlow shows some signs of life, and Mummy Sharon well she is over the top and the hill but does entertain us.  Ruggles has returned (no sign of Tinkers) and trotted straight in for his tea time, proud as you like.  I am worn out due to visitors you know and having to roll round on the luxury carpet to entertain.  Owner has stayed calm and happy throughout the day, laughing at this, smiling at that, and we have high hopes that her fortunes, like the turning wheel, will come back round.  Go steady out there in the world wherever you are.  Big love wonka x

Friday, 27 September 2013

Thankfully Fridee

Wonka here.  Here follows an Owner report!  very ill so went back to bed with Dr Sleep.  It's a book!!  by Owner's all time favourite author Mr Stephen King.  So that was just the ticket as I went up to keep company and cheer up and goodness me fell straight to sleep myself!!  Whilst this going on, we had bad news number 1.  knock back for the opportunity from the preliminary meeting.  Although Owner reports this was expected and took in good humour.  Just about.  went back to bed after phone call and so did I.  ~Bad news number 2.  and to misquote the hero of Dr Sleep who is Dan (grown up from Danny) Owner's job still there except someone else is doing it.  Oh yes. Really this is bad news but good news (says Owner) as although loved the client group (young people) as usual found some of the adults hard to bear (tried to put this aspect of Owner's personality right but not winning out.  Got a very low tolerance factor and always comes to the crunch.)  I said to Owner I said, could you have bitten your lip and looked pleasant about having to do what you didn't want to do?  Owner says pretending to be grateful and being subservient not in her nature.  End of.  Moving on to bit of good news, is that daughter and grandson rallying round and coming to visit tomorrow.  We love this and are glad and happy.  Owner sped off to nearest and dearest supermarket (the one where that person used to follow her round.  not any more.) and bought shed loads of food and nice things.  (I know you are asking how will we pay for it now no job.  Prayers that's how prayers.).
So all things considered, we are quite happy and upbeat.  no job and no money but we feel better.  Now tonight we have corrie x2 and Enders x 1 and then strictly that's the dancing show where they all, well, dance.  by the way I have a photo of our two outside cats, on the left is Tinkers and on the right near to the step ladders  is Ruggles:
 At last you say we can see who they are.  now must dash as Ruggles needs his tea time and Owner thinks he may be after Tinkers..... we will watch and wait.  Now please go steady wherever you are in the world and I promise to look after Owner.  Big love Wonka x

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Have a go Thursdee

Wonka here.  Weather report to follow:  gone very warm and sunny. for this time of year.  one minute warm next minute not. up down up down up down and how's your father?  Or is it bob's your Uncle?  we have lots of those sayings here in sunny England folks.  Have to whisper news that Owner very run down and says given up (tried to rally I really really have).  Says horrid day at work.  sort of walked out (you know I have been dreading this folks, I mean what will we live on?  shall I starve? etc) Turns out sudden change of routine threw Owner out (of comfort zone) feel undermined (Oh no) and demoralised (bring out the violins now.  I may have to go under the bed.).  All this on top of feeling rough culminated (I do love that word is it a verb|?  is it a doing word?  I culminate, they culminated etc) in Owner coming home at lunchtime instead of being brave and soldiering on.  I mean Owner is the last one to give up as a rule.   But I have to agree, sometimes, situations need giving up on.  Has not stopped since arriving home via well known supermarket spending money we no longer have.  (that credit card will be poised to take a bashing).  Now on the bright side, if I can find one, ooh yes, Owner loves new Stephen King book and will probably read it fast.  devour it even! also on bright side it is Friday tomorrow yes.  also on bright side has not as yet got a knock back from anyone about any opportunity.  so that's three positives already!  We are to watch Enders despite twisted love, weird looking Kirsty and Ian's endless family thingys.  Oh and recovering Lauren slipping into the arms of a nere do well (spelling).  there might be something else on like that educating Yorkshire but not sure if that's a good idea at the minute after the day Owner had.  I will send a giant prayer up for it all to come right.  (to the God of poor situations).  Now ruggles will be waiting for his tea time so must go and check.  Go steady out there folks and be strong! Big love Wonka x

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Wicked Wednesdee

Wonka here.  First off weather update folks and it's maybe sunny where you are in the world or bitter cold but right here, well it's that drizzly rain. so it's wet wet wet.  Yes.  But are we downhearted? No.  Why you say???  I would have said first off, but I've already said that so instead I'll say 1.  Owner bright and breezy despite yes despite ongoing cold and sneezing.  2.  got up on time and liked outfit for preliminary meeting.  3.  Thought meeting went well and came back really upbeat 4,  managed to attend a meeting with elderly bruv and his consultant plus 'worker' (Owner cannot abide) without being rude or speaking out of turn. (thinks) (I reckon body language will have told all.  thinks) 5.  then went for bust and visited aged parent.  Home still smiling, and thinks all clothes belonging to aged parent still there.  All staff were fed up and Owner says helped by talking it through (this means they will mount giant complaint to management).  and last but not least 6.  Owner put her latest music love on and that's the Mavericks 'in time' and been singing and swaying ever since.  Me?  I can hardly hear you above the music but I think I'm alright. had a small playfight with Ruggles under the good door between dining room and kitchen.  Both seemed to enjoy it.  Maybe ruggles didn't know I lived here??  No sign of Tinkers as yet but bagloads of food in the shed incase.  Rug as you know now feeds on giant overflowing plate in the kitchen.  Now I am going to show you a blurry photo of Baba's miracle Buddleia as amazingly it is starting to flower!!  I told Owner off as poor photo but hope you can see beautiful bloom on the end.

Baba's Buddleia!!  We miss him so much he would proud of that flower in late September he would.  No I don't want a kitten!!  Now last night we early went funny with the daft storylines in Enders and tonight it is darling Corrie to entertain us with evil David's brother in a coma, Stella threatening to 'move on' from her disastrous marriage to evil incarcerated Carl and dying Hayley to meet her son when she was a man.  following it so far??  and then we're not sure if anything else on.  But folks I want to share this last glorious good news item with you all.  Owner is now proud owner (hee hee) of Stephen King's Dr Sleep|!!!!  and this might have been what really made her smile (not popping to dentist to make an appointment and he is still on his Hols!! come back our nice Dentist!) now go steady out there folks and have a lovely evening or day.  Must dash as feeling peckish.
 Big love Wonka x

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

stress laden Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Gone overcast and dull here but still mild.  There, that is your weather forecast folks!it's sort of not warm enough for full on  Summer wear and not cold enough for mittens. Owner still busy in the throes of the cold.  volleys of sneezing and endless blowing nose.  And endless saying how rough feels.  What about me you ask?  managing fairly well, just doing a fair bit of sleeping, bit of eating, more sleeping, more waking Owner up as sleeping through alarm going off.  it goes off, then stops for ten minutes then goes off then stops......well this went on for half an hour folks!!  Finally got up (said feeling rough.  don't we know it!)  Got out on time even looked fairly normal although said felt old ugly tired and fell back in later on with a good supply of cat litter and food (was beginning to worry and fret).  Guess what though?  bet you can't guess what.  Owner lost bit of tooth.  yes.  No not the new crown one, but the other one.  Says now wants to give up eating and brushing teeth.  I knew this would happen the minute our nice dentist packed off on his hols.  Best not to remind Owner about tooth just now says feeling really wretched.   I put this down to ridiculous plotlines and just pure lines in enders.  The gangly toothy one (there I've referred to teeth but it's inevitable with the soaps they all have shiny white gnashers and not a loose filling in sight) called Michael is interfering with the twisted love story of the girl who looks after his baby and her current amour, Tam.  he is Asian with the necessary set of white gnashers.  Beyond this annoying story is the one where the black guy who says 'dat' instead of 'that' is refusing his son's offer of a kidney which will save him from certain death.  As I say, no wonder Owner feels rough.  Now on with the hospital thing, where they all get emotionally involved with the patients and all the staff are involved with all the staff and/or having a baby.  We aim to be in bed for 9ish at this rate.  Now Ruggles is now popping in and out of the kitchen to feast on his overflowing plate of best cat food and real chicken.  No sign of tinkers lately though.  Owner too ill to worry about it but I will keep an eye out in between napping.  Now please go steady out there as half way through week nearly and don't forget Owner got that meeting thingy tomorrow so needs beauty sleep! (under the bed I go....)  Big love Wonka x

Monday, 23 September 2013

Mundee Mundee

Wonka here.  Still warm.  Owner still got cold, still sneezing, says throat sore and like death warmed up.  I mean.  toss turn turn toss all night long, I don't know how I stood it!  I have to get settled you know so was pleased when alarm went off.  And, I had to stay downstairs on guard.  For what you ask?  Rather proud as it is an enormous prehistoric insect,  Owner had to put glasses on to see it properly and first off announced it to be 'a giant moth!' praised me up no end and then threw it out the back door.  Then had second thoughts and thought it was a cockroach |Jury still out but naturally we cannot miss this as a photoshoot opportunity.
It is like something out of a Stephen King horror isn't it!!  We are fairly sure it is a giant insect of some variety.  A very dead giant insect.  Owner praying this is not an invasion as never seen anything like it.  Lucky I was on duty eh.  Now Owner says had half decent day and puts it down to being very tired so very relaxed so very alright about things would normally be in a twizzle about.  Stayed up late watching that nice singing show and we even saw some (singers) then we watched our favourite drama Downton Abbey about upper class people who had slaves and fairly straightforward love lives.  Their slaves had even more interesting love lives, or just lives.  Now tonight we will manage 2 x corrie and one Enders.  As Owner only had about 5 inches of sleep we will be trotting to bed early and hoping for sweet dreams.  Talking of which Owner is expecting delivery of that nice Stephen King's new book, Dr Sleep to arrive tomorrow!!  don't have nightmares about our insect will you?  now ruggles has been and again eaten his real chicken in the kitchen.  I admit to putting my paws under the kitchen door from the dining room to introduce myself.  yes.  Now I want you all to go steady as only first day of the week.  Must dash now.  Big love Wonka x

Sunday, 22 September 2013

sneezy Sundee

Wonka here.  Howdy doody folks, docvedanya and all of that jazz.  Yes you got it, Owner still blowing nose every few minutes and sneezing in roughly volleys of three to four.  sometimes it has been two.  Managed to raise up fairly early doors though so I wasn't starving whilst she slumbered on.  I begged not to hoover downstairs and did Owner listen?  yes?  so just nice and dust free upstairs and the usual bits and bobs laying on the delux carpets down below.   did go out later on for some more supplies and again I had high hopes of some decent pouches, and not the six or seven half eaten ones lined up by the kitchen sink.  Obviously I've tried them but you wouldn't eat it if you didn't like it would you?  Owner said I am very fussy but I beg to differ.  Just because I loved the tuna one yesterday does not mean I will love it today, and I don't.  We are on the look out for ruggles as not yet sighted although this does happen come the weekend.  Owner will worry until sighted and I have a rare job talking her down as you know.  One good thing (for Owner), Owner has now played the Mavericks new CD called 'in time' over and over and says loves it.  Me?  I might come to love it 'in time!!' (thought you'd appreciate that folks).  Now you will want a weather report and it went boiling hot.  This is set to continue until midweek says weather lady.  So away with the thick jumpers, gloves and scarves and back out with the vests and shirts and sandals.  No wonder Owner got cold eh.  Now on the box tonight we are in for a treat.   Not just the hex factor which I have to say was lacklustre last night and we think Gary B only has one or two at the most expressions.  Even Sharon's facial muscles move!! but Downton back on Yes!  We expect to have hankies at the ready! for both shows.  Now I want to wish you all a good week to come and give you the heads up that Owner has a 'preliminary meeting' yes!  it is about a job and not the job she is doing either.  Can Owner pull it off|?  On a good days folks on a good day...  must dash, got to check if ruggles out there.
big Love Wonka x

Saturday, 21 September 2013

sore throat satdee

Wonka here.  Quel Surprise folks, did it go very mild and sunny out there.  People trotting around with tea shirts and sandals on and Owner said town was jammed packed with grown ups, children, old people, buskers, feathery people playing flutey things, it was hellish (reports Owner).  Yes you guessed it, Owner has developed a cold in the night, says knew was ill in the middle of the night as had sore throat and hard to swallow.  Oh dear I said (hoping this won't affect my feeding routine or any other routine come to that.  so far so good).  Then it would keep sneezing and how annoying is that!!  Despite feeling ill though managed to complete a job application (for the job she is doing.  usually does not bode well.  haven't said this).  Then, got it together and rushed out into town to buy clothes for aged parent, more food for me and possibly something else.  after what seemed like a lifetime, finally fell back through the door with several bags of shopping.  I mean, me and Ruggles were waiting to be fed!  I got real chicken and once more does Owner entice ruggles into the kitchen where his overflowing plate of food is laid near to the good back door.  Bit later on does Owner spot Tinkerbelle dashing across the busiest road we know of, and then does another cat introduce itself at the gate!  think this one lives over the back way and sleeps on a wall.  Think it has a home, (Please).  So here we are again satdee night entertainment bring it on, that singing fest and hopefully some people being healed in minutes in Casualty with those nice Doctors and nurseys. So go steady out there and take plenty of Vit C that's what Owner doing to stay on feet and look after me properly!
Big love Wonka x 

Friday, 20 September 2013

Fraught Fridee

Wonka here.    Sun was out and in and out and in.  Was a bit warm then chilly then warm.  Owner blames all on Full Moon, which is says Owner a harvest moon.  What the difference says I?  anycase, it is proper big and shines so bright I can see who is in my yard at any time all night long.  and if it is the usurper, tinkers, or our pal Ruggles, I can race upstairs and see what's a doing from all windows.  Now how did today go then.  Owner managed to get up and get going, kept on about, thanks goodness end of week blah blah, and all I can think is, what's for tea, and have I got enough to eat, and please don't walk out of that job.  ~when Owner returned, fell in the door with pack loads of cat litter and food for me, I did heave a sigh of relief.  You don't realise how much I appreciate a nice clean tray.  If it needs emptying all I need to do is scrape ineffectually once or twice and fling myself out of it and lay down despondently at the side.  This works a treat as Owner goes on an instant guilt trip and rushes to clean and refresh.   Yes even if it makes Owner late to work!!  And guess what happened when Owner had finished dragging shopping through the door and going into a daydream about the intense day at work and whether to apply for the permanent job there or not, well Ruggles was asleep on the steps and went into one of those prolonged choking things, well that stood us all to attention!  Then Owner has idea to feed Ruggles in the kitchen, and leaves the good back door open, with a nice plate of real chicken and best cat food.  And guess what does he stroll in and chomp it up and have a good sniff round.  It is alright though, he has not moved in.  Now on the tv we loved that school thing and so did lots of other people.  tonight we are on with corrie x 2 and Owner must be very tired (with?) as says finding the dying Hayley storyline very sad.   also not sure about Stella's daughter falling in love with Stella's ex toyboy.  Can it work I question?  Now Enders has produced Peggy Mitchell visiting son phil who survived a nasty on purpose car accident and still has all faculties.  Fridee nights eh, we love them.  Oh Lordy another twisted love storyline in Enders with drunken recovering Lauren on with another recoveree.  Can only end in, well drunkenness!  oooher, and Philly is out of hospital!  Must dash, feeling in need of a nap.  go steady out there folks.
Big Love Wonka X

Thursday, 19 September 2013

didn't like thursdee

Wonka here.  not a good day no.  Owner said nearly walked out of job, I said you haven't, and Owner says no managed to hold on, I says thank goodness for small mercies (said a bigger prayer but didn't tell Owner.  we could starve you see).  Would only tell me that someone rude.  I ask you?  Now if it had been me, being rude to I mean, I would have immediately lept on them (spelling!) and even left a small scratch!  at the very least I would have given them a truly hard Paddington stare and ignored them.  yes I would have.  and if they had even tried to say sorry and be all creepy crawly and nice, I would still ignore them.  Now Owner says has flagged it up (is she going to join the armed forces? the navy) to a line manager now she knows who that is.  Said wanted to cry but didn't.  Well done I said, for not letting anyone see your emotional side! (nearly had to go under the bed).  So really folks I have to go easy on the carpet scratching, the being fussy over my 6 or 7 pouches and biscuits in saucers, and generally cheer Owner up.  What is there on the box you ask to make Owner smile?  well not Enders for a start off - although we missed Tuesdee's offering, I am not thinking we will find it hard to catch up with the twisted love, the yearnings of one wrong person for another, and then there's always someone wrongly accused in a prison.  If Owner can cope, may watch that nice educating Yorkshire if it isn't too close too home.  Now aside from all that, ups and downs agogo,, Ruggles has still not been in luxury igloo but nestling on old car seat, and Tinkerbelle is still alive despite whipping across one of the busiest roads in town.  Owner may write to council to complain.  yes.  I keep saying, and it is a trial keeping Owner happy and busy (looking after me) but tomorrow is another day and even better is a Fridee!!  And on a final positive note, the new tooth stroke crown is still holding up.  the nice dentist (we love him) would be pleased and we do hope he has a perfect holiday.  Now I want you all to enjoy your evenings wherever you are in the world and I promise to keep an eye on Owner.  Big love Wonka x

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

laid back Wednesdee

Wonka here.  Weather report:  gone  bit milder, was sunny all day, and sharp wind dropped.  How do I know you say if you a happy prisoner confined to a luxury carpeted dwelling?  Well I have all my senses thankyou very much and when Owner flings open a window do I take the trouble to sniff the little bit of air coming in.  And I observe the spindly Buddleia at the end of the yard blowing in the gale force wind if there is one.  And finally, I lay in very available sunspot.  Of course Owner wraps up well whatever the weather and has only stopped short of putting the earmuffs on.  Now laid back you say?  Well although a full on day for Owner (so says), which amounted to work, aged sibling followed by meeting about aged parent, came home smiling (is Owner in love I wonder??).  Did not go to shops for any nice food for me or any other further shopping, says worn out.  By??  Now tea is on and yes I have been fed roughly about 5 or 6 times.  Rug was waiting outside for his teatime and got a big treat of real chicken.  Owner went out to tidy up dish and who runs out of the shed but the usurper Tinkerbelle.  I think a photo shoot of both Ruggles and Tinkers is now due and will jog Owner to do.  In the meantime we are half way through the week and Owner has decided it is a 'fast week'.  This has reminded me of something else Owner has talked of and that is to describe a road as a 'fast thirty' road.  I think this means people get their foot down and do about 40 in a 30 mph zone.  So a fast week must mean zipping through the days at a seemingly quicker rate and thereby getting to Fridee tout suite!!  now what we may watch on the box tonight is our Corrie helping with Hayley dying by the episode.  Owner says nothing else on but where have I heard this before.  Must go as feeling peckish.  go steady out there folks.
big love Wonka x

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Trusting Tuesdee

Wonka here:  today went rather satisfactorily, for me, lounging on the settee, snuggled up against my cushions dreaming of nice things.  it may have rained a weensy bit out there who knows, the sun came out later on and although Owner reported a chill breeze stroke wind, I can't say it affected me any.  Now Owner dashed back from work and then dashed out again, was swearing about the parking situation in the street as said no one would wait whilst beloved car got reverse parked but insisted on swerving round.  Some folk are in such a hurry to get nowhere says I, but Owner busy concentrating on getting to Dentist for new pretend tooth.  The crown infact.  And has come back feeling alright plus likes new tooth.  Dentist is planning a holiday, so have warned Owner not to a) lose new tooth b) lose a filling c) need urgent dental treatment for the next 2 weeks.   We have to trust yes trust in all the powers of the known universe to keep Owner's mouth and teeth and gums hunky dory.  Now I have to pause here, as I have been on the blanket box spying out of the front bay window and sure I have seen Ruggles crossing the busy road for some tea time chez nous.  ~there will a lot more French phrases as Owner is popping over to the city of love come the New Year.  I have already had to put up with endless giggling about, well de rien folks de rien..... Back Folks!  it was beloved Rugtug over for his teatime and Owner thinks Tinkerbelle has nipped in the shed and pinched the first offering.  the Usurper cat stroke Tinkerbelle is like a little fly by night, it flashes here and there.  Now last night Owner very tired after the big birthday so we had an early night. No I didn't wake anyone up in the deep of the night running up and down stairs!!  Infact Owner woke me up, so there.  Said Moon nearly full as if that's any excuse for poor behaviour and that.  Tonight we will nestle in front of Enders, with continuing love stories of wonky love, down right twisted love, and we would like a helping of true love really.  May watch the other hospital thingy where most of the staff get on Owner's nerves but as I keep telling you it doesn't take much!   want you all to have an enchanting evening and remember to trust in the powers to make things right.  Big Love Wonka x

Monday, 16 September 2013

Hearty Mondee

Wonka here: as we all know after something nice has happened, there is the dread of nothing just as nice will ever happen again, or, by some mysterious universal law, the something nice must be balanced by something rotten.  Owner says there is a song that says whose turn is it now, while we lose.  roughly speaking or singing.  And I'd like to comfort you all by saying nothing rotten has happened!!  No...just the usual annoying stuff associated with going to work and doing a job and having to socialise with people we would normally leave by the roadside. (says Owner).  Me?  had a lovely day, peaceful. quiet. top day really.  Well I did get up in the  deep of the night and start racing about.  Owner very understanding and only woke up briefly to say what are you doing, what is the fuss etc.  Seemed to fall back to sleep quite quickly I thought.  Now last night was a bit fraught as Owner decided to book a holiday on the internet with no previous experience etc.  Thought had booked everyone into a broom cupboard, and get there by skateboard the fuss she made.  it is all alright I said, these people are experts at dealing with rubbish holiday bookers like you.  They love it!  Gives them a chance to twirl their customer service skills and get their NVQs in.  Would Owner listen?  Anyways, stayed up late dealing with that and watching very scary drama, the one about the dead girl in the attic.  Nice Len detective solved it and.....I won't spoil the ending incase you are still watching it, but have a couple of cushions ready.  Tonight, we take it easy with Corrie X 2, and dying Hayley and not coping Roy plus  the capture of villain Carl.  Enders has taken an even worse turn by having the reformed baby snatcher Ronnie (?) slurping and cuddling up to former hubbie Jack. It cannot be a good thing.  Now Ruggles is still refusing to go in the luxury igloo and slept on the old car seat instead.  Give it time I said.  Goodness me, I'm having to relax on settees and carpets, no luxury beds for me!!!! (well there is Owners I spose)  Now to cheer you up I am letting you see the miracle buddleia that Baba had near to him when he was still with us and in his kennel. 
Just like the beanstalk eh.  We do miss you Baba, and no kitten in sight (sigh of relief).  Now please go steady out there folks.  Big love Wonka x

Sunday, 15 September 2013

big Birthday Sundee

Wonka here: first off can I announce a successful birthday! despite threat of gale force winds (outside folks) and rain, we made it through the day.  I wonder if the champers took the edge of it?  Owner may be a bit tiddly winks but will not harm I said.  Hoping this relaxed state lasts all evening and perhaps a little into next week... ~what presents you ask?  smashing pair of jeans from daughter and a CD and book to follow, thank you royal Mail!!!  A divine glass ready and waiting for the champers to flow into it from good friend, chocs, and card galorious.  Owner only changed what was wearing once and did not complain to my knowledge of looking old or ugly.  Me?  thanks for asking, well I was playing with my Aunty (Owner's daughter to you) and goodness me did I scratch by mistake! all taken in good part and the two red lines on her arm will fade in time I know - and I do know this because when it happens to Owner, there is a short pause, a silent scream, and that's when I go under the bed folks, but I'd say on average about two to three weeks for it to go completely.  Where was I?  oh yes trying to put down a little of my day never mind Owners'.  |I did give the carpet a good proper scratching as a small demonstration to Owner's daughter of how deep the pile was.  I did stop when Owner shouted STOP THAT NOW.  Otherwise when they rushed off for lunch I settled down for a peaceful snooze on my settee and had a nibble of the catfood I left at breakfast.  Ruggles has not been yet for tea time and I do know Owner worrying he won't like his luxury igloo.  I'll keep you posted on that.  Owner did enjoy the cake and there is a photo shoot:
all in all a successful day and I'm proud it went as well as it did.  the only known argument was between owner's daughter and grandson which is natural (I had to say that), tonight we will be glued to the hex factor with all the singers who could possibly sing including 3 nice brotherly brothers (a reincarnation of the everley brothers??) now to sing in front of a big load of people going yay! and Boo! and woe!  then it will be that fave crush of Owner's David Threlfall as that nice detective Len trying to figure out who killed that nice girl in the attic.  We love it.  Now go steady out there as it's a brand new week coming up and anything could happen.  Anything really nice could happen!
big Love Wonka x 

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Bonzer day Satdee

Wonka here.  Can I say straight away I have experienced a really positive day and have sent up a load of thankful prayers to the Weekend god!!  And I do want to share with you what to do when you come up against a woebegone, tired (says) old (says) and ugly (says)Owner:  first off, pack it off to bed early doors with a nice cup of tea and a good book, second encourage it to face the problem head on.  yes I said head on and even run towards the problem (metaphorically speaking folks!!) embrace the problem and you will find happiness all round (my philosophy folks).  Next up, you need to encourage Owner to make that vital hair appointment.  And if the old hairdresser is not available yes that's it, you are getting the hang of this, then find a new one!  This could even be the one before the one before hairdresser.  If all of that isn't enough, Owner must go on a small spending spree preferably for non essential items.  yes and blow me down did Owner fall back through the good front door with all of that!  and even better, not mentioned, but a new toy for me,  yes it had a daft name but I love it and have included a small picture of me sat with it.  I really do love it, and Owner had to prise it open an sprinkle catnip in it.  Just managed to do this without too much trouble:
But here's the other thing Owner trots back with, thinks I didn't see it as smuggled down the passage way into the yard and into the shed for Ruggles!  It is a luxury igloo bed incase he freezes his socks off come winter.  I only hope Ruggles appreciates this gesture!  But Owner loves him you see.  And get this, does the Usurper turn up this afternoon, that's Tinkerbelle who travels at the speed of light and does not respond to friendly signals.  Infact now Owner is worried he/she will travel too fast over that dreaded road.  Another de stressing coping strategy ahead of me.  We are currently on dragon's den and they have knocked back everyone.  just everyone, they don't like anything or anyone.  After tea we plan to watch that nice talent show, the hex factor, where they will come on and sing to us.  Thankfully Casualty is back on with nice nursey Charlie and this should calm Owner down nicely before the big day approaches.  We have cake, cups, serviettes (all pink naturally), a birthday girl badge to pin onto snow leopard (don't ask) and some light flash stick things.  But best new of all?  Owner did have tidy up in the hair dept and looks so attractive someone is bound to fall in love.  Happy endings please.  Big love wonka x

Friday, 13 September 2013

Fridee Fridee

Wonka here.  Now to all you faithful followers I thank you for taking an interest in our small (yet important) lives to date.  It has been (says Owner) yet another dreary day to end a rather heavy duty week (again this is what Owner is saying.  Lordy!).....  In the words of beloved Gregg 'it dunt get tuffer!"  Why you say, all this negativity abounding??  Personally speaking, and of course I know best,  I put it down to the autumn blues coupled with gloomy dank weather, coupled with a thankless job, coupled with huge gigantic birthday on the horizon.  I know you will agree with me but can I convince Owner not to beat self up, wallow in self pity all evening.  Life is too short I shouted! (from under the bed).  I tell you it is an uphill battle.  A glass of red might change things eh.  Now I happen to know, and I think Owner might take note, that our current tennis crush, Novak Djokvic thingy is fighting back.  Yes, never mind losing to that other tennis crush Rafa, he is up boys and at em!  that's the spirit and Owner must surely be inspired.  Says one of the lessons pondered too long on an upbeat positive nay jolly theme and this has plunged Owner into the glooms.  I do agree, that forced humour and jolliness can wear one down.  Now to cheer us up though guess what!  double helpings of Corrie and it looks like the Detective Dev and slow on the uptake Jason have finally nailed the arson and murders down to that nasty villain Carl! confrontations at the registry office are happening!  and goodness me, his bride Stella doesn't suspect a thing!  Over on Enders, I have to boast that I was right all along about people saying they were leaving the square only to return two minutes later, and then people who we thought really had left the square and love trysts behind them were really there all the time.  Well Shakespeare know all about it anyway. And if Owner still gloomy after all of that there is a nice book to read to cheer her up. (Jamaica Inn folks - Owner actually went there remember?) . Ruggles we love him lots, has nested in the shed on the luxury carpet out of the rain so Owner cannot feel guilty about that (give it time).  Now I must dash as I may need to chase a mousey round or two to get Owner smiling again.  One day to countdown folks and then it's the massive birthday.
Big love Wonka x

Thursday, 12 September 2013

is it Fridee yet Thursdee

Wonka here.  Now Owner is so tired says can hardly be bothered to talk or anything.  Yes, and felt old and ugly too.  (not good signs leading up to giant birthday) encouraged to 'do' hair.  thankfully and I have sent up a prayer of thanks to the 'good hair' God Owner's hair now looks ravishing and Owner looks about 12 going on 12 and a half.  No honestly!  Well Owner up at crack of dawn and now wonders why worn out.  Instead of returning straight home to check on me went to town and bought things.  I have warned before about buying clothes when a) feeling tired b) bad day at work c) big birthday looming d) ready to kill someone no not really folks!!  but anyway Owner went and bought 2 items in that well known dept store where everything is sposed to be high quality at a price we can afford.  so it wasn't just any 2 items and you know the rest of the saying!  Luckily and again I have sent a prayer up to the 'buying when you are tired' God, one of the items made Owner look very attractive.  Praise be.  I can only put forward a strong case for cheering yourself up when tired and fed up by coming straight home to someone like me.  Oh and you ask how I am?? all things considered alright I think.  Tinkerbelle, the usurper was spotted in the yard (without a yard pass) eyeing up the shed for a snack.  Saw us and scarpered up the passageway.  Then ruggles arrived and sat on the step ladders outside (he has a yard pass for life) and was given a huge plate of food.  Am I jealous?  No.  I mean I can prise the lid of his food and scoop it out with my paw anytime.  It is still a bit dreary out there and maybe this is tiring Owner out too.  too much drear.  to cheer us up, there is Enders and the ongoing twisted plot of people leaving the square then not leaving the square and sisters supporting and loving each other then being told by Alfie to choose him or them (hobson's choice surely?) so how entertaining is that!!  If Owner can stay up might watch that nice educating Yorkshire all about school kids acting up all ready for the big wide world.  Now I want to wish you all a pleasant evening wherever you are in the world and if you are a tennis fan then Owner wants you to keep rooting for your current fave (Owner's is Novak don't forget!).
go steady out there, big love Wonka x

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

meltdown Wenesdee

Wonka here.  Well I ask you does it carry on raining and being chilly.  Owner put gloves on this morning despite fact might be laughed at.  Managed to stop from wearing ear muffs but has threatened to put them on.  Just because the temperature has dropped so much there is a slight snowfall in Scotland there is no cause for alarm (don't mention alarms eh).  so howcomes meltdown you ask?  Owner returned from day at work and said emotionally drained.  Why I said?  Just the students not coping said Owner.  Just the students I said?  Well alright I had a bit of a meltdown too says Owner.  Went through a few coping strategies with Owner like saying a prayer or two, apply for another job but don't take it if - and I say if, a million to one shot here - you get offered it.  That''s right Owner not heard anything back after pleasant interview and can only fear the worst.  I say look on the bright side.  What bright side says Owner?  You already have a good job I said (from under the bed this time).  Now I'm emotionally drained!  thanks for asking!  What else is happening?  It's mid week, that is happening, I got real chicken for tea and once again I said a small prayer of thanks to the chickens who provided that- Ruggles has been for breakfast and teatime and can look forward to suppertime too, Corrie is on tonight with the villain of the piece Carl looking more evil by the minute and that nice school boy Craig afeared for his life.  We love it.  We may watch Enders if we can keep up.  Finding all the relationships a bit daunting right now and going backwards forwards and how's your father.  Even Phil after that big operation and severe knock to the head has fallen back in love with that bitter looking mature shall we say woman called Shirley.  What about Sharon then?  As the baby stealer who has served time and mustn't continue to be punished is back on the square and after her ex husband who stood Sharon up at the aisle??  these are big questions.  There may a meltdown in the Queen Vic eh.  Now I must go as all this talk of meltdowns has worn me out and don't forget we are approaching the birthday of the century soon.  And no cake in sight.  hmm.  big love Wonka x

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Fire drill Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Owner had enough of today and glad it nearly over.  What I say?  yes says Owner,  for a start off the weather went really horrid.  Rain and wind and that is not a good combination.  next up says Owner did not have an uplifting experience at work.  No I says?  No said Owner.  it seemed to drag on an on with no one to have a laugh with or smile.  ~Well I said.    think it all went downhill for Owner once heard that current tennis crush Novak beaten solidly by my hero Rafa.  Rafa generous in victory but not heard how Novak has taken defeat.  If it were Owner would be gnashing teeth,  or perhaps not, knowing the state of them (sorry beloved Dentist).  Anyhow, the day dragged on and took an even more downward spiral when fire alarm went off a) at backend of day when all had enough and b) when rain and wind at their peak.  Owner took roll call of students without a pen and importantly without glasses, and was told not good enough.  did all over again with a pen etc.  I did cheer Owner up twice today.  First off by chasing one of my pack of mice round.  Owner said one of the students called it a scurry of mice.  and we like that.   I am showing you a blurred photo of the mouse and apologise for Owner's lack of camera know how on this occasion.  (First warning).  Then I made Owner laugh (if you only knew..) by hiding under the umbrella standing to dry near front door and racing up to the kitchen.  Now in keeping with a poor day, Owner may have compounded by visiting aged parent.  Says no, this went well (??).  Home and dry now and Ruggles fed too.  We look forward to a ridiculous episode of Enders now that the sister of the one who is marrying the one that is still in love with the one that met the newly released sister (from prison I did not mean a record) and will bring her back to the queen vic where the entire square will be gathered.  The fact that the newly released prisoner was in prison for stealing the baby of the one who had met her is by the by.  Also confusing is why they are all in the pub and not in front of the tv like me and Owner?  May watch the hospital thing.  May.  Now I want you all to look forward to tomorrow as it can only be better that today. 
well it's just one of the 'scurry'.  I love my mouseys.  For now, cherio folks.  Big love Wonka x

Monday, 9 September 2013

Mostly Mundee

Wonka here.  Owner can hardly speak as says too tired.  I said I hope this won't affect my tea time, just after my tea time pre supper time supper time and bed time snacks?  No answer.  Now I cannot report on the nice tennis match in noo York noo York with Owner's fave rave Novak and that beaut Rafa as not heard any news.  As soon as I hear I will tell you I promise.  what else?  Owner half watched hex factor and had to admit one of the girlie acts could sing and even tugged at heartstrings.  Who was it I said?  erm.  erm.  Oh yes says Owner, it was the nice lass from Dublin that Louis Walsh shed a tear over.  it seems she may be losing her house or something, not that this would have got her 4 yeses I'm sure.  Well today it seemed to move from glorious indian Summer straight into glorious autumn.  Owner has defied all the rules (don't put the heating on until October and also daughter will go mad) and put heating on.  is now too hot and clicked it off.  I don't know where to sit for the best.  I was up on the side by the cooker, but Owner opened oven and nearly scorched me to death!  Now because Owner is worn out though how I just don't know, all that happened was rushed off at 20 past 8 and fell back in at 10 to 4.  I mean, what's to do??  Me?  thanks for asking, ready for a relaxed evening in front of beloved Corrie, strange storylines in Enders, especially as the villain of the square is still alive oh yes and another villain who snatched a baby is now out of prison.  What really puzzles though is how most of the square are in love with this heavily made up, birdsnest hairstyle non cultured mature woman (according to Owner)?  What is the attraction?  Anyhow after that Owner says will be having an early night.  We'll see.  Ruggles has been for tea time and had afters because he stayed on the step.  this is how I can sniff him through the backdoor.  Must dash as need a nap now.  big love Wonka x

Sunday, 8 September 2013

celebrating Sundee

Wonka here.  Yes we are both alright thank you very much and as for me, a rather nice sundee sprawled out on my two cushions (as you saw yesterday) in dreamy land.  Well I may have got up once or twice to check my dish (same food in it) check for Ruggles (he popped round and gobbled up his plate of best chicken and superior catfood) and check out the front (usual passers by but watching out for new neighbours).  Owner?  got up in very happy mood but didn't know why.  did you have a good dream I said.  Owner could not remember.  Continued to be happy even when dressed said liked what had on and wait for it, liked hair.  I am at a loss to know what has brought this positive even sunny state of mind on, and if I ever find out don't worry you will all be party to it.  Then Owner dashed off to see daughter and celebrate birthday number two.  if you will recall, there were three big birthdays, so two down and Owner's to go.  Said had proper cake with happy birthday daughter (her name) on it in pink icing, and all sang.  If I were lucky enough to have a cake and candles I know what I'd wish for.  Now don't laugh and don't be sad either, but I would wish for another cat just like Baba, but perhaps not quite so simple.  And perhaps more sturdy. And not so smelly.  Enough on that or we will all be crying into our hankies.  Now Owner is full up on the cake and all the crisps and that so has not had any tea.  This means will be starving at bedtime, just when they say you shouldn't scoff any food.  In the meantime Owner just noticed there is a double helping of Corrie on tonight and is even happier than before (is she in love?? now I never thought of that).  Then there is the singing show where everyone tries hard to sing and some of them actually manage it, and then there is Owner's latest crush on tv, that nice David Threlfall in what remains.  That's the one where that nice girl lay in the attic unnoticed for 2 years and none of the neighbours noticed.  I know you will be asking where is the photo of the cake then?  In deference to daughter who is photoed out as it were and does not want to see anymore ghastly or otherwise photos of herself, (Owner is strangely of the same mind - about herself I mean) so even the cake cannot be pictured here.  Instead I leave you with one of me crushed onto the side of the cooker:
I've got to sit somewhere for goodness sake!  Now I want you all wherever you are to go steady and enjoy your Sundee evening.  We did hear on the radio that our current tennis crush Novak thingy is in the final with heartthrob Rafa.  Owner will be rooting for Novak but I may yet champion Rafa.
  Big Love Wonka

Saturday, 7 September 2013

meet the monkeys Satdee

Wonka here.  Now don't laugh but Owner just switched on the tv, no turned over rather (been watching hex factor repeat and now wonders why they all got four yeses) and there was a nice cameraman having his head examined by a monkey!  we did laugh.  They are in the jungle.  All very green and a far cry from what we laughingly call civilisation.  Now we did hear that the huge country place called Australia has got itself a new governing party and no, it is not a load of monkeys although this could be the secret way forward, but we thought we heard the labour party is out.  Should that nice schoolboy Ed listen up?? Owner said woke up with red eyes plus itchy and goodness knows I had to agree (from under the bed).  dashed round the house watering plants and stuff although I can't say it made any difference as house looks just the same to me.  I wonder if being on ground level most of the time - well now there is a nice thick carpet to sprawl on - means I see it differently? just a thought folks.  yes Owner went swimming and, wait for it, bought three new costumes for aged parent to try.  Surely one of them will fit??  Please??  Good news was, aged parent actually liked one of them.  Yes.  Owner would try on the other two and no matter how much I say look you are no longer the slim line version of yourself you are now a bit cuddlier, does Owner take heed? No! Had to admit defeat and will take them back to the shop.  Luckily hasn't put Owner in old fat ugly mode.  As yet.  Now last night, did our nice nervous and tearful Les Dennis lose in the cooking fest.  So did shouty Janet, so it was quiet Ade who lifted up that trophy.  Did love it. other than that Owner said exhausted and traipsed off to bed.  Rug did call for supper and got some.  Right now he is eating real chicken and loving it.  Do we spoil our best strays, yes we do.  Now tonight we have a double helping of reality.  We have strictly and a load of new favourites to find, and then it's more of that singing and I'm afraid that's a no etc on the hex factor.  I thought you might like a little picture of me relaxing
It really is comfy on there especially when Owner gets out of the way.  Now I want you all to relax and go steady.  it's the weekend for goodness sake!  Big Love Wonka x ps Baba's miracle buddleia is nearly blooming and the minute it does you will have a nice picture of it. x

Friday, 6 September 2013

totally totalled Fridee

Wonka here.  As predicted by an army of weather forecast experts plus Owner's sibling who let's face it, knows more, the hot weather has 'turned' and it transformed into a dankish day.  By dankish I mean, sort of damp and gloomy with a bit of hill mist thrown in.  Are we downhearted by this??  Yes!!! we wanted our summer to last well into autumn.  But who knows, it could still make a comeback.  Despite it being not so warm I still managed a pleasant snooze once Owner had flung out to work.  Has come back saying very tired, too tired to talk and just wants to zone out in front of the box (tv) and this is different from???  Now I did hear that our nice Mr Andy Murray has gone and flunked it in the grand slam thingy in New York.  You know how they like to report it was 'three straight sets' for good measure.  Hmm.  I wonder if Owner's current heartthrob (barring all the others) Novak is still batting away.  Now last night we managed to watch this thing about education.  A 'fly on the wall' (as opposed to the fly on our top window) educating Yorkshire it were called to use Yorkshire speak, and really we were not surprised by any of it.  In fact Owner said it seemed very supportive and good with all the strange zombie like creatures aka teenagers.  Owner should know eh.  Now Ruggles called for teatime early and may yet call for supper. Also, Owner hardly mentioned job interview or teeth falling out so must be tired eh.  Said has learnt some Spanish today but cannot remember hardly anything except Si, Hola and presente.  Also something about number sequences.  Oh I said, that'll come in handy (yawn).  Now I must dash as feeling peckish despite vast array of biscuits and chicken and pouch delicacies.  Tonight?  well Enders of course, and villain of the piece Phil Mitchell only survived a fatal carcrash and operation didn't he!  then it's the final finale of celebrity masterchef and will our hero of the kitchen, cry your eyes out Les Dennis triumph?  or will it be shouty old Janet Streetwise Porter.  I will of course talk about it manyana. Go steady out there folks.  Big love Wonka x

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Full on thursdee!

Wonka here.  Now I won't be writing loads just to warn you, as Owner is dead beat says been up since the crack of dawn (and?) been to work, survived year 7 (but not year 8 - had to have a word - oh no) got to interview, did presentation (went so well now fretting has wrecked chances by being too relaxed.  what do I do?  told to get a grip. again) decided on spur of moment to nip to dentist about other disaster in the tooth dept.  as luck or fate or something would have it, Dentist able to fix more or less there and then.  We love him.  Then Owner sped off to sibling as first birthday of the three.  had already driven like a maniac to get to the interview on time, so said drove sensibly to get there (I bet).  Here follows the cake itself all lit up, it was a beaut.
After that Owner decided might come home and feed me.  yes.  hadn't been checked on all day due to dentist being added to already burgeoning day.  I ask you.  Had to have chicken to console me.  And Ruggles was waiting outside for his teatime.  Anyways, we loved the telly last night and thankfully our Les Dennis is through so in the final three.  Despite his tarts not quite making the gold star standard.  And Janet Street ahead Porter, well of course she has shouted to the top also, along with quiet Ade.  Will be glued tonight I reckon.  That celebrity masterchef dunt get tuffer.   Enders is coping with poor bad and nasty bullyboy Phil Mitchell crashing through a windscreen and being air lifted to hospital, wonder if will turn up in Holby or Casualtee eh.  has not said anyfink as yet.  Must dash as Owner said to check on ruggles (might be back for supper already due to late teatime.  I feel a big guilt trip ready to lay here) and anyway all the relaxing all day has quite worn me out.  Take it steady out there, docvedanya, bonsoir, toodlepip.  Big love Wonka x

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Fish and Chipped potato Wednesdee

Wonka here.  yes, it was another Summer's day in early September and even aged parent was sitting outside with a sun hat on (essential wearing) under an umbrella ella ella.  Civilised is the word Owner wants to use to describe meeting up with.  Says discussed politics and meant nice Mr Cameron and that school boy Ed.  Also discussed tomorrow which is first birthday up and it's Owner's sibling.  Crushed into a busy bee day by work, interviews, checking on me (and this is very very important) and then rushing up to siblings' to celebrate.  Cake is already there, plus a really jolly candle arrangement.  And it's not just any cake and candles.  Oh no.  They come from that evergreen dept store M&S.  So we know in advance should be OK.  Says is now nervous over interview.  I told Owner to get a grip! (nearly under the bed.  not quite).  Then what else today oh yes, daughter and grandson arrived and I had to put up with endless comments about my weight, comparing me to beached whales and whatnot.  Also endless tummy tickling.  I ask you.  Owner would drone on about the new carpets and d├ęcor, so I did a small demonstration of how thick the carpet actually is and could only prove this by clawing it madly!  Then they all dashed out for fish and chips only Grandson insisted on chicken nuggets followed by a giant choc fudge pudding.  Surprised they got back on the train to be honest and I only had a modest saucer of chicken.  me Fat??  Owner says will take a cool calm look at job description (don't mention the 10 minute presentation) before settles down to usual tv fair.  This will be corrie x 1 and I dare say poor Hayley (dying of a tumour and not as previously thought in the brain.  not that this matters if you are dying of it.  Then I expect it's academic where the deathly tumour lies) then we hope to laugh and have fun with our celebrity masterchefs and beloved Les Dennis and serial killer Brian.  I still maintain you cannot be a serial killer with that name but I forgot it was Richard when he was doing it (in corrie).  Now Ruggles was here for breakfast asleep on the fitted carpet (there it is again) in the shed and here for teatime.  We love him we do.  The miracle Buddleia is still sprouting a lavender flower and the minute it turns Owner will take a photo specially for you all.  And as usual I like to wish you all out there a pleasant evening, docvedanya, bonsoir, au revoir, howdy and just plain go steady out there.  Big love Wonka x

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Weh hey Tuesdee

Wonka here.  Hallo to you all out there and just to make you a teensy bit jealous we are having a heat wave!  Oh yes.  Just when we all thought it over, it is not, it is hot hot hot.  Stuff on the radio about the sun melting things inadvertently.  Oh yes, I do listen to the radio you know, not to mention beeb breaking news, we are up to date with it all.  On yet another sad note, David Jacobs who had a lovely radio voice and 70 year's worth of broadcasting has died.  Another David we have noted, and await the third.  This is how it goes, in threes.  On a lighter note (perhaps) Owner chucked itself out to work this morning after one of those toss turn, turn toss nights.  Said had about two inches of sleep and strange dreams.  And the difference I ask?  Anyhow, flung out to work and came back very positive indeed about a year 7 group.  No is not ill or coming down with anything, just gone very positive and enthusiastic.  Long may it last.  Said has tweeted beloved Novak Djocavic you know that nice tennis player well he is wowing them all at the grand slam in New York no less.  of course I shall have to root for Mr Murray but Owner so in love.  Enough said.  Here you are, on the subject of flies and as they say apropos of nothing, fly on top window in living room so Owner stands on a box to open window and let said fly, fly out.  What does it do instead?  You got it, it flies straight back into the room it was buzzing to get out of.  Owner hates flies and I am a champion fly catcher.  Now last night we were alright watching corrie x 2 and that nice Hayley and Roy well she is dying of a brain tumour (not really!!) so very sad storyline but luckily then we had Enders and lots of ridiculous storylines to put us right.  Owner says may watch Under the dome (Stephen King thing) even though didn't win competition (Dr Sleep - night in a hotel to read it before all else) though hasn't dampened mood as yet.  Now I must go, although managed a fair amount of naps, have been turning nose up at pouches.  So time to scrape round the boxes of food and biscuits to alert Owner to the fact I am starving.  Plus need to check on Ruggles.  The miracle Buddleia?  nearly sprouting a flower!!  big love Wonka x

Monday, 2 September 2013

New Boots Mundee!

Wonka here.  Yes Owner only went and found gorgeous new boots without hardly trying.  I say chaps! and chapessess.  I sniffed round them plus the box which as far as I'm concerned is much more interesting.  Big square boxes, I like them.  I do like carrier bags too come to that.  Is it a mild obsession I ask myself?  Anyway, back to the boots shall I describe them to you?  you will want to know - they are a sort of pleasant choc brown, look tiny (very important) but ready to do a bit of stomping in, have a small proper heel not like some of these odd bod shaped things, or Cuban or stiletto no! a proper squareish heel, plus, wait for it, lace ups.  So ankle boots with laces and stuff.  I tell you Owner has not stopped gazing at them.  Polishing them.  Adoring them.  End of.  Well it's the day before you know.  The day before Owner bounds back out to work.  Will I be alright Owner asked?  Me?  alright?  had a few years practice at it should be fine.  A couple of naps here and there,.maybe chase a plastic ball round, eat a few biscuits, jump up on the side.  Watch for Ruggles (if time).  Guess I'll keep busy somehow.  Still no sign of a kitten by the way.  Did you want a little reminder of beloved Baba?  In case you are a new person to my blog you pronounce it as in Ali Baba.  Get it??  good!!
There he is, standing on the table.  I probably chased him up there.  he looked rather good didn't he.  Better not go on about him as too sad.  He is now with Golly in heaven plus St Francis so we mustn't worry says Owner.  Back in the here and now, we loved the tv last night and Owner is well in love with David Threlfall off that 'what remains' drama cum thriller thing.  the one where that poor neighbour lies dead in the attic for two years and no one noticed.  Well Owner busy noticing the detective Len now.  All else are after the younger one, not so Owner.  Then of course before that it was the good singers all living their dream on the hex factor.  We love it so far in, but no favourite yet.  tonight we will be watching corrie x 2 plus Enders - there is a big build up for Enders though unsure why.  What's different we wonder?  jealousy, bully boy tactics, twisted love?  and?  now must dash as time for tea plus Owner might start being nervy ahead of tomorrow's return to the workplace.  Go steady out there.  Big love Wonka x

Sunday, 1 September 2013

sad Sundee

Wonka here.  I have called it sad as Owner announced a broadcasting genius is dead, called Sir David Frost.  Apparently he was very funny and once interviewed that bad president Nixon one time and got him to say sorry to the nation.  blimey!  But we liked him on 'through the keyhole' (not Nixon!) and in deference to his memory will not be supporting that funny chappie Keith Lemon who is doing the show.  I did say to Owner,how strange that it re appears on our screen last night which is when Sir Frost went and had his heart attack....coincidental??  (shouldn't use any word that includes something to do with teef, as in 'dental' because that temporary crown - well it was temporary until today! yes it popped out again and Owner dare not go back to the dentist before next appt and the real real crown to be fixed.  I ask you)....anyhow as we were commenting, sad news indeed.  Now on a happier note we loved loved loved the new Hex Factor it was ace with its usual mix of weird, even weirder and pretty damn good.  One chappie, called J Star, well Sharon said he sang like a dolphin! we liked him, we like dolphins!  Cannot wait for tonight and when they all sing in front of lots of people.  so between that excitement had to miss out on Casualtee - must catch up though as Charlie is back and he is bound to solve lots of problems on the ward.  Did remember that you will want to see how much beloved Baba's Buddleia has grown so here it is:
At least twice as big eh!  just like that beanstalk!!  Baba would have been very proud and we miss you Baba lots.  I think tomorrow you might like a reminder of beloved Baba so will try to oblige.  Me?  thanks for asking.  Having a bit of time of it as somehow fed up with just the six or seven varieties of biscuits and same old same old pouches.  I do eat the plain cat food out of a can Owner gets for Ruggles I know, it's very easy to push off the plastic top and pop a paw in.  Now go steady as it's a nice quiet day for relaxing, snoozing and eating.  Big Love Wonka x